Info on Hill East Shootings – One Arrest Made

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From MPD:

Yesterday afternoon First District officers were patrolling in the area of Eastern High School at dismissal as part of our continuing efforts to intervene in youth conflicts. Officers discovered a group of young men who reported that a subject shot at the then while they were standing at 17th Place and Constitution Avenue NE. One of these victims suffered a non life-threatening gunshot wound and was transported to an area hospital.

This morning the First District again had officer patrolling the area around Eastern High School, when they heard the sound of gunshots come from the area of 15th and C Streets NE. The officers were joined by other officers and then began making a grid-search of the area. A crime scene was located in the 300 block of 15th Street NE; however, no victim was found at that time. As members continued to search and process the crime scene, a victim presented himself at an area hospital reporting that he had been shot at the 15th Street location. This subject’s injuries are non life-threatening.

Through coordination between Patrol Officers, Detectives and School Resource Officers, the subject responsible for yesterday’s shooting has been identified and arrested. At this time, we believe that the two incidents are related; however, detectives continue to investigate for confirmation and to identify today’s assailant. Information developed at this time also indicated that these were not random victims in either incident.

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  • Damn. That is all I can really say.

  • Where do these children obtain all these guns and ammunition? Why is this so pervasive in this freakin’ city?

  • I say we prosecute them to the FULLEST extent of the law! And then in six months, when they turn 18, back on the street they go!

  • New to the neighborhood. Heard the shots while walking to the Metro. This, after a sleepless night because a group of kids (about high school aged) were congregating outside our apartment last night, talking loudly until at least past midnight. I wanted to call the cops, but the gf partner talked me out of it. I guess it’ll be only a matter of time before they end up in jail anyways, so I just have to wait it out.

    • In jail or dead I should say, based on the article. Judging by their illuminating conversations last night, society would probably be better off.

      • You have to call the cops on those kids. Every time. Text 50411 and report suspicious activity if you don’t want to call.

        • Is that a safe option?

        • 50411 is an anonymous report line. The message goes to the same dispatchers you’d get if you called 911. I’m not saying the police will respond right away, but they will check it out. Also not saying they will do anything about miscreant youth shouting at midnight when they get there, but that’s why you have to keep calling/texting, every time. Even the least pro-active cop will eventually get tired of responding to the same loud-mouthed kids and get them to move along. It can take awhile though. And in my experience you have to repeate the cycle every spring when the weather warms up.

  • great. even more access to unregistered guns, unregistered cars, and when they come back to rob people in their old hoods, they’ll be even harder to find.


  • It feels like I’ve been in the middle of some over the top crime drama over the last couple of days. Choppers, gunshots, nonstop sirens, yellow tape… this new spate of violence needs to end NOW. Everybody who lives around here definitely needs to call the cops and help them identify/prevent/lock these a**holes down.

    • Calling violence “new” in DC is a bit silly. The city has had an exceptionally high crime rate for at least the past 50 years and probably more. This is the safest the city has been in decades so feel grateful the change is happening.

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