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  • “Though I fear what would happen if/when the dog spots a squirrel and bolts after it…”

    Core workout?

  • awesome until the dog takes off running….. dragging you along

    • ah

      As opposed to what happens when it’s around your wrist? At least the dog has an anchor–I don’t think that dog is dragging its owner very far.

    • We have one of these for our lab/boxer mix, and it’s actually a lot easier to hold onto the dog because it’s right across your center of gravity and you can use both legs to balance out, as opposed to being jerked on your wrist/shoulder.

  • I attach both my 60 pound dogs to this sort of system when I take them on runs, and once you get used to it, it’s pretty easy to reach down and grab the leash if they pull/stop/etc (which doesn’t happen often with my dogs, except for the one time they spotted a deer on the Glover-Archebold trail…that was not fun).

  • I might need to get two of these. I have terrible joint pain, and it really hurts my wrists when my dogs pull on their leashes.

  • I have two different styles of hands free leash– one like in the picture, and one that is more of a K-9 style one, that loops across my body from shoulder to waist. The former is good for jogging, the latter was really helpful when I was training her to walk properly on the leash (it kept her close to my side and left my hands free to reach into my pocket for treats and give them to her, etc.) and is great for when I have a coffee or something else in my hand while we’re out walking. The only risky thing is when my dog sees one of her dog “friends,” she wants to play and jump around and the leashes can get tangled (which is tricky when you’re connected to the other end). If you’re looking into getting a hands free leash, I suggest you get one that has a quick release mechanism (or the K-9 type, which you can just take off quickly, like you would a messenger bag).

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