The 5pm Post – One City Summit Feb. 11th

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From an email:

On February 11, 2012, hundreds of DC residents will gather at the Convention Center to provide Mayor Gray and other public officials with feedback on what can be done to help unify our city and make sure that our government works as effectively as possible to meet the needs of all the residents.

Topics to be discussed will include jobs, housing, public safety, and education. The Summit will be a highly interactive meeting where citizens do most of the talking and the elected officials will listen. Everyone who attends will participate in table discussions, recording their ideas on networked computers and voting on priorities through the use of keypad polling. Those who have lived in DC a while might recall similar citizen summits held by Mayor Williams.
It is essential that the views of all parts of the city be represented at the One City Summit so please spread the word and sign up today at or call 202 709-5132 for more information. Get involved and have your voice be heard!

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  • What Mayor Gray can do to make sure that our government works as effectively as possible to meet the needs of all the residents: resign.

  • Ridiculous waste of time, energy and money. There are plenty of ways to get “feedback” from the community now. This is a dog and pony show.

  • Also grotesquely abusive to citizens. Honestly – you are asking people to give up an entire day to spend at the convention center with thousands of others – typing in concerns on a computer screen – having “table discussions?”
    Disgusting, shameful – no wonder no one else in the entire country wants to give us statehood.

    • Yes, engaging the public and soliciting their views = grotesquely abusive. He is trying to crush our spirit and subjugate us with all this citizen involvement and civic pride and whatnot.

  • I am registered but I doubt I am going… I can’t imagine much good coming out of it.

  • Who’s the dork with the iPad recording this thing?

    • That’s what I want to know. How embarrassing. Every time I see someone pull an iPad out in public I cringe for them.

      • i feel the same when when i see people with rubber soled shoes. it’s like they are flaunting new technology.

        don’t get me started on zippers.

    • What’s worse is that he’s holding it the wrong way. It drives me crazy when I have to watch someone’s bad video in the wrong orientation.

  • The organization that is facilitating this meeting, America Speaks, actually does great work and their meetings are usually found to be really fun and fulfilling for all involved. I’d recommend going — I’ll be there as a volunteer facilitating one of the table discussions. If you can let go of the cynicism for a minute, you might enjoy a chance to connect with other DC residents and talk about how to shape our city’s future. Yeah, who knows how effective Gray will be at implementing it, but discussing concerns and priorities with neighbors and other citizens can be a valuable experience.

  • Cancel this waste of money “going through the processing motion, rather than doing something” meeting, and buy trash cans for people that want them. It is really short sighted to make people buy them. The money for this meeting could restore the DPW funding.

  • claire

    I’m surprised at how immediately negative the responses to this are. If you’re not happy with how things are going, now’s your chance to have a say (and even if it doesn’t end up really getting heard, what’s the harm in trying? Maybe it *will* get heard!). I would go except I’m working most of the day down in Fredericksburg…

  • This is a dog and pony show that is geared only towards lower income residents who will spend the majority of time complaining about gentrification. They offer free snacks and lunch which also brings out people who want a free meal. The bar is set very low. Here is what will NOT be discussed-juvenile crime (as in zero tolerance for it and parents failing to actually parent their own children…instead it will be more a discssion on how the schools have failed to keep 13 year olds from carrying guns etc), teen pregnancy rates, the need for more parks (especially dog parks), quality of life issues that will keep middle and upper class families IN the district, improvements to transit like speeding up streetcar construction etc, more bike lanes and bike share stations.
    I have been to this kind of thing before so I know what I am talking about. There is a whole segment of the DC population that will not be solicited because its assumed we already have everything we want. And we pay the bulk of taxes in the City so why should anyone listen to us. Hopefully Gray is a one termer. Then again that opens the door for Kwame Brown which might be worse.

  • Navigators for all! This city owes you!

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