Southeast Asian Restaurant Coming to 1401 S St, NW

More restaurant news for Logan Circle. A retail space has been revealed for The District apartment building coming to 1401 S St, NW (was originally condos now rentals.) A liquor license application says it will be a:

“New restaurant with upscale Southeast Asian cuisine in a contemporary setting. Seating capacity is 185. Total occupancy load is 215. A Sidewalk Café with seating for 40 patrons.”

@toddkliman tweeted a few details:

Mark Kuller is opening a new restaurant at 14th and S NW “inspired by the cuisines of SE Asia.” Late fall, early winter.

Chef Haidar Karoum of Proof, Estadio “will bring modern techniques & execution to these traditional dishes,” says Kuller.

It will have an open kitchen & a curated cocktail bar, headed by Adam Bernbach, that will seat another 40. A patio will seat 40, as well.

We’ll revisit as construction progresses and when they get closer to opening.

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  • Man, I’m getting priced out of my neighborhood. The only places to go out to eat now run me and my wife $100+. Maybe I’ll make an effort to frequent Thaitanic more often.

    • Throw your wife in the car and move to Bloomingdale which is still affordable in comparison to Logan. We’re even getting a Thai/Japanese restaurant, supposedly.

      BTW, if you like very good and cheap Ethiopian, check out Zenebech beside the beautiful Howard Theater.

      • I hear you, but the reputation of it being a less safe neighborhood means my wife won’t consider it.

        • Time to consider a new wife! 🙂

          • Ha. I actually think it’s understandable. We’ve walked around various neighborhoods over the last year to get a sense of where we’d like to live, but Bloomingdale seemed to lack the level of safety we currently enjoy. @Cathy, maybe there are “more” crimes in borderstan from car break ins and such, but in the last 6 years living in Logan I can’t remember violent crimes akin to the ones reported regularly from around North Capitol Street. I’m happy Bloomingdale is a vibrant neighborhood, but truth is I’d much rather have my wife walking around Logan alone than Bloomingdale.

        • generally the stats bear out that bloomingdale is safer than borderstan. that’s not why we’re moving, but it helps!

    • Black and Orange Burger 14/T; Taylor Gourmet 14/T; Matchbox coming in spring 14/T; DC Noodle 14/U; Deperados 14/U; Rice 14/R; Sala Thai and Alero 13/U. All decent and <50 for 2, easily.

      • thanks for the suggestions. I’m not much of a burger person (the heart disease rates in DC are going to skyrocket with the proliferation of all these burger joints), Taylor gourmet hasn’t impressed me after 2 tries, Rice is also expensive, Alero just isn’t good, but I do go to DC Noodles sometimes. Don’t even get me started on what a failure Tortilla Coast is. I realize cheap eats exist, but they’re far outnumbered by “upscale” joints. I just want a casual sit-down place that doesn’t start its alcoholic drink prices over $10.

        • No idea how Tortilla Coast will stay in business. The food was highly disappointing. Such a good location wasted.

  • Guess Ted’s Bulletin is NOT going in there after all.

    Kuller’s places are all on the high quality side, so I’m excited. I would’ve liked a breakfast place though. There aren’t nearly enough breakfast spots.

  • Outdoor seating? Not if the NIMBYs have anything to say about it . . .

  • Here’s what happened last time someone tried to get some patio seating past ANC Commissioner Ramon Estrada and his unelected staffer, spouse Elwyn Ferris:

    • The Wallach Street NIMBYs are already starting the paper flyers….215 seats means 215 cars will be driving into OUR streets looking for parking and then they will be leaving at 4:00 am throwing their beer bottles into our windows and doors…..shock…horror…

  • If they have Indonesian-inspired food, I’d be a happy girl.

  • When I saw “southeast asian,” I kind of hoped this would be that second ShopHouse that is supposed to be opening up somewhere. I’m addicted! This should be great too – albeit expensive as another commenter pointed out.

  • Will withhold judgement on this place until they’re open but I will agree with the previous poster about how bad Tortilla Coast is! $10 margaritas (rail) and they couldn’t even get a quesadilla right (which is hard to do). I don’t see them lasting more than a year in that (large) location unless they change course quickly.

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