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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rant: My dog pooped in a big pile of leaves and debris this morning and I couldn’t find his turd. Thanks dog. I was THAT dog owner 🙁

    Rant: My dog pooped behind the couch last night. He has never pooped in the house except when he is sick, and I am so confused.

    Rant: We’re in a multiple offer situation on a condo. I feel like I don’t stand a chance unless I present them with a suitcase full of benjamins. 🙁

    • at least you’re looking for the dog poop… I can’t tell you how many piles of poop I walk over on the sidewalk each morning, just sitting there in plain view because someone is too lazy to pick it up.

    • Regarding the condo, don’t let your emotions take you over. You don’t have to have this particular dwelling. Another will come along. A week or so of disappointment is much better than up to 30 years of regret.

    • SouthwestDC

      That used to happen to me at least once a week. Now I just pull my dogs out to the middle of the sidewalk when they start to go in the leaves.

  • Why do people go to hear live music in small bars and proceed to talk loudly throughout the performance? RUDE!

    • Because they didn’t go to hear the music?

    • God I hate that! It’s almost as bad as when someone standing next to you sings along, usually off key. I don’t care how much you love the band, you do not sing as well as the performer, and you’re ruining it for me.

    • I loathe live music in eating/drinking establishments. LOATHE it. The volume is bad enough, but the vast majority of the time, the music sucks. When I know it’s happening, I avoid the place. But it’s happened a few times that I’m in the middle of a meal with friends and the band strikes up. So no, I’m not going to curtail my conversation just because some dudes want to jam.

    • Ha – that reminds me of a free concert I went to at the Kennedy Center (outside on the Terrace) where these people were talking nonstop and one guy finally made a comment about how he didn’t really “get” the music (that’s fine, Ozomatli is not for everyone) — but my friend Ryan piped up saying “It’s surprising you say that, because you’ve been talking so much the whole time I don’t think you’ve really heard any of the music they’ve been playing.” That made Ryan my new hero – and it shut them up for a while 🙂

  • Rant: Pledge drive on WAMU

    • Here’s a thought: Considering that most public radio stations stop their pledge drives early when they make their funding goals, you might want to make a contribution. (Apologies if you’ve already done so.)

      Rant: Freeloaders.

      • Rant: I dislike your passive-aggressive comment more than the pledge drive. I’m on the monthly plan that doesn’t expire. So, yes, I’ve donated.

        • So maybe you should direct your original rant at the ‘freeloaders’ who make pledge drives necessary, rather than at pledge drive itself or at WAMU. I mean…WAMU’s only responding to the realities of funding public radio, a funding reality you already acknowledge by being a contributor.

          • How about you just let a girl rant? The pledge drive is annoying. So are squirrels and slow walkers. I’m not trying to get to the bottom of these things, I just realize that they are a) part of life and b)annoying. And I will rant about all three of them, if I feel like it.

      • Also, WAMU does the save a day thing prior to the pledge drive, not in the midst of it.

  • Rave: Went to Peoples Noodle Bar for Ramen and it was just as good as I was hoping it would be. Even happier that is right near to my house…

    Rant: Potholes are everywhere, I need to buy 1,000$ worth of tires for my car.

    Rant/Rave: no valentines date, but I get to save lots of money.

  • Rant: Kicking myself for sitting next to a crazy guy on the bus this morning. At first I thought he was just harmlessly talking to himself but he progressed to shouting, elbowing me, and harrassing some other guy. I couldn’t even get up and move bc the bus was so crowded. Great start to the day.

    Rave: Great impromptu brunch with friends I don’t see nearly enough yesterday morning.

    Rant: I made an effort to do something nice for someone and in response I get bitched out. So much for that…from now on I will interact with this person only if addressed in a neutral tone, I am so tired of being whined and snapped at in my own home for trying to use my own shit.

  • Rant: Trying to stave off an exercise induced migraine… dark work space and caffeine will hopefully work.

    Rave: Found an awesome light to go over our dining room table- now just need to find someone to add an electrical box and install it (there’s no light there now). Anyone have a good electrician who can help us? Anyone know how much it will cost? I feel like I don’t know what I’m getting myself into!

    • If your place was redone in the recent past there may be a junction box up there. Unless you have some bizarre layout or your dining room is not where a dining room normally goes I would be surprised if one was not built there originally. That being said, this means that somebody boxed in a junction and drywalled or plastered over it, against code (fire hazard). So, you’d want to get it checked out anyway.

      If your table is just in a space where you would not expect a builder to put an overhead light somebody will have to fish wire and put in a new box. Are there other ceiling lights in the general vicinity? Best case scenario: it’s easy to extend a circuit off of an existing switched fixture. Worst case: somebody will have to tear up your walls because there is no good way to run wire where you want it. Fortunately there are fancy stud finders these days that can locate live wire behind walls so you can map out where they are now. That will dictate how expensive it’s going to be.

      • Thanks so much for this explanation! It’s one room with living/dining in it and there is already a ceiling light/track lighting but we want to put a pendant light over the dining table- so I don’t think there’s already a box there but there is a light nearby.
        It’s nice to hear it’s not too crazy to do!

  • me

    Rant: Mondays suck donkey butt.

    Rave: Lost a couple more pounds in the past week!

    Question: My husband and I have been seriously dragging our feet on anything Valentine’s Day. So, we didn’t make reservations for anywhere tomorrow. Is it totally lame that we just order pizza, stay in, and hang out together while we exchange cards? I don’t want to be a disappointment.

    • I don’t think that’s lame at all. However, I told my husband yesterday I was planning on going to the gym after work tomorrow, so couldn’t really do anything for v-day. So, I might not be the person that you should listen to…

      • I think it is valentine’s day that is lame, not your plans. I have always hated the stupid pressure of valentine’s day. If you are with someone, it is pressure to do something special within a deadline. If you are not, it is the pressure to find someone or think why am I alone on valentine’s day.

    • Well I don’t know your husband but I think most men would say the only disappointing thing about that is that he still has to get a card.

      • LOL this is funny b/c it’s true.

        me – you’re plan sounds nice. i don’t know of any man that wouldn’t enjoy that (and yes, I’m fully aware of my sweeping generalizations 🙂 ) happy v-day!

    • I don’t think it’s lame either. Avoid the crowds and expensive Valentine’s Day menus. Boyfriend and I will be staying in, cooking dinner, and enjoying each other’s company. Personally, I think that’s a lot more fun.

    • That does sound lame. You seem like a creative sort, so go out for lunch, or breakfast. Or, put together something better for dinner than pizza. You can always create a special night by leaving work one hour early, set the table, cook something simple (esp., simple to clean up). But that one extra hour makes the whole night relaxing, and not just an easy out.

      • me

        I wish any of that were an option… I work 10-hour days at a site 45 miles away from where I live and where my husband works, and I’m out the door NLT 5:45am. Cannot take an hour off early. I’ll just have to make do. (Though, I did make a homemade card for him!)

        • Whoa, that’s a rough sched. I feel bad for saying it was lame.

          Still, I think pizza isn’t sufficient. I’m going to give you a 4 “S” Valentines Day feast you can prepare in 10 minutes. Steak, salad in a bag, syrah, sorbet. If things go right, you can add a 5th S — slumber of course, you’ve got a bid day on Wednesday.

    • My ex’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day, so we usually just planned to celebrate on a different night rather than pay for exorbitant, overrated, fixed price dinners. Your plan sounds awesome.

    • Ordering pizza is not lame at all. That’s what we’re doing. We don’t agree on toppings so each one gets their own version of cheesy deliciousness. Blanket in place of the coffee table and a good bottle of wine and you’re all set!

    • SouthwestDC

      We’re going out on Wednesday instead– I think it will be a much nicer dining experience. Tomorrow I’m just going to throw together a nice indulgent meal of some sort. If I’m really good I might wake up early and make pancakes as well.

  • Rant: The premature death of an amazingly talented musician. I don’t mean Whitney Houston. Phil Mathieu, who played guitar with (among others) Ruthie and the Wranglers, died last week. He was an amazing guitarist and great guy.

    Rave: Got a 95 onmy first research paper. I was panicking about finishing it on time and doing it right. Grad school is easier than I thought it would be!

  • Rant: Metrorail is getting worse and worse. Trains less frequent, track work more disruptive, elevators and escalators breaking down left and right, and rude rude rude train operators.

    Rave: Metrobus.

    • What’s that line… It’ll get worse before it gets better. Something like that. The state of present day Metro is due to years of budget cuts and poor planning. It’s taken deaths to get the money to implement NTSB recommendations from years ago. Weekend outages and closed stations will be a regular thing for some time to come.

  • Rave: Saw This Will Destroy You at the Red Palace last night. Great show and decent venue with a respectful crowd.

    Rant: Cold, cold cold. Yes, I know it’s winter. It still sucks.

  • Rave: A nice day with my boyfriend yesterday which included going to see a movie, making our own pizzas at home, and exchanging gifts 🙂 He’s a great dude.

  • rant: Mondays

    rant: My ex.

    rave: thinking about moving on from DC. I will miss this place, but the low cost of living of another city is calling me.

    rave: my brother might be coming with me.

    rave: my family.

    rant: i feel bad for my dog while i am at work. i know she’s got to be bored out of her mind all day. and i miss her too. i can’t wait to go home and see her!

    rave: possibly playing hookie tomorrow.

  • Rant: Monday. I’ve had no luck finding a job on my own so thinking of doing temp (or preferably temp to perm/permanent placement). I’m currently employed, been looking for something different for 2 years but have had no luck. Any experiences or advice to offer on temp or job placement agencies?

    Rave: good friends.

  • Rant: The Grammys were horrible. The worst show I can remember in awhile. What a snoozefest.

    Rant: Nikki Minaj and whatever that was.

    Rant: The passing of Whitney Houston

    Rave: Adele and her 6 Grammys.

    • It is sad that Whitney Houston passed but for her former elementary school to lower the flag to have mast is commmmpleeeteeellly unnecessary. I don’t even think they have the power to decide such a thing.

      • the one who raises the flag has the power.

        and think of the children! they are the future. it gives the children a hero.

        and kids need heros.

        • Some kind of hero…doped up wasted human being.

          • this is harsh and judgemental. you must have made NO mistakes in life to look at others the way you do. i’m pretty sure you don’t have a rack of grammys either. i pray for those who have to endure your company.

  • Rave: Getting a card, picking up her favorite Panera dinner, and going to have a bottle of wine ready to go. Also putting out a table cloth, and a couple of candles, all a surprise. I think she will love it!

    Rave: Wife is talking about going back and getting her MBA. We both agreed if she is going to do it, that we need to do it right, and that means going top 15 MBA program. So proud and excited for her if she decides to do it!

    Rant: Of the three top 15 programs, in the area, one is Wharton in Philly, UVA in Charlottesville, and Duke. All a solid distance from DC.

    Rave: Only two years, and average starting salary out of all three schools is into the six-figures.

    • Be wary of the “anticipated” MBA ROI.

      The median salary of folks going to top 20 Business schools is already in the 80-90K range and based on cost, anticipated break even points for these schools are ~8-10 years minimum.

      My advice as someone who has a top 5 MBA, unless you are trying to break into consulting (and I am talking Boston Consulting, Bain, or McKinsey) or high finance, the utility of a top ~15 MBA is lost.

      There is nothing wrong with a “B” business school. It gets you exactly what you want in terms of career freedom and income requirements.


      • me

        I will concur with this, speaking as an employee of a Big 4 who holds an advanced degree.

      • Appreciate the insight. So you don’t see the utility in school ranking at all? When you say B business school, do you mean something like GMU? OR GWU? Haven’t done too much research yet, as we are looking fall of 2013 at the earliest.

        As far as other DC options, looked at Georgetown, and they cost the same as the other three, so that doesn’t really do us much good. I assume some place like GWU is going to very similarly priced to Gtown, but again, haven’t done that much research.

        • No, rankings have their merit. I am just saying that unless your wife wants to work at one of ~10 companies world wide (3-5 consulting companys and 3-5 investment banks), that going through the enormous expense of getting a top MBA isn’t worth it.

          A bad analogy on my part is someone who goes through the expense of Harvard Law only intending to work at non-profits the rest of his her life. There is no need.

          I would still recommend going to a solid school, but MBA’s from American University, GWU are solid career makers for 99.999% of the population that gets MBA’s.

          UofVa’s business school is ~12th in the nation, but it also costs 54K a year just for tuition. Americans MBA costs about a 1/3rd of that. GWU’s about the same. Then, you also don’t have the added expense of renting apartments and commuting for two years as well.

          Lastly, I will say this and it is going to come off a bit sexist, take it as you will.

          If you and your wife insist on her spending a minimum of ~125K on an MBA, you should discuss if and when to have kids.

          The whole ROI you envision goes completely out the window if you decide to have kids and your wife decides to become a stay at home mom, even if for only a year. I’ve seen it a bunch of times, most recently with my sister.

          Went to Wharton with huge plans. Got hired by Goldman right after making ~170K yr and then got pregnant 6 months later and decided not to work until her kid went to school.

          She and her husband are literally choking on the debt.

          All I am saying is think it all through, her career plans, your family plans etc before committing to an enormously expensive degree that then takes you decades to benefit from, if at all.

    • Good response, Joker. I was going to mention something cautionary, but I actually don’t have your background to speak from experience.

      We’ve been hearing a lot about law schools inflating their stats through various dishonest means, such as temporary hiring by the school after graduation. I wouldn’t be surprised if business schools were similarly disingenuous. Maybe someone with more insight will chime in.


      Average salary taken alone can be a misleading indicator. You’d also have to look at things like % of employees un/under- employed. Basically, what’s the standard deviation from that average? Also, if you plan on buying a home before your debt is paid off, keep in mind that a higher salary doesn’t negate debt at a 1 to 1 ratio, as far as lenders are concerned. In other words, buying before the MBA may get you more house.

      • We own a rowhouse in Petworth. So no issues there. I would be staying in DC and working, and likely she would have a studio or something in that city, and we would commute back and forth every weekend or so for each semester.

    • I don’t know business school, but I graduated from law school a few short years ago and I’d like to warn you about the published averages for salaray. If they do the figures like law schools do then the percentages are out of people who responded to their questionnairs. I.e., those who have no jobs or low paying jobs and don’t reply (which honestly is a lot) aren’t taken into the equation. The schools make a huge effort to contact those they know that have well-paying jobs. My law school’s numbers were super inflated, but techinically correct. If she has to take out big student loans it could negate any larger paycheck, as well. Just a heads up, though it may not be true for business schools.

    • What joker sez…getting the MBA sooner than later is a good bet, Gramma always told me to get my master’s right away and now we are working and have two young children and there is no way I’d sacrifice the time now.
      Depending on what position you get, often women lose their motivation to work after comparing their high stress workplace and asshat sexist coworkers to being with the adorable snugglebaby. OR they may choose go back quickly after maternity leave for the high $$ and the husband is the one who ends up having to have the flexible schedule i.e. childcare.

  • Rant: My office building turns the heat off every weekend. It takes almost the entire day on Monday to warm up the building. Everyone is freezing.

    Rave: small space heater (aka contraband) under my desk.

    Rant: Still cold.

  • Rave: Cold enough to wear my Sasquatch boots without feeling silly

    Rant: Feel like I slightly bruised a rib last night. Ouch!

    Rant: Can’t seem to find a balance between making a fool of myself and being laid back about this guy I’m sort of seeing. (Subtlety is not my strong suit). Saturday was an example of being quite obvious about wanting to hang out but being turned down. Argh!!!!

  • Bear

    Rant: Got another ill-timed text from the ex. It’s like he has this sixth sense for when I’m already having a crap day and then he just delivers the final blow. And what kills me is that he tells me how much he misses me, after making the decision to abruptly move to another country WITHOUT TELLING ME.

    • delete his number. sorry.

    • Can’t you block numbers on your cellphone?

      • Bear

        Apparently you can’t block a single number unless you have a specific legal reason to do so. “He’s a bastard” wasn’t legal enough.

        • Interesting. I assumed blocking a phone number was just something you could do on your phone – sort of the same way you can mark certain email as spam.

          • I’m a Verizon customer and I can block incoming numbers through my online account. No reason needed.

          • Bear

            Apparently I was misinformed–just checked with AT&T again, and I can block an individual number…if I sign up for their “Smart Controls” package and pay extra every month. Sigh.

          • Well now that he has a Tunisian number, it’s bound to stand out is it not? Just immediately delete it. Or maybe AT&T has a way for you to block international numbers- for free? Not sure about your plan, but I get charged 20 cents when I receive an international text. I think I would be more pissed about the fact I’m getting charged for receiviing something I don’t want than receiving the text itself :).

        • I’ve blocked numbers through my online account for free. (Verizon customer)

  • Rant: It’s Valentine’s week and I work in an industry where that means this week is going to be hell.

    Rave: Friends have been complementing me on my ability to find them apartments and houses. I’m considering going into real estate after school. Does anyone know anything about the real estate market in D.C.? Over-saturated (in terms of relators, not houses)?

    • If you’re going to go into real estate, go into commercial real estate – that’s where the real money is.

      • me

        Only problem with that is that it’s hard to get in anywhere unless you have previous commercial real estate experience (so, a Catch-22) or unless you get a degree in commercial real estate. (As told to me by my friend’s husband, who just went back to school and got what I think is a graduate degree in commercial real estate.)

  • Rant: The two idiots that stopped in the middle of a one-way street to put a boot on a car. They easily could have pulled to the left or to the right as there was ample space on either side of them so we and others could pass. They basically get out of van and put there hands up telling us to wait as they take their time putting the boot on not caring that people are trying to get to work. Well at least they wife reported them so there is that. These dudes think that they are cops and can do what they like.

  • Rant/Rave: Last day at the job I’ve had for four years. Excited for the new job, but lamenting that I’m leaving some outstanding co-workers.

    Super Rave: Taking a week off before new job to go off the grid, hang out in the Smokies with the dogs and catch up on the pile of books sitting on my kitchen table.

  • Rant: waiting for 30 minutes in a doctor’s office for a simple 30-second blood draw. Ugh. Every time I go to their office, I’m waiting somewhere between 30-60 minutes, even when an appointment is scheduled and I show up on time (or even early!). So infuriating.

    • Oh, this x 100. It is sooo infuriating. I think the lab I visit is the last holdout of Soviet-style customer service. Seriously, I wish they’d just give me the needle and I’d do the stab myself! (I have to test every 8 weeks so it is a constant irritation!)

    • I joined One Medical – it’s a healthcare co-op where you pay an annual membership fee, but they *guarantee* on-time appointments and actual face-time with your doc. I love it – on time, every time – I’m a member for life now!

  • Rave: Productive weekend and I was really happy with the way my dance gig turned out. It was so much fun. Relieved that it’s over though, and exhausted.

    Rave: Four day work week before a four-day weekend.

  • Steve (from last Friday’s rants/raves), please get in touch with PoP to get my email if you want to talk about renting out my place. I am pretty flexible and it would be really great if I could find someone to rent my place without having to go through much hassle. Might work out for you too.

  • RANT: I got pulled over at 11:45 Saturday night in the middle of a raging snow storm on Piney Branch just before I was going to turn onto Arkansas for….get this…are you ready?… the light for my license plate was out. Mind you, the road was treacherous, it was windy, and that’s what I got pulled for.

    RAVE: I didn’t get a ticket.

  • Rave: Watching the Grammys with my 12-year-old was hilarious.

    Rant: Headache.

    Rant: The heat in my office is cranked all the way up, and it’s still cold.

  • claire

    Rave: Actually got to sit down and read this weekend!
    Rant: Wish I was still chilling at home and reading right now.

    Rave: Made an Ethiopian dinner and it turned out pretty tasty. Made homemade Ethiopian spiced butter + berbere, then used it in three vegetarian dishes (mesir wat, atikilt wat, and shiro wat), served on injera purchased from Zenebech.
    Rant: Didn’t take any pictures of the Ethiopian food for my blog. Next time…

  • Rant: Pain located in my left temple, nothing really helping

    Rave: Had a really great weekend – relaxing and productive at the same time, with more time with great friends.

    Rant: Was so bored at work on Friday that I literally spent two hours reading through old e-mails from 2007/08, only to realize that I am in the exact same position, job, as I am now. Five years later and still an admin assistant, still just as bored as before. I need to get on with things!

    Rave: Signed up for an Intro to Jazz class with Joy of Motion, starts tonight!

    Rant: Boyfriend works nights and never gets one off if he asks, so I went ahead and made plans for Valentine’s Day. Friday morning he calls, all excited, saying that he’s on-call that night, wanting to make plans. What am I/was I supposed to do? I made plans because I didn’t want to be sitting home alone but now he expects me to cancel them. Seems a bit unfair. And, seeing as its a big night for the restaurant industry, chances are still high that he gets called in so if I DO go ahead and cancel, I get screwed over and stuck home alone! I’m sooooooo tired of this on-call, never-knowing-for-sure s***.

    Rave: Day is almost over!

  • Happy Valentine’s Day, hot stud. I know you are reading this. I don’t care what we do as long as I can get you alone Tuesday night.

  • five

    Hey, I think we need some cheesy love poetry in celebration of the holiday of luvvvvvvvvvvvvvv. This has nothing to do with love, but it’s a start. Roll up your sleeves DC poets!

    A Man Painted A Pig

    A man needed
    $50, so I bought
    a picture of a pig
    he painted in oils.

    Painted right there
    on the property
    at the farmer’s market
    in the perpetual city
    where, perhaps,
    a farm once produced.

    Paintlike tears
    clowned his face
    with pearly beads
    as I paid the $50.

    Perhaps no one
    had paid him anything
    for a long time.

    I think that
    because he looks like
    a poor artist
    pedaling pigs
    and not potato eaters.


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