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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • rave: the returning sense I used to have when I was a child of my physical existence in the world. I’m able to spend more time noticing things I ignored before and being more aware of my body and breath. it’s nice to trust myself enough to quiet my mind. if I stop balancing all these thoughts/reminders/to-dos in my brain, they’ll be there for me when I want them. I’m excited for spring to come so I can just find a field to lay in and look up at the sky for a few hours.

    rave: the people I love.

    rant: it all comes to an end.

  • Rant: THE RED LINE. If you read today’s Post, you’ll see that Metro management is now saying “major track work” on the red line will go for another THREE years. Even when that point is reached in 2015, they expect further delays with single tracking, etc…
    Rant: The utter mismanagement, constant negligence, and baffling incompetence of Metro. This has been years in the making and apparently no one has been keeping watch.
    Rave: The weekend is here!!

  • Rave: Closing on a condo!
    Rant: Spent twice as much as my friends in the suburbs for 1/3 of the size!

    • Congrats! Bet your life will be 10x more exciting, though. And your place will appreciate more. Also, if you live in the city, chances are you don’t need a car which will probably make up for the difference in price over your monthly payments… maybe I’m making that part up, but it’ll still save you thousands.

    • What Steve said +…

      Think about the fact that you will have so much extra time each day since you won’t be commuting out to the burbs.

    • CONGRATS! We’re on the condo market right now and the big, beautiful condos out in the burbs are such a temptation sometimes. But then I snap back to reality and realize how awesome it is to not be a slave to a car or even Metro to get anywhere.

      • Yes, and it’s not like traffic will get better, or metro any cheaper. Buying walking distance to a million of jobs seems like a better idea.

      • em

        Big beautiful condos are awesome – until you realize that you also have to clean all of that big space in order to keep it beautiful. So not only do you save commute time (presuming you work in the city), but you also spend 1/3 of the time cleaning that your friends do (or, if you hire a cleaning service, spend less money on that than your friends do).

  • Rant: How bad I am at completing little tasks. Why does it take me weeks to write a thank you email? Why can’t I just pick up the phone and find out who to pay my bill to? Why am I months late ordering my mom’s birthday present? Why haven’t I had my teeth cleaned in over a year? ughgghhhh.

  • rant: my dog chewed through his second harness in two weeks. i forgot he was still in the harness after our walk and came out to the living room to find him playing with the stupid thing, happy as a clam.

    rave: chewing warranties

  • rant: in so much pain from my dental appt yesterday. for some reason it hurts so much more than the last one.

    rant: no pain killers for cavity fillings. except advil. why couldn’t they give me vicodin or something?!

    rave: it’s FRIDAY. which means SLEEPING IN the next 2 days.

    rave: tried some different stuff on my hair today and it actually feels a little less dry today.

    rave: hair appt this weekend.

    rant: how expensive it is for haircuts and highlights in this city.

    rave: IT’s FRIDAY.

    rant: i really want to fall asleep at my desk right now.

    • Maybe you need a new dentist. Some places are so reluctant to give out good pain meds. Blame the abusers. I remember once I had kidney stones and the doctor wanted to give me ibuprofen. I basically said “are for f***ing kidding” and he then gave me the good stuff.

      • well, i didn’t exactly ask them for it either. my last fillings went smoothly and didn’t feel pain the next day. so i wasn’t really expecting this. of course they are closed today…

    • Emmaleigh504

      What did you use on your hair? I’m always looking for ways to make my hair less dry.

      • this morning i used nexxus shampoo and conditioner, tresemme heat protectant, and brushed through some john freida full repair spray that i had bought a long time ago and forgot about.

        i’m just full on experimenting right now. i normally use a spray leave in conditioner but didn’t realize it had alcohol in it, so i didn’t use that this morning. apparently alcohol is not a good ingredient so i want to find another good one that doesn’t have it in there.

      • Trader Joe’s tea tree shampoo and conditioner. They are magical elixirs.

      • Bear

        My hair has benefited tremendously from two things: argan oil and a chlorine filter on my shower head. I can always tell when the filter needs to be changed because my hair starts to feel like straw (and my skin gets really dry too). They’re not expensive, either–I think mine was less than $30 on Amazon.

      • Blithe

        In the winter, when my hair is drier, I use Moroccan Oil products (expensive) and pureology (less expensive.). The Moroccan Oil is wonderful — and a bottle lasts me about a year.

    • woah, why are you having pain from a simple filling? I don’t think you need a new dentist because s/he won’t give you pain meds, I think you need a new one because it shouldn’t hurt!

      • i don’t know. the last ones didn’t hurt. this is multiple fillings BTW. I think it’s more the area where the Novocain needle went in… feels a bit swollen. and my tongue because i kept biting it last night not being able to “feel” it was there if that makes sense. not really the teeth that hurt themselves…

        • Emmaleigh504

          Watch that spot where the needle went in! I got a gum infection from the needle wound…granted I had about 8400 shots because my tooth would not go numb. The dentist had to quit giving me injections when my eyelids went numb. Apparently my nerves are not where they are supposed to be.

          Anyway, just keep an eye on your gums!

          • thanks for the tip! wow, i did only get one shot, but my eye lid DID go numb. i think he injected me with a lot of the stuff yesterday.

  • Rant: Two of my items missing out of my fridge last night, neither of which I finished or threw away, both of which I had seen earlier in the week. Asked my roommates about the items, and of course they deny eating/throwing them away. Not wanting to incite my roommates’ tempers or snide little snips, I seethed in my room. I can’t wait to get away from those two.

    Rave: Feeling great about my body image lately- running is doing miracles, and my clothes are fitting well, I’m feeling healthy, and my figure is making a glorious post-holidays comeback.

  • rant: i was scolded at work for taking too much initiative and was informed that i should only do what i’m told to do. odd, right? so now i spend about 4 hours a day playing on the internet because my supervisor won’t delegate anything. and then she bitches non-stop about how busy she is and how she can’t keep up with the work load.

    rave: my taxes are done. i’m complete caught up on person emails. and vacation planning is progressing nicely.

    • re: your first rant: that is insane and would drive me nuts.

      • it is insane! like nails on a chalk board.

        • You just can’t win with some people. One approach might be to set out proposed items for you to do in advance and get them approved in advance. That way, while you are showing initiative you pesky initiater, at least you are allowing the control freak to stay in control.

    • me

      Do we have the same boss? Because I get the same exact thing. It fluctuates from me begging for work sometimes, because god forbid I take initiative, and then when I get work, it is micromanaged by a manager that complains that they have too much to do. Then. Stop. Micromanaging. I’m not an idiot, I can do this. Calm the f down.

      • we’re living parallel lives! the exact same things happens with me! the worst part about it: she’s woefully under-qualified for the job, doesn’t really know what she’s doing yet (she’s new) and provides mircomanaged directions that are wrong.

        i’m being as patient as i can. i know it’s not easy starting a new job and there’s always going to be a learning curve. but when you don’t take any advice from me (i’ve been with the company 7 years), or from others that have been around for a while, it’s hard to maintain an understanding attitude.

        so alas, i just do what she tells me to do and then chuckle when corporate sends it back to her because it’s wrong.

        • Not to be a pessmist, but in my experience that type of person doesn’t get any better. I assume she hasn’t reached out to you for advice, tips, etc? If she has, then it might turn out all right. Otherwise? Ouch. Any way for you to transfer to another area w/in the company?

    • I had a boss once who wouldn’t let me hire who I wanted because she thought that person was too smart and would get bored with the work too quickly. My response was that I could delegate additional work to keep the staff person interested. Instead I was forced to hire someone a little less bright and a little less motivated who would be assured of doing a mediocre job at best.

    • I wish I had four hours a day to surf. I’m so overloaded it’s crazy.

    • Yep, been there. As the Event Coordinator for my org, I was, obviously, in charge of planning events. But my boss had to micromanage EVERYTHING and nothing I did or suggested was right and I had to do everything over again. Eventually I got fed up and didn’t do anything unless she told me to…but then she got mad at me for not showing any initiative. UGH!

    • Whoa. Maybe we have the same boss.

    • Hey, I used to work for her! I was never so happy to be laid off.

  • me

    Rant: Oh, how I can’t stand my coworker. She has made my life a living hell for almost a year now. I just hope she… I don’t know…. steps in a huge pile of dog poop today. (I can’t say anything worse)

    Rave: Painting my dining room and putting up big, decorated copper tiles on its ceiling this weekend. It is going to look so awesome when I’m done.

    • Ooh, do give us the gory details!

      • About the coworker, I mean.

        • me

          Her latest stunt is her telling the group in our weekly meeting that she is warning us that she won’t be able to do much work this month, because (get this, I cannot make this up) she had a miscarriage early on in pregnancy. 18 years ago. And it would be her child’s 18th birthday this month. And so she needs to be at a limited capacity this month to properly grieve. Now, I don’t want to seem cold-hearted, but come on. Yet the manager takes it in stride and I have to keep up with her work as well.

          But, I am sure she will micromanage me even more, seeing as I will be doing some of her work, even though she isn’t my manager but thinks she is. Unfortunately, I am offsite for most of the time, so I have to keep trying to contact her constantly for my portion of the work, but she has a habit of never getting back to me. I’m sure it will be even worse this month now.

          • holy psycho. I am so very sorry. I hope you’re documenting all this so you can get her fired someday.

          • Me – I recall you posting about some health issues. Are you kidding me. Here you are battling health problems and this person pulls this crap. I am not insensitive to miscarriages mind you but this behavior seems bizaare.

          • me

            I’m actually dong okay. My health is fairly stable, with a couple of somewhat minor surgeries helping, and I’m feeling better than I have in awhile. I think it’s more along the lines of this woman doing everything she can to not take responsibility for what she needs to do around the office that gets to me. I can’t help much more than I am, because I’m not a mind reader. One of my resolutions (for whatever it’s worth) is to stay more calm than I have been and take things in stride more often. So, I make use of this rant/rave page to vent, plus take about 5 minutes on my way home to talk to myself in the car about how people drive me nuts during the day, and then I’m golden!

          • glad to hear you’re feeling better. I think stress at work can do horrible things to our health too. I hope you are finding productive ways to cope. this lady sounds so crazy that hopefully you can document and laugh all the way down to HR. she’s not worth the stress, and although that makes your job harder, just do what you can. I’ll bet a million dollars they’re not going to fire you no matter how much you refuse to deal with her b.s. if they haven’t fired her already. apathy is good for the soul.

          • That sounds crazy. I’d talk to HR or a higher up about boundaries in the workplace. It’s cool to be a fully fleshed out person at work, but her “angst” is the kind you leave at home. It’s intrusive for her to expect everyone to carry her baggage. My best boss ever told me once, “I don’t care what you do at home, whether you have a girlfriend or whether you never get laid again. Just do the work.” It was in a joking manner, but it clearly let me know what the professional expectation was — and I agree with it. It’s liberating to be part of a no bullshit workplace.

    • Actually I do want to hear about the copper tiles. Pictures please!

  • Rave: Kitchen renovation almost finished – it looks amazing!

    Also rave: Made it back to the gym after a long break and have started swimming. Going during the day & having a lane to myself = bliss.

  • LisaT

    We have a mice problem.

    No rave in that.

  • rant: This morning while I was walking my dog along East Capitol, some jerk on a bike decides to ride his bike on the sidewalks instead of in the bike lanes. He almost ran my dog over so I told him to get off the sidewalk. He sticks his middle finger up at me and yells out some f bombs.

    rave: he ran into a tree while he was trying to flick me off. 🙂

  • claire

    Rant: Sore from rock climbing two days ago (woke up yesterday feeling fine and then it hit me last night).
    Rave: It’s a good kind of sore and makes me feel like I should exercise more.

    Rave: Friday!

  • Rave: DC has a $240 million surplus

    Rant: DC was faking all along and getting over on residents with the BS.

    Rant: Bishop Eddie Long being crowned “King” by an supposed “Rabbi” (evangelical at best) with sacred scripts/torah found outside of concentration camps (sure buddy, we believe you). Has anyone seen this pure bs, this foolery? Straight up blasphemy!! If not have at it but get your soap and barf bags ready, trust me, you will need them. I see kool aid in the parishioners future. And yes, this is the same dude that “felt like David against Goliath and hadn’t yet cast his first stone” in regards to the sexual misconduct allegations between him and a rack of teens in ATL. Needless, to say this pervert settled out of court. I’m sure CNN will pick on all of this soon enough. Huge side eye to the congregation that is still there. This is why a lot of people don’t mess with church. I’m just sayin. People are really hurting and truly want to believe in something.

    Beware of false prophets. What does the bible say again about idol worship?

    Wait, what about “remove the foreskin”. And how is this a humble man with a million dollar home, helicoptors, a rack of luxury cars, gold this and that and a toupee.

    Rave: I know better


  • Neither a rant or a rave, just wanted to post that NBC 4 had a promo last night about that meth fire story and they used a PoP photo in it. I had to rewind it whe I saw PHOTO COURTESY OF PRINCE OF PETWORTH on tv. You’re famous!

  • Rant: I am moving to Houston in 29 days. I am sad.

    Rave: Seeing friends and doing my DC bucket list before I leave.

  • Rave: Awesome peanut butter and jelly bagel courtesy of lovely coworkers (who offered the toppings as I pathetically scrounged around the office kitchen) and a very thoughtful houseguest who toted a dozen bagels down on the NYC-DC bus for us.

    Rant: The fact that the only apparent way to get a good bagel is to have friends courier them to us from afar. I know, I know, it’s been said, but why on earth doesn’t someone just open a decent bagel shop in the neighborhood already?!

    • thebear

      The only halfway-decent bagels I’ve found in the District are at Bagels Etc (2122 P).

    • Have you been to the Bethesda bagels on Conn in north Dupont? Their breakfast sandwiches suck because they microwave the eggs (gross!) but the bagels are as fine as any I’ve had in NY. (To be honest, a lot of the pizza/bagels chip on their shoulder NYers have is totally made up. I’ve been taken to no less than 10 “THIS is THE BEST pizza in all of NY” places by friends only to be less than impressed.)

      • Microwaving eggs for a breakfast sandwich is actually pretty common in NJ, at least–can’t speak for NY. I agree that it’s gross, but it might also be authentic!

  • Rant – Walking with kids on the closed section of beach drive on the weekends and the pelatons of bikers thinking it is their own personal tour de france time trial course. One a-hole actually yelled at my wife one time when the kid did a kid thing and unexpectedly moved to the center of the road when said pelaton was trying to zoom through. If I were there that time I would have shoved his spandex down his throat.

    Rave: A lot to be thankful for.

    • Rant: People who don’t take the time to teach their kids and dogs proper trail/road manners. Half kidding here, I ride with a lot of the groups you’re talking about, and yes, they ride like idiots.

      Second rant: We ride a lot around Haines Point at night, because the roads are basically empty this time of the year. Why do joggers and walkers wear dark clothing with no lights? Do they enjoy being hit by cyclists and cars?

      • I get what you are saying Mike. I agree that it is a shared space but something about rolling through with 15 bikes at 25 mph and not slowing down when you see kids does not sit well with me. You need to adjust to the fact that it is not just for bikers. I have certainly instructed my kid that he needs to be careful but I think reducing the speed when you see the kids or giving an audible signal when you are approaching is the thing to do. I msyelf collided with a bike one time when I went to turn around on a run and one was approaching me from behind. Now I always look but he should have indicated he was passing. As it happens I way 235 pounds and am 6′ 5″ so I got the better of the collision but that is not the point.

        • Right on.

        • No, TG, I agree with you for the most part. Trails (and that very short 3-4 mile section of Beach Dr.) should have a cyclist speed limit. Many of them do, and it’s usually 15 mph or less. As a bike racer who rides about 7 to 10,000 miles per year, I’ve learned a few things over the years that an average recreational cyclist or beginning racer should be taught. One is that the trail (or that closed section of road) are not the place to train. It really bothers me to see people riding at their limit on the Mt. Vernon trail, it’s counterproductive, and an accident waiting to happen. Trails are to get places, not to train. The groups I ride with that use Beach Drive would be better off (and better received by the city) if we just rode slowly for 10 minutes, until we passed the busiest section, whereupon we could start to speed up.

    • This totally happened to me too! Just because you are dressed up like Lance Armstrong does not mean you get to mow down a lady pushing a double stroller. Someone on here had a great term, lycranauts.

  • Rave: I have awesome friends. And awesome co-workers. It’s good to have a support system!

    Rant: Not getting along with my housemate. He was on the couch when I got home last night so I went straight upstairs after we barely said two words to each other. Spent the entire night, 6:15 onward, holed up in my room avoiding him. Made for a long night. It really sucks that I’m a captive in my own house – can’t wait to move!

    Rave: Boyfriend got to leave work early so he rescued me! Or, at least, joined me in hiding.

    Rant: I knew more of who I was and what I wanted to do with my life when I was a 19 y/o college sophomore, than I do now, ten years later.

    • I do the EXACT same thing, hole up in my room when I get home, to avoid my housemates. I try to do something whether it’s go to the gym, or happy hour, or meet up with friends, after work so I don’t spend 6:15- bedtime in my room. It made me so miserable I cried to my mom a couple weeks ago, so now literally I don’t make it home til 8 every night. It makes me sad I can’t use the house I pay lots of money for, or pay enough attention to my kitty because I don’t want to be resigned to my room.

  • Rant: Lauriol Plaza provides the worst service ever. Ate there last night, couldn’t hear anything in the restaurant because every large party was shouting at the top of their lungs. Servers are never engaging. They ask you what you want and never come back until the table is cleared and they drop the check. It amazes me because they must make a decent amount of money a night, but always provide such shitty service.

    • Because it is always packed the level of service they give may not matter that much. That place is an ATM machine. I have always marveled at the level of business they do at that location.

    • I used to live a block or so from there. It always amazed me that people would drive into DC from MD just to eat at Lauriol Plaza. I mean come on! There has to be mediocre “Mexican” in MD too.

  • Rant: The picture for today’s RRorR. Ugh.

    Revel: Pearl snap shirts on casual Friday, or anytime for that matter.

  • RANT: This is why cyclists (and I am one) have a bad rep.

    This morning, I’m driving west on Euclid, between Mozart and 16th, looking for a parking spot. Euclid is a one way street here. The road is busy, but we’re moving along at about 20 miles an hour. As I near 16th I spot a string of open parking spaces on my right. There is also a bike lane on my right. I check my rearview. It’s clear, no bikes. I begin to make turn into a parking space. As I do, coming down the bike lane…going the wrong direction…is a woman on a bikeshare bike. She gives me one of those “wtf!” looks that I think anyone who has biked around DC has probably given to a driver at some point. It was not a look of surprise/alarm. It was anger. I honk. She throws up a bird-but not a double bird.

    If you’re going to roll down a bike lane the wrong direction, dont go tossing birds around, unless you’re going to bring the double. Also, wear a helmet.

  • Allison

    Rave: I love my joooooob!

    Rant: It’s only temporary, and even if I got a “permanent” position those positions are term-limited by law to two years. If we do good work let us stay for longer than a mere 2 years for god’s sake! Such a loss of institutional knowledge.

  • Revel: It took me 21 minutes from end to end to file my state and federal taxes using TurboTax. And yes I have mortgage interest, dividends, interest, etc.

    Rant: I still get large refunds from DC. I need to increase my withholdings again.

    Revel: Raves

  • Rant: sobering up
    Rave: sobering up

  • REVEL: Komen backed down!

    • Good news.
      Their president has also had far too much plastic surgery.

      • Yeah, she totally looks like an alien!

        And yay for Komen backing down! I think a lot of people are finally learning that Komen is not what they thought it was.

    • I wish there was equal outrage against the Obama aministration approach to contraception services and Catholic charities. I think both sides are wrong. Let’s separate the debate surrounding abortion and contraception from uncontroversial and vital charitable services equally. I think 95% of the people would agree that such vital programs should not be defunded based on the choices they make related to this controversial topic.

      • Catholic Charities recieves govt money. Hence, they must abide by govt regulations on how that money is used. If they do not wish to do so, they can turn down the funds.

        Komen was private funds – not government funds. Komen can do with them what they wish (provided it is legal). They wished to stop funding Planned Parenthood. They “backed down” due to public pressure.

        They are two different issues.

        • Excellent point that the Komen and Catholic Charities conversations being two totally separate animals and not particularly comparable!

          Komen made a political decision with the inclusion of the term “under investigation,” something that doesn’t appear in federal contracts that I’ve seen. Note that being debarred or suspended, of course, is a different thing entirely.

          And the non-renewal of USCCB’s federal (Office of Refugee Resettlement) funding iisn’t really something to be outraged about. USCCB entered into a contract to use federal funds to fulfill the federal mandate – delivering critical human services to survivors of trafficking in urgent need of, among other things, reproductive health care per the Trafficking Victims Protection Act. In part, CC couldn’t do that.

          By the way, by all accounts U.S. Committee for Refugees (who took on USCCB’s contract in our region) is doing a great job so far. Survivors are getting the services that they need, without the sorts of exceptions they faced before last October, and with only limited gaps in services as their cases bridged the end of the old contract and the start of the new one.

        • Trust me, I recognize the distinction. Komen backed down based on the pressure that was brought to bear on it because of the political hot potatoe of abortion and conctraceptive services. What I am saying is that the public backlash should be equally directed at the Obama administration for trying to force Catholic charities to provide contraceptive services that go against the philosphy of the Church. It is no real choice as you say it, it is intentionally backing them into a political corner to satisfy a particular and highly politicized agenda. Komen cuts off funding based on particular political beliefs, Obama admin ties charitable funding to accepting particular form of political beliefs. Both wrongheaded, but in the case of government funding is an egregious deprivation of funding to organizations that are not prostiletizing but that give front line services to those in need.

          • The issue is not that the ” Obama admin ties charitable funding to accepting particular form of political beliefs.” It is that the US constitution prohibits government sponsorship/support of any religious belief. (Thank god!!!)

            And how about we strive for a nation where all basic human needs are assured without any “charity?”

          • Well said, Victoria.

            Happily, at the end of the day (and despite the politicking), women, men and children who have survived slavery in our communities are getting access to the resources that they need and deserve.

          • “who have survived slavery in our communities”

            Wait. What?

  • rave: date #2 tonight with okcupid guy #3
    rant: woke up with a sinus headache – fortunately I had already arranged to work from home in order to monitor my kitty who had teeth puled yesterday (she’s doing great)
    rave2: todays rants and raves! I could totally identify with several things mentioned!

  • Question: PoP/readers, can you recommend any singles Valentine’s day events in DC (on 2/14, preferrably free) ? Thanks in advance!

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