Lost Dog and Advice on How to Find Her?

Dear PoPville,

Last night I was walking our 2 dogs and one jerked out of my hand after a cat or something in the dark… we drove around for hours calling for her but she hasn’t come back yet.

The dog answers to the name Lady, and was last seen running away from 3rd and Varnum NW heading south on 3rd around 1130pm Thursday night. She is a Rottweiler/Labrador mix and weighs about 45 pounds. She has visible nipples from having pups and a very crudely docked tail thats about 5 inches long with an obvious scar tissue mound and the tip (she was a rescue so we aren’t sure what happened with it). Please call Chris at 703.850.5865 or Eddie at 202.246.3216 if you find her or have any leads. Also, if anyone has any tips on what else we should do, please let us know.

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  • Oh, I’m so sorry. Definitely call WARL and the Washington Humane Society with her description so they’ll know to call you if someone brings her in. I also remember getting a handful of calls a while ago about a lost dog–there’s a service that will auto-call all listed phone numbers in the vicinity of where the dog was lost. I have no idea what it’s called, but it may come up if you google. Good luck, I hope she comes home soon.

  • I’m so sorry to hear about your missing dog. I understand how scary and stressful this can be! Is your dog microchipped? I would start by calling the Washington DC Humane Society at (202) 234-8626. They will put your dog on record in case she is picked up by their animal control officers. Keep patrolling your neighborhood, and good luck! Please keep up updated!

  • Good luck finding your pup.

    If you haven’t already send a picture and description to the Washington humane society. They were really helpful in helping us locate our lost cat. They would call us when a cat came in fitting her description. Also, talk to everyone in the area where he went missing. When our dog squeezed out of our fence we found him through a neighbor who took him in.


  • That’s somewhat close to me, I’ll definitely keep an eye open for her!

    Hang signs all over the neighborhood with a photo of her on it with her name, your cell number, and that for return of the dog there is a reward (some ppl even say the dog needs meds and so needs to get home). Ask ppl on the street if they have seen a dog running around and give the description, that way you might get info, and the person is notified that you are looking for a dog. Get friends to go out calling for the pup with smelly food (i.e. cat food-canned) and extra leashes. Call the Washington Humane Society and let them know you are looking, also call the area shelters just in case (Prince Georges, Montgomery), we aren’t too far and a dog can run far (though they usually don’t). You can also make a trip to the shelters in case they mistake her for a different breed and therefore can’t find her in the system (though from the pic she looks super Rotty). Post on local list servs (Yahoo, Craigslist). My friend used to help local rescues find their lost dogs and they usually are found, sometimes it takes a few days. Your best bet is really canvassing the neighborhood with the signs (put some in the plastic cover with the opening facing down in case of rain) and walking around calling out to her with other doing the same at the same time. Keep your hopes up!!!

  • I hope you find your Lady soon! Best of luck!!!!

  • hope you get your doggie back soon!

  • This has worked for me: I suggest trying to think about where the dog usually wants to eat trash. If they’ve pulled towards and alley or spot where they really wanted to sniff, that’s what sticks in their head. They usually scrounge around for food of familiar funky smells and can end up somewhere in that area.

  • Thanks everyone for your kind words and advice… we found Lady earlier this morning safe and sound (and wet!)

    You guys are awesome, thanks again!

  • That’s wonderful, how did you find her?

    • I circled back through the area that we last saw her calling her name and she came bounding down the street… I am not sure where all she went during the night, but we must have walked those blocks of 3rd between upshur and varnum a thousand times hoping she would come back there, and she did!

  • I’m so sorry for your loss! My cousins dog is missing tooooooooo!!!! She hasnnt come back yet

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