Your Afternoon Animal Fix

If you have any fun or interesting animal/pet photos please shoot me an email to princeofpetworth(at)gmail(dot)com with ‘Animal Fix’ in the title and say the name of your pet and what neighborhood you’re from or upload to the PoPville flickr pool with your pets name and neighborhood. I can’t guarantee I’ll get them all posted but I’ll do my best.

“Lucky and Luna. Beagle sisters in Columbia Heights.”

“Titus of LeDroit Park. He wanted to be taken to the Salvation Army, too.”

“Gus likes to take his toy chipmunk out for a stroll in Columbia Heights.”

“Francene is VERY friendly, VERY smart and Very sweet! Francene is beautiful, with her silver gray stripped coat and the bottom of her paws are solid dark gray. She is full of energy and enjoys playing with her human companions and her toys; and would make a good companion for another energetic kitty. Francene is low maintenance; litter box trained; can easily entertain herself; and would make a great addition to any family. Francene is being fostered in my home through the Washington Humane Society.”

Please contact Yolanda at [email protected] if you are interested.

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  • Lucky and Luna are very judgey beagles!

  • C’mon – those two are fox hounds. Where did they come from?

  • Titus is very cute. He has long tufts of hair on his feet just like my Ryder!

    Gus’ chipmunk appears to have gone on many, many, many walks through Columbia Heights haha!

  • Gus reminds me of a toy poodle we used to have who loved (to our horror) to take her rubber Ronald Reagan squeak toy on walks, around Mt. Pleasant, no less. Only she would carry him by his throat. And it was the only toy she wanted to take.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Gus is cute! I love dogs that carry toys around! They remind me of little kids (Pucci) who have to take their stuffed toys (Brownie) every where.

  • claire

    Titus: “Aw, you put together this comfy bag of clothes just for me??” My cat’s the same way 🙂

    Hope Francene finds a good home!

  • I’ve met Lucky and Luna at the dog park. They have a lot of energy. My beagle, Sonic, liked playing with them.

    • Did you get Lucky and Luna from BREW Beagle Rescue? I remember those names and they look familiar. If youdid then I’d be interested in hearing how your experience went (if you don’t mind). I look at their website pretty regularly but as much as I want a dog I should wait a few more months. If you didn’t get them there then disregard this post and know that they’re adorable!! As with all the pets on this days fix.

      • oh, and duh, if it’s the same sonic dino-doggie from the other day’s fix then s/he’s such a cutie!!

  • Francene sure looks like a sweetie! I hope she finds a warm and loving home.

    • +1 what a sweet little girl. I like cats but I’m very allergic 🙁 Hope she finds a good home she deserves.

  • burritosinstereo

    so much SQUEEEE!! going on over here thanks to Gus. SO CUTE!!

  • Titus!!! You’re so so cute!

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