Maoz Closes in Dupont Circle

Dear PoPville,

Went to Maoz for lunch today only to find it closed with no sign. Know what’s going on?

Sadly, Maoz located at 1817 M Street, NW has closed. Bisnow reported over the holidays:

“We had a great run,” owner Quinn Wallis tells us. “We had very loyal customers. People loved our food. But unfortunately, at the end of the day, we just weren’t able to get enough people through the door.”

Unfortunately this was the only Maoz location in DC.

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  • Ah man, that sucks. I work right on the corner of 19/M and that was one of my favorite lunch places. 🙁

  • Bummer! They always seemed busy when I was there, but maybe the lunch rush wasn’t enough.

  • now that’s just sucky. Maoz was a great lunch option! :/

  • What a bummer – they had great falafel

  • christanel

    My veggie friend loves Maoz! He’s not going to be happy.

  • NOOOOOO! Of all places, I loved Maoz. I even visited the one in Barcelona since it had such great food.

  • This surprises me. They always seemed to have a line out the door when I went there. Maybe the rent is just too high for a strictly lunch place.

  • This isn’t really surprising. The rents in that area are so high that after adding payroll, utilities and other expenses you’re looking at at least $10,000 in fixed expenses every month. How many lunches can you sell to just break even?

    • I can say with pretty good confidence, rent in Dupont runs from about $90-$100/square foot. Only eclipsed slightly by GTown as the most expensive market in the city for business rent. Unless you’re able to capitalize on both a solid lunch AND dinner business downtown, you’re screwed.

  • No! I was just craving their falafel (and pickled beets!) yesterday!

    I blame my employer for relocating us away from M St. last summer, to a horrible place with no restaurants.

  • Who are the evil forces behind this? Like all others, I’m devastated.

  • Ack! Such bad news!

  • dt

    Is it me or do rents in this town seem completely out of whack with reality? It seems like popular, successful places are closing down everywhere due to high rents – what are landlords’ expectations? Are landlords constantly buying/selling properties so that the underlying mortgages are going up, or are they just getting greedy even though their costs are staying level? It seems like it would be to everyone’s advantage for a landlord to buy a place and hold on to it for a long time, and let successful businesses/tenants stay put.

  • Horrible news. I occasionally have meetings in that area and this was a good value, semi-nutritious place to lunch and a nice alternative to the usual chains. I hope they’re doing ok in NYC. they’re the best place for lunch near Times Square.

  • Booooooooooooooo! 🙁

    I loved this place. Been there at least 20 times. One of my favorites in the area, and there’s a lot to choose from.

  • Quinn was an amazing. So sad to see that it didn’t work out. Sixth & I was a big fan!

  • I loved this place!!! Very sad.

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