Judging Restaurants – Finn & Porter

Finn & Porter is located at 900 10th St, NW. Their Website says:

“Jazzy and cool DC dining. Hip and inviting. Finn & Porter gives surf and turf a contemporary twist. The freshest seafood, prime steaks and creative regional entrees. Gleaming glass and soaring spaces. A nonstop bar with innovative cocktails and select wines. Friendly service that keeps the energy coming. Come savor something fresh for DC Dining.”

You can see their menus here. Any fans?

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  • This place pretty much typifies the stereotypical downtown DC dining scene, viz., big, wide-mouthed, sloppy yawn.

    • I don’t think it’s a “downtown” thing as much as it’s a hotel lobby place catering to the boring overnight business crowd. Walk 5 mins in any direction and you’ll hit some interesting restaurants – Acadiana, Againn, Corduroy, Brasserie Beck…

  • Looks like a law firm from the picture, not a restaurant.

  • Their Crispy Rock Shrimp with sweet thai chili sauce is really good, and also gluten free (the chef’s son is gluten free, so they’re really great about it, just don’t promote it much apparently). Agree it’s not the hippest place, but not overly offensive either.

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