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  • This place rocks.

    • ledroittiger

      +1. Kim is awesome. It’s funny how often yelpers review Timor poorly because they think he is a dick. They just don’t get him.

      • You’re right. I dont get why he is constantly such an asshole.

        • I have known Kim for a long time and while I agree that he can be perceived as a dick (although I think it’s being moody more than anything else) he is by far the most decent person I’ve ever met.

          • That may be, but in terms of customer service, he’s terrible. When I’ve called it’s like waking someone up from a long sleep in their basement, not someone I want to order food from at premium prices. However he is personally, his professional conduct needs a lot of work.

        • You have got to be kidding. Kim is amazingly nice, remembers everyone’s name, has done great things in the ‘hood. He is just soft spoken. You all are on crack. BrightYellow, you need a new name – more along the lines of UnderDarkGreyCloud.

  • I absolutely adore Kim, and everyone else associated with the store. They, and Timor/Field to City, are an asset to the neighborhood.

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