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  • RE: permit question. I would call and try to explain exactly what you plan to do and see what they tell you in terms of supplemental permits and/or building permits. I was there and was being helped when a contractor (?) was angry after spending almost 5 hours to get a supplemental permit and no one explained that he also needed a builders permit. It’s frustrating and complicated (more than it needs to be) and you pretty much need a permit to do almost anything (city makes money) so instead of finding out you wasted time and didn’t get all you needed, try to call and talk to someone so you can minimize the chance of being frustrated because you didn’t know you needed both, as an example.

    RE: electric bills from landlord.
    I’m assuming that since you are asking to see the bills that you are also somehow responsible for paying for your electrical use. If you do not pay for your electricity, then I don’t think she has to provide you copies of the bill. If you are paying for your electrical use, then you should be able to see them.

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