Dulcinea’s Turkish/Mexican Restaurant Coming to 2618 Georgia Ave, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending word on a new restaurant, Dulcinea’s, coming to 2618 Georgia Ave, NW. The reader says Dulcinea’s will be a mix of Turkish and Mexican fare and hopes to open in a couple of months after renovations are completed.

Great news for this block of Georgia Ave. Word of Dulcinea’s follows the recently opened Mama Chuy’s taqueria located next door at 2620 Georgia Ave, NW. More info on Dulcinea’s as construction progresses.

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  • Mexican and Turkish? Are those complementary cuisines?

  • Those are polar opposites. Not sure how they’re going to make this particular mash-up work. Adana kebab tacos? Manti with salsa? I’m intrigued, but kind of skeptical in a KFC + Taco Bell kind of way.

    • I hope its in the good way. There’s a Irish-Mexican place outside of Albany that has the best corned-beef and cabbage quesadillas.

  • The Battle of Cheese vs. No Cheese begins.

  • I want a Mexican and Italian restaurant in Bloomingdale : (

    (individual places not a fusion) : )

    Cute little place beside Rustik perfect for a taco takeout with limited seating (how long does it take to eat a taco anyway) and the Italian place can go under the Sylvan sign. Batter Up!

  • There’s a Turkish Mexican restaurant in the Mission in SF. I ate there a couple years ago and was pleasantly surprised at how delicious it was. Like anything else it comes down to the skill of people cooking the food.

  • Just make it Mexican or Turkish. I cannot see combined dishes being a good idea.

  • I just passed by there and the sign says Mediterranean and Latin-American. Was it determined that Mediterranean meant Turkish and Latin-American meant Mexican by the actual owners? If not, I hope people know that two countries don’t define whole regions of the world. Mediterranean and Latin-American can mean a lot of things, including sampling from each country in those regions, which are vastly different.

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