Dear PoPville – What Happened to the Mt Pleasant Library?

Dear PoPville,

I was walking by the Mt Pleasant library the other day, and it got me thinking: what happened to the whole hullaballoo with the Board of Zoning Adjustment and the library extension? The BZA website is silent on the issue, but the Friends of the Mt Pleasant Library claim that it will be open in “March or April” ( There still seems to be a lot of construction material on the site – does anyone in PoPville know what’s happening?

Here’s an update from DCPL:

“The exterior terracotta skin of the addition is complete and the granite water table below the terracotta is being installed. Permanent power connections have been installed and PEPCO is preparing to energize the building. The ceiling light fixtures are being installed and the skylight in the atrium between the original building and the addition is 50% complete.

As we move forward we will be able to announce an expected opening date.”

The library is located at 3160 16th Street, NW. The temporary library is located at 3162 Mt. Pleasant Street, NW.

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  • Finally! I can read again at my favorite old library!

  • What a sketchy statement: “As we move forward we will be able to announce an expected opening date.” I wonder why DCPL is UNABLE to announce an EXPECTED date right now?

    Thankfully the city disregarded MtP’s atrocious ANC, which effectively voted to scuttled the whole building over a zoning variance issue.

  • anyone know what’s going to happen to the temp. library? can we please please please have something other than a liquor store. and while i really enjoy latin american food – perhaps better restaurant options?

    Not to start this but Mt. Pleasant has so much potential and I’d hate to see another opportunity wasted to really bring in businesses that are more geared to the residents of the neighborhood. Maybe I’m being a curmudgeon but it feels as if Mt. Pleasant is resisting to change with the quickly changing demographics of the neighborhood. There’s something to be said about gentrification, but too many NIMBY’s seem to ruin it for everyone else.

    Anyways cool about the library opening soon.

  • FYI — on September 13, 2011, the BZA voted 4 to 1 to permit the zoning variance, allowing the library to build right up to its property line, despite the zoning requirement for a 15-foot setback. The “no” voter on the Board had this to say: “I really think that the library has not done a great service to this community in executing its public service responsibilities.”

    The ANC was also divided on this issue, the vote on the final resolution being 3 to 1, with one abstention (and one absence).

    Arianna: who is your ANC commissioner, and how did he or she vote?

  • PoP – where did you find the update? I’ve been checking in on this project periodically and can’t find anything similar on their website.

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