Dear PoPville – Sherman Ave Construction Update

Dear PoPville,

I am wondering if you’ve heard anything lately on the road construction on Sherman Ave. I have to drive up and down that road every day, and it is destroying my car’s suspension with all the bumps and holes. It is absolutely terrible, and construction seems to either have stopped or be moving at a snail’s pace. Any word on when it will end?

There is a good Web site from DDOT devoted entirely to the Sherman Avenue Reconstruction project:

“The Sherman Avenue, NW Streetscape project will provide modifications and safety improvements for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic within the Sherman Avenue corridor from Barry Place, NW to Park Road, NW. The project is a reconstruction and streetscape project that will also include elements of safety improvements, traffic signaling, pavement marking, signage and bicycle access modifications.”

You can see the construction schedule here. The anticipated completion date is July 8, 2012.

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  • “Wider travel lanes “Sharrow” to allow room for bicyclists”
    Does this mean there are not actual lined bike lanes? If that is the case cars will just assume it can be cut in and out of making it perhaps more dangerous for a bike than simply riding in a regular traffic lane

    • @grandfunk, I was pretty disappointed too when I read there would be sharrows rather than bike lanes, in the plans. I also worry it’ll be no better than a wider car lane, or you’re right, perhaps more dangerous. I think commenters here disagreed.

  • i live on sherman too, i really really doubt it will be done in 6 months. why does construction take so long here? it appears the construction is only 1/5 done therefore I give it 2 more years. It took DOT 4ever to do 14 and irving.

  • You don’t “have to drive up and down that road every day”. Take 11th or Georgia and cut over. That said, I’m sick of the damn construction, but it’s still the fastest way from Petworth downtown.

    • Unnecessary smart ass comment. Obviously I don’t “have to” anything. Sherman is the most direct route when time is a factor. I’ve noticed other road construction sites in the city completed much faster and wondered what the hold up was. Have a nice day.

      • Actually, there is nothing smartass about the comment. You claim the road is “destroying your car’s suspension”, so I think my suggestion is more “smart” and less “ass”.

      • I didn’t think that was a smartass comment. I also live on Sherman, and I have to say, plenty of people–possibly like yourself?–use Sherman because it’s quick. Those same people, however, do NOT drive the posted speed limit–25 MPH. You race down Sherman Avenue at 40+ MPH ALL THE TIME. One positive thing about this road construction–there will be ONE lane each way, and you commuters will be forced to drive no faster than the slowest person on the road–most likely someone driving 25 MPH.

  • We drive down that road every morning. It seriously is terrible, not to mention reminds us that DC has an inexplicably large number of manholes, all squished together.

    The past two mornings I’ve been getting too queasy on Sherman, so we’re going to take Georgia from now on.

  • janie4

    I call bad planning on the “pedestrian safety improvements’. When I heard this project first discussed, I was told part of the reason for this was to make the sidewalks “more walkable.’ The single file sidewalk along the wall on the southbound lane between Euclid and Barry is still single-file only sidewalks, with lampposts in the sidewalk in places making it single-file. You’re probably less likely to fall off the sidewalk into the street, and you have a little more space to jump if a car jumps the curb, but not really walkable on that side. The other side is wider, but always was.

    • bfinpetworth

      Agree. I’ve been calling it a bait and switch for several months now. It seems as thought those wide sidewalks with large bumpouts (like on 14th ST) to slow down traffic were drafted out of the final plans.

  • As a Pleasant Plains resident and following this closely, most of the construction delay is caused by Pepco — it’s replacing and moving electric trunk lines that haven’t be disturbed in like 100 years… I’m not defending Pepco, but it’s not an easy job and if something goes wrong when replacing these ancient trunk lines, it could knock out power all over the city.
    It’s true, construction won’t be completed before the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade this year, fo sho.
    There will be markings for bikes, but not a solid white line mark as some would probably like. The lanes will be 2-3 feet wider than before so bikers will have personal space from the cars. The ped safety improvements are night and day, and well thought out for what the space allows — have to keep in mind emergency vehicle accessibility. The bus stops have been moved past the stop light, instead of before. All sidewalks and curb crosswalks will be ADA accessible. They are removing the old cobra-head street lights with better, brighter and more traditional street lamps along the corridor. They are removing the old light switch boxes that stand about 5 feet tall on a few of the corners, and tree and greenery boxes will provide a more enjoyable walk towards U St.
    Long term vision to happy days people… Stay cool.

    • Well Stated. Positive. Optomistic. Thanks. Clearly you are one of the few that have actaully viewed the plans.

  • I usually take 11th, then when I get sick of the stop signs every block I take Sherman. I’ve used it as practice in finding the smoothest line, as I would in my off road race car. Southbound keep left as long as you can. I review cars for RoadflyTV and the other day we shot the Kia Rio5 on this street, to demonstrate it’s ability to handle the worse a city can dish out. Like other commenters here, I find it hard to believe it will be done by July. Can’t wait for smooth pavement, though!

  • Is it really so much to ask that the construction not leave the roadway so horrible for an entire year? I mean, it’s seriously effing up a LOT of cars i’d imagine. Do you think emailing Bowser’s office would get the workers to leave the roadway passably usable as the move up sherman?

    I mean, i am just concerned about my car, but there are a lot of elderly folks who are probably actually physically put in pain by the shaking.

    I’ll make the call/request. Tell me who would have the best chance of getting results.

  • I’m excited they’re putting some trees in, but they’re putting in Golden raintrees, which are becoming kind of an invasive problem. Don’t really get why we can’t have some native trees on this street…

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