Dear PoPville – Getting Firewood

Dear PoPville,

Does anyone have a rec for fire wood delivery service (good price, good dry wood). I want about half a cord and I think that means 8 ft wide by 6 ft high single log depth.

Also please let us know how much it costs?

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  • It’s all over craigslist. going price seems to be 150+

  • Try Dan Donahue with Agora Farms. We used to get our wood from him – applewood, nice and dry, delivered. Can’t remember the price, but I remember thinking it was a bit high, but that it was “city prices.” He has a produce stand at Eastern Market every weekend, on the very south end of the block. Often has a Red Sox flag hanging from one of his tents. He’s a great guy.

  • I can get an entire pickup truck load for about $80 (wood) + $20 or so for gas/delivery. But, alas, it’s a friend that hauls it in from the Northern Neck of Virginia, not really a commercial service (though I should ask if he wants to start doing it more often for “Friends of PoPville.”

  • chainsaw: $345.79
    truck: $12,000
    axe: $27.99
    flashlight: $18.99
    balaclava: $11.99
    Access to Rock Creek Park: Free!

  • Jesse Aylor out of West VA. 1 cord, delivered and stacked, $130

  • Effective immediately, the US Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has added the District of Columbia to a federal quarantine due to Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), Agrilus planipennis. This action is in response to the detection of EAB in Allegany, Anne Arundel, and Howard Counties in Maryland.

    EAB, an invasive wood boring beetle, is native to China and eastern Asia. Since its first US detection in Michigan, EAB has been responsible for the death and decline of tens of millions of US ash trees. The interstate movement of firewood from quarantine areas is an especially high-risk pathway for spreading EAB. Accordingly, the interstate movement of EAB-host wood and wood products from quarantined areas is prohibited outside accordance with applicable regulations, including firewood of all hardwood species, nursery stock, green lumber, waste, compost, and chips of ash species.

  • Check out the Maryland Forest Service guide to buying firewood:

    Lotsa crooks out there so be sure you don’t get scammed with unseasoned wood or less-than-full loads.

  • PDleftMtP

    Sorry to be late on this, but I just found the phone number. Tim Corbin Tree Service, 540 547 2761. Half a face cord (4′ x 4′, one log deep) delivered down a flight of steps and stacked for $85. The wood could be drier, but it’s not terrible, and they definitely brought a bit more than they had to – I have a 4′ by 4′ rack and they piled it to overflowing.

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