Cuzzin’s Coming to Petworth

Beveragemania finally has a new tenant, Cuzzin’s, coming soon to 849 Upshur St, NW. I spoke to a worker who said that it would basically be a lot like Beveragemania, featuring coffee, drinks and ice cream. I’ll be sure to follow up when they open. At the very least, I love the name – this’ll drive grammar sticklers crazy but I knew other people used ‘s like I do 🙂

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  • Does this mean you’ll refer to it as Cuzzin’s’s, PoP? 😉

    (not to get off topic but any word from anyone who went the Chez Billy tasting menu event… or maybe it’s yet to happen).

    Good to see another storefront opening on Upshur. Hopefully they’ll have bread, hot dogs, and drumsticks, per their sign.

    • That name is awful.

      Chez Billy event was good (they gave a shoutout to PoP). Food was tasty, the merguez dish was particularly good. I’ll be glad to have a nice sit-down restaurant a few blocks from my house. Unfortunately the January/February opening date is now Spring.

    • My wife and I went to the Chez (the z is silent) Billy tasting. PoP was there; maybe he could repost the menu.
      It was great. The courses were perfectly matched with wines and we left deliciously pleased and buzzed. We are looking forward to the spring opening.

  • I don’t get it — what is grammatically wrong with using ‘s here? If the establishment indeed belongs to one “Cuzzin,” then it’s correct.

    If it belongs to multiple “Cuzzins,” then GAME ON THIS IS WAR.

    • PoP is referring to the fact that people give him crap because he adds an ‘s to places that don’t normally have it in their name. Look up the recent thread about Chez Billy(‘s) for some context. 🙂

  • ugh. seriously. can we get a place whose sign (corndogs, drumsticks?!) doesn’t convey the worst of Ocean City, MD?
    First it was Seafood & things with a photo of a pizza. Now this. C’mon people, you can do better.

  • Chez billy preview was great. Food was awesome and wine pairings were perfect. While it will definitely raise the bar for restaurants on GA avenue, I am worried there still isn’t a critical mass of neighborhood folks who can/will support a french restaurant. I loved the beef cheeks and lamb sausage from the tasting but that may be a tough sell on a regular basis for a lot of people. I will be curious to see the entire menu.

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