The Pinch American Restaurant Coming to former El Salvadorena Space in Columbia Heights

Folks have been wondering for many months what would be coming to the former El Salvadorena space located at 3548 14th St, NW (14th and Parkwood Pl) in Columbia Heights. I’m psyched to finally get word of the new plans. According to a recent liquor license application The Pinch will be a:

“New restaurant serving contemporary American cuisine. Occasional live music or spoken word performance to be offered in basement area. Occupancy load is 99. Sidewalk Café 28.”

First floor pre-renovation

I also ran into the owner who let me take a couple shots of how the space looks now.

Lower level pre-renovation

If all goes they are shooting for a spring opening. Lots more info coming as construction progresses and they get closer to opening.

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  • Sounds great but I’m gonna miss the old place. We used to dance our asses off down there.

  • BEST NEWS EVER!!!!! This is totally going to transform that strip!

  • Thank god something other than a thinly veiled latin american brothel is going in that space. So excited for the transformation of that ugly building!

    • A brothel??? Let’s be real here. Just because many of the patrons happened to be scantily clad, doesn’t mean it’s fair for you to automatically categorize them as prostitute.

  • Wow. Deep penetration to the north.

  • “shooting for a spring opening” better than just shootings. That is where the double murder occurred over the summer. Don’t worry though, the opening of Juanitas across the street cancels out any progress made by subtracting this establishment.


  • I’m imagining how the sidewalk cafe will mix with the vagrants and shoppers at the PanAm grocery . . . .

  • PanAm needs to move to a location with parking. Some PoP readers might enjoy shopping there, but those of us that live next to it are universal in our dislike of the whole mess.

    Regarding Juanitas, a disco opening across the street, has the local ANC or Jim Graham heard any objections? I think a disco is the last thing this troubled corner needs.

    • …I’m pretty sure Pan-Am offers parking to it’s customers directly across the street in that lot next to Ayala & Assoc.

      • El Gringo,


        That lot is now occupied by the market stands that were evicted from Adams Morgan after years of pushing from the local community. The neighborhood was not consulted on their moving to this location.

        I watched this market being set up for 20 minutes last week and witnessed 3 cars, each with Maryland plates unloading food and the tents. This block really needs some attention from the local ANC.

  • Am I the only one that finds it funny that the name of the business replacing a Latino restaurant is called The Pinch[e] American Restaurant?

    Piiinche gringos!

  • Am I the only one that finds it funny that the name of the business replacing a Latino restaurant is called The Pinch[e] American Restaurant??

    Piiinche gringos!

  • All I could think of when I read the name of this place was that Honda commercial from a few years ago with the crab that said “Maybe little pinch?”

  • Great news for the block (I live on it), but will there be a big enough demographic in the vicinity to sustain that business? I’m all for places that will pretty-up the block, but I’m concerned it won’t get enough business. The restaurants (Thaitanic II and The Getaway) that are a few blocks south never seem to be overly crowded, so I’m wondering how this new American place will do.

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