Shooting around 1st and N St, NW Last Night

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“Dear PoPville,

I live on Morgan St in NW, and last night my roommates and I heard eight to ten gun shots in rapid succession. About 10-15 minutes later a chopper was overhead shining a spotlight in our yard and through the streets. Have you received any information on this shooting incident that occurred around 10:30 p.m. on 1st and N NW?”

@DCPoliceDept tweeted:

“5D Shooting / NY Ave & N St NW. No lookout given.”

And a PoPville follower tweeted:

“police cars on nj and police tape and cars blocking off n street between nj and at least 1st nw. Doesn’t look good.”

But I haven’t seen any other reports. Anyone else hear anything?

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  • My goodness, Truxton is getting as bad as Dupont nowadays. I really hope this neighborhood doesn’t get as bad as Palisades – I don’t feel safe even venturing near that ghetto.

  • that little exchange made me laugh. thanks!

  • from my nieghbor ….
    Around 10:30, I went out to walk the dog, and immediately heard about 12 shots, coming from the south. I turned the corner, and immediately upon approaching the 1st and N intersection, three or four cruisers converged. A woman in a silver sedan was also there — she asked me if I’d seen anything,which I had not, and reported having just seen two men firing on each other, before running up N St toward NJ Ave. She then reported this to the cops, I left, and the helicopters and sirens began.

    On another note our weekly neighborhood walk with the guardian angels is tonight at 8pm. We meet at the corner of 1st and O St NW.

    I haven’t seen anything on the 5D listserve yet.

  • was at home (right near 1st and new york) and heard the shots, as well as squealing tires which made me think it was a drive by. very rapid firing, the whole thing was over in 10 seconds.

    we have friends who live just a few blocks north that we used to walk to visit sometimes, and i always get the creeps from that stretch of first. there’s always a ton of people on the street, and usually someone arguing or fighting. it’s one of the only stretches of street where i’ve been harassed multiple times (hence ‘used to’ walk it – now we metro, bike or drive.)

  • Living off of 1st and N, I thought I heard something last night, but the rate at which the shots were fired definitely sounded more like someone shooting off a string of blackcats.

    • I live right at 1st and N where it happened… I thought it was fire works.. didn’t sound loud enough.. but was about 10 shots… they shut down 1st street and taped off the corner… about 15 cop cars.

  • Tonight on the way home saw an Asian guy filing a police report at the metro entrance. My guess is that he had just been sucker punched by a young punk thug. Nose bleeding, bruised face. I sometimes really hate DC and all of the stupid ass shit we have to put up with like drive bys, jawbreakers, break-ins, and commuters from Maryland.

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