Props to the Cops – Package Thieves Caught

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Around this time of year we unfortunately always hear about a rise in packages getting stolen around town. Happy to highlight this ‘props to the cops’ from the MPD-1D listserv, a member writes:

I understand that 1D officers arrested a man who was following UPS drivers and stealing packages from doorsteps across Capitol Hill. Is this right? Can you tell me any details? Several of my neighbors have had packages stolen.


Last week members of the First District Mountain Bike Tact Unit arrested a suspect for this type of theft. Interestingly, after you sent your inquiry, we just arrested another person for a similar offense with the past hour. Today’s arrest was a coordinated effort between plainclothes tactical officers and patrol officers. The First District Detectives Unit is investigating the connection of these individuals to other similar thefts.

Commander Daniel Hickson

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  • This is phenomenal news. I hope the alleged thief is convicted and thrown in prison for a long time, where he’ll surely be violated.

  • I’m still not having packages delivered to my house, but nice!

  • Does anyone know who is responsible if you have a package stolen from you before receipt? Can you argue that the shipper (vendor) is still in possession until you receive it physically? I live in a building where I am just counting down the days until something like this happens.

    • If you specify your address as the delivery point, and the package does not require a signature, and the package is delivered to the address, the shipping company has no more responsibility for it. No, you cannot argue the shipping company is still in possession. For more, see Uniform Commercial Code, article 2–Sale of Goods.

    • I don’t know for sure and it probably depends on the carrier and the type of delivery. But common sense would tell me that in general the shipper or vendor is *not* “still in possession until you receive it physically.” However, you can argue anything you want.

  • Yea, here’s a big “eff you” to people who do this. I had a UPS-handled package ‘delivered’ to my house last Friday. The tracking says the driver “Met Customer Lady” at around 645pm. None of my housemates were home.

    So far, nothing else has disappeared though; although, I did have an amazon box vanish off my stoop only to be returned the next day. Whoever took it was kind enough to open the box for me, but I guess they didn’t need the car air-filters that were inside.

  • Allison

    Speaking of which, is there any recourse for when a package has “signature required” written ALL OVER IT and the delivery person just throws it down on the doorstep without even knocking? Thankfully I can usually hear when packages are chucked at my door, and I opened my door to see an expensive shipment marked “signature required” just left there– and I was home! All I can think of is complaining to the post office, and we *all* know how that goes!

  • Allison

    Serious props to the cops on this one! So glad to hear they’ve got such well thought out plans to target holiday-specific crimes.

  • The first year that I lived on the hill during the holidays the FedEx/UPS delivery men would leave everyone’s package on our block with one older gentleman who lived across the street. I had never met him before, but on the first day that I went to retrieve some of my deliveries–no joke–fucking Santa Clause opened the door. The guy who safeguarded all the Christmas gifts for our whole 6th Street NE block was a jolly, rotund old man with a white beard and a red cap and sweatshirt. I half expected him to give me a candy cane and ask me what I wanted for Christmas as he dug my packages out from the pile by his front door.

    Now I live in MtP and risk every package delivery being stolen by the kids who hang out behind Bancroft after dark. Every December, I miss living across the street from Santa.

  • Great!! now maybe they can come up to U street/Shaw and catch the person stealing the USPS packages…

  • Argh, just had a UPS package stolen today from my porch in park view. I hope the criminal makes good use of a cat water fountain. Well at least this post is prompting me to report it to MPD.

    • Nice. That’s my neck of the woods — Otis Place. Let me know the officer’s name who you talked to, and I’ll also file a report for my missing package.

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