PoP Preview – Tortilla Coast Coming to 15th and P St, NW

I was able to get a preview of the new Tortilla Coast coming to 15th and P St, NW in Logan Circle. Hard to believe it used to be a paint store. Also note, when the warm weather comes back they’re going to have some sweet outdoor seating on the 15th Street side.

The hope to open to the public in the next couple of weeks and a press release gives more details:

Tortilla Coast will open a second location at 1460 P Street NW, near Logan Circle, in mid-December. While the new restaurant will offer the same fun atmosphere and focus on freshly made food that guests have come to expect at the original Capitol Hill location, the Logan Circle restaurant will feature authentic regional Mexican cuisine.

The menu at the Logan Circle location embraces the unique ingredients and culinary styles of the Yucatan, Puebla, Veracruz, and Baja regions. Offering lunch, dinner and weekend brunch dishes, the menu is highlighted by fresh, house-made tortillas, salsas, guacamole and sauces. Signature dishes include Lomito con Mole Negro Oaxaqueño, an adobo marinated grilled pork tenderloin, Tilapia a la Veracruzana, pan seared tilapia in a rustic lemon caper sauce, and Mama’s Enchiladas, stuffed with pulled chicken Mexicana in a ranchera and tomatillo salsa. Traditional favorites like ceviches, tacos, and fajitas will also be offered.

Building on Tortilla Coast’s tradition of great drinks, the Logan Circle location will serve up an eclectic selection of handcrafted cocktails, and a superb mix of Mexican beers and Spanish and South American wines. Margaritas made to order with fresh juices and organic nectars pair with any one of Tortilla Coast’s 99 tequilas and mezcals. Standouts include prickly pear, available on the rocks or frozen, blood orange or white peach. “Micheladas,” refreshing traditional Mexican beer cocktails, are served two ways: “Chelita,” with Modelo Especial, fresh lime and a salted rim, or “La Sangrita,” with Negro Modelo, house-made sangrita and a salted rim.

The restaurant boasts 152 seats (including 45 in the bar area) and, come spring, will feature a 48 seat patio on 15th Street NW. The décor is vibrant and fun, anchored by a 30 foot mural of Mexican street art collected by local designer Walter Gagliano.

Tortilla Coast Logan Circle will be open for dining Monday-Thursday 11:30am–11 pm, Friday 11:30am–midnight, Saturday 10am- midnight and Sunday 10am-10pm. Brunch on Saturday and Sunday will be served from 10am – 3pm.

More photos after the jump.

I thought the collage of Mexican street art was particularly cool:

Though I think I most excited about this:

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  • How is the food at their original location? This new place looks gorgeous, but honestly I’ve pretty much given up on eating Mexican food around here, because almost all of it I’ve tried is terrible. And I’m not even what you’d call a food snob.

    • Try El Centro on 14th. It’s the only Mexican in DC I can recommend. I haven’t been to the original Tortilla Coast but I remember it being good “bad Mexican.”

    • The food at the original location is pretty standard “Americanized” Mexican food (quesadillas, burritos, fajitas, lots of frozen margaritas). I’d agree with freitag that it’s good “bad Mexican.” This new menu for the Logan Circle location looks promising though.

    • I’m a Texan and I love it. I eat at the Capitol Hill location probably once a month. Their red, white, and blue margaritas are great and the inside/out burrito is my staple there.

    • As someone who worked on Capitol Hill for five years…and went to law school in Arizona and New Mexico…the food is typical east coast Mexican.

      And a tradition of great drinks? Cheap Budweiser Happy Hours do not a great drinks tradition make.

  • I like Cafe Salsa before it shuddered, but I think I was the only one because, well, it shuddered. Hopefully this place is good. It kind of looks like a fancy Mexican IHOP.

  • Does this look like some crappy liberal arts school’s idea of a cafeteria makeover to anyone else?

    • I don’t know what that means, but yes, it is hideous. Looks just like a cheap chain restaurant.

      • I’m pretty disappointed in these pictures, and I think Hohmann hit the nail right on the head.

        The food at the original tortilla coast was not that good, although the chips and salsa were pretty legit. What made it a fun place to go to for HH was the ambience, and this place doesn’t have it.

        • To be more specific: the original location had a good dive feel (in a contrived Mexican restaurant sort of way). This looks like they were going for something more upscale, but used cheap materials.

    • Ha, well put. The best thing about the food at the hill location of TC is the chips, that’s it. Can’t say i’m too excited about this when el centro is just north, and taqueria DF up further north.

  • Too bright

  • This looks too fancy for all the interns to eat at. They’ll just have to stay at the Cap South location.

  • So basically they took the only things people enjoyed at Tortilla Coast (the dive bar ambiance, and cheap “Americanized Mexican food”) and threw that all away to try and be fancy to fit into Logan Circle?

  • Wow. The interior is a far cry from that of its Capitol Hill predecessor! I go there quite a bit when meeting the lady for lunch on the hill. I like the term “good ‘bad mexican,'” and it’s pretty fitting.

  • Earlier this year, The Deluxe Group – which owned Tortilla Coast and Cafe Deluxe, was bought by Clover Investment Group. They are planning on opening several restaurants over the next few years. Seems this is the “new” direction they will be taking the restaurants.

    • Hopefully that results in an improvement in the food, because I tried Cafe Deluxe several times, and it typically ranged from mediocre to terrible.

  • This looks really sleek…for a nursing home cafeteria

  • Awesome. Looking forward to this purely based on the location. There will be some great vibrancy when the outdoor seating is in full swing.

  • I think the place looks great and pretty unique for the ‘ hood’ , much nicer than the Hill location. I’m really pleased at what looks like a large investment.
    Mexican food is ‘not so good’ in most places in the US. Just luck of the draw I think and typically mom and pop non-urban locals, ie Norteños who appreciate the ‘sabor.’ I’m so waiting for local CalMex favorite Taqueria Poblano to open on 14th, say a block from Garcia’s of Burque fame DC outpost órale vato:)

  • Benigans c. 1980 called. They want their restaurant back.

  • It looks like someone threw up a color wheel in there. Looks awful.

  • It looks like two different restaurants…I prefer the side with exposed brick and neutral colors.

  • Es serio? No!~ Es no posible!

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