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  • Seems steep for a basement, unless utilities are included. Also, where’s the picture of the bedroom?

  • This seems reasonable if it’s a one bedroom. If it’s a studio, then I certainly hope it includes utilities!

  • I looked at this house before we bought our current home. It’s a nice rental unit, granite counters, the bedroom is a little on the small side, and no parking. $1300 may a be a little high for this side of Georgia Ave.

  • I looked at buying this house before it got flipped. House is deep but there is no backyard to enjoy, just an alley…

  • Hate to poo poo a $1300 basement in my own neighborhood, but it seems a little steep. For 300-400 more the renter could find an above ground 1 BR in a livelier neighborhood. Parking is not really an issue in that area. Close to Metro & buses, Looking Glass, Domku, bike to Co Hi and downtown. But best of luck to the owner, would love to rehab our basement and get that much for it.

    • brookland_rez

      No kidding. $1300 is almost what I pay for a mortgage on a whole house! Maybe I should finish off my basement….

    • Obviously many of you have not recently been on the hunt for a 1 bedroom. $1300 is about the going price for 1 basement apartment these days (that is not a dump). I’d like to know where the above ground 1 bedrooms are in a “livelier” neighborhood for a similar price. You cannot find something above ground for this much unless you want to live an apartment building that is plagued with problems like roaches, pests, etc. I looked for months for a 1 bedroom place and ended up settling on a simliar apartment in Petworth for the same price. Unfortunately some of us can’t afford to buy a home in DC even though we pay as much as some mortgages might be.

    • But if you’re shopping for a 1BR basement apartment, another $300 in rent might be the difference in being able to pay all your bills.

  • Where do you guys live? 1300 is a pretty good price. I looked everywhere before I found a nice basement for 1500 in petworth. You can find a dump for 1000 if you want it.

  • I’m always surprised when landlords leave out vital information, such as what the rent includes/does not include.

  • Sorry to hijack this, but any of you have rental property that went through a proactive inspection? what sort of things did they want you to fix, if any?

  • That’s a rough neighborhood. I wouldn’t want to live there unless you don’t mind having your picture taken by roving bloggers 😉

    • I hope this is a joke about being a rough neighborhood. I live on the block and it’s a great block. Good folks and close enough to the metro.

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