Dear PoPville – Train Surfing!?!?!

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Dear PoPville,

Just had a very disturbing experience & hope it’s a rarity. Was at the Petworth metro heading towards the escalator when I heard screaming. I turned around & saw someone on the outside of the metro who appeared to have his foot stuck in the door. The train began to move & I & the few people on the platform began to frantically search for the call box. As the train gained speed the kid jumped off & his friends started laughing. I found the station attendant & told her what happened. She immediately replied that it was ‘train surfing’. I pointed out the kid, he just walked out of the metro without being stopped. The metro employee was genuinely concerned when i told her but didn’t stop them. I wanted to say something to him but decided any teen insane enough to train surf wasn’t going to listen to me. My heart finally stopped racing & I walked home.

I hope this is an isolated incident!

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  • How did the train start moving in the doors werent closed?

  • What? WMATA employees not caring or doing their jobs? That sh!t is cray!

    • Selective reading comprehension and gratuitous allegation of Metro negligence and incompetence? I think you’re on the wrong blog.

    • A regular WMATA employee has no more power to arrest or detain someone than you do. In fact it wasn’t part of her job. Also, I wonder how many people on this blog would confront a group of teens, particularly when the only one who is going to get hurt is the dumbass ‘surfing.’

  • Males do these things to thin the herd. Next time, leave it be.

  • Why would you possibly be concerned? If one of these knucklehead teenagers gets seriously hurt or killed it’ll probably stop the practice really quick.

    • yeah, but imagine the delay it would cause

      • The delay? How about the human being that would be injured, despite the silliness of the act? I hope you wouldn’t look at a teenager bleeding on the ground and say “Drat! Now I’ll be 20 minutes late getting back to the condo”. WTF?

        • hey look, gullible is written on the ceiling

        • it’s not silly, it’s downright dangerous. Severe injury or death could result from this and it sounds like none of the teens are taking that part seriously.

          • Let’s all look back to our teenage years and think about how “seriously” we took the stupid things we did. Or the fact that dangerous situations wouldn’t affect each of us, since we didn’t have much of a concept of mortality.

    • Really? Yes, the penalty for doing something stupid as a teenager should be permanent injury and/or death. Maybe the police will let you ride along when they tell the kids Mom her son is dead. Then you can lecture her on how to be a good parent and scold her for causing you to arrive home late and miss Modern Family.

    • ah

      Indeed, gang participation, crack use, and unprotected sex plummeted quickly after the first few deaths

  • The other day, I saw a couple of teens and a woman in her 20s walk into the U Street metro together laughing. The woman distracted the station manager while the teens (3) entered through the emergency exit gate without paying.

  • I agree with others – thinning the herd. Oh, and probably decreasing the number of delinquent, juvenile criminals.

    • Let’s be honest. You really mean black teenagers, which you assume they were, which you also assume makes them by nature delinquent, juvenile criminals.

    • Awesome, I didn’t know Rush Limbaugh posted on here! Thinning the herd, oh how clever you are! I also hope teenagers get ripped to shreds by a train and die because they engage in youthful misbehavior.

      • I didn’t know Rush posted here either, but I’ll keep an eye out for him. That said, yes, I think it is fine for us to allow morons to excuse themselves from the world of the living by engaging in high risk behavior that the more evolutionarily advanced members of the species naturally choose to avoid.

        • Here’s to hoping that anyone who engages in unecessary high risk behavior such as sky diving, marathon running, rock climbing and motorcycle riding meets their end (hopefully sooner rather than later; Metro is reallyyyyy crowded right now)!

          • Quit the sarcasm. That’s a false equivalency. Heart pumping =/= risky. Skydiving and the other activities you mentioned aren’t inherently “risky” — in fact it’s their overwhelming safety in spite of their (false) riskiness that makes them popular. They are sold as being risky without actually being so. That’s the thrill.

            Train surfing, on the other hand *is* a risky activity. Just like needlesharing, eating wild mushrooms you don’t recognize, and drunk driving. There’s a big difference what you cited and the activity discussed in this post, and you’re choosing not to acknowledge it.

  • I’m sure that no one among the “thinning the heard” crowd here ever did anything stupid as a teenager. Kids do stupid things, and the adult in the room (the station manager) has a responsibility to do something about it.

  • This is what i would call a “self-correcting” problem

  • Hooligans messing around on the Metro?!? Say it ain’t so!!!!!

  • This reminds me of an incident from 10 years ago. A teenager dropped his hat on the tracks. Then pondered jumping down onto the tracks to get it.

    I told him to stop and that I would pay for it. He jumped down anyway, retrieved his hat and climbed back onto the platform. The train came a few minutes later.

  • Been going on for a long time, watched a couple teens do it at the Friendship Heights metro back in 2001 or 2002.

  • Looks like a raging case of Darwinism in action.

  • Its called growing up. Teenagers do stupid stuff. I did this when I was a teen many many years ago. Try to relax. I know its hard. Just try.

    • i can haz valiumz now?

    • It’s inaccurate to say that all teenagers do stupid things… implying that risking one’s life is typical teen behavior. That’s the same logic that carries into the idea that crime by teens is simply an act of youthful indiscretion.

      If the idiot kid survives, he should have the crap beaten out of him by the station manager, his community and his relatives.

      • And the next time some idiot cyclist does somethign stupid I expect the idiot to be beaten by the cops, the driver/pedestrian closest to their act of idiocy, the entire membership of WABA and you personally.

        It’s not like we need more idiot cyclists in this town. Could stand to thin that herd as well. In favor?!?

      • Or on a more positive note, he will probably end up as a base-jumper, extreme snowboarder, etc. Being a risk taker is not necessarily a negative thing, but it does tend to make you dead more often than other less death defying activities.

      • actually, it is 100% teenage behavior to risk your life. the front part of your brain, the prefrontal cortex, isn’t fully developed until you are in your twenties and it’s the part that assesses risk, if I remember correctly.

        I know I did a lot of stupid death-defying things when I was a teen and I’m a pretty smart successful person if I do say so myself!

  • It’s the station manager’s fault for not following the kid around since he was a toddler to make sure he didn’t start doing stupid things as a teenager!

  • That kid is going to get 2 million views of his viral video some day and all we can do is write passive aggressive emails. He’s the future.

  • I didnt do stupid stuff like this as a teenager, but I did go 115 on the beltway once in the middle of the night.

    • Our stupid-teen right of passage was driving the wrong way around Checy Chase Circle as many times as you dared. It was late at night so less traffic, but that was probably counter-balanced by the amount of beer in our systems. I did it twice, three circuits. Ah the good old days before the subway was built!

  • Monster Energy Drink’s new Train Surfing X-Treme Chill Zero is surprisingly refreshing.

  • I don’t think it’s unreasonable or morally wrong to prefer that a teenager intent on firting with harm (and many seem to be — unlike many others) does so in a way that limits the harm to himself.

    Yes, avoiding that behavior is ideal and the goal. However, I feel much more sympathy towards a victim that had no choice in the matter rather than someone (victim of his own negligence or not) who chose to behave so thoughtlessly.

  • Teens used to do this all the time up in Boston where I grew up, UNTIL, one kid fell off and died. Not so popular after that. The other fun thing kids did was to try to run into the open tunnel and make it to Kenmore Square before being caught. Nearly always succeeded. Sneaking into Boston Garden for rock concerts too through climbing up onto the roof. Ah yes, the glories of being a male teenager and the havoc you can cause…

    • This reminds me of the “ole time train dodge” scene in Stand By Me.

      Yes, the stupid stupid things kids do, when they think they’ll live forever.

  • Thinning the herd.

  • Judgments aside, wouldn’t you get knocked off the train once it enters the tunnel? It doesn’t look like there’s that much clearance.

  • If you don’t think this is at least a little bit awesome, you’re just old.

  • In India, it’s just an ordinary commute. But not safe there, either:

  • Self-correcting problem. Next.

  • pennyworth

    this isn’t uncommon – young people do crazy things

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