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  • Good morning and seasons’ greetings.

    Many years ago we had three supermarkets on Columbia Road:

    The Safeway where it remains to this day with underground parking,

    a Giant right next door to the Safeway,

    and a Grand Union Supermarket at this Melwood site at Biltmore Street and Columbia Road. There was a pharmacy there before the Blockbuster video.

    On the same block, there where the Starbucks is at 18th and Columbia Road was a Dart Drug chain store and pharmacy, the very first Dart Drug pharmacy started by pharmacists Sydney Simkowitz and Herbert Haft.

    There are apartments directly above this retail space, so without ventilation, no restaurant, but yeah, a clothier like Jos A Bank would be cool.

    Across the street and below Perry’s, Mintwood Place which covered in another post here opens up next week is looking very special and substantial. Good to see many of these wider spaces long unoccupied being filled up and well done.

    With a completed 18th Street Streetscape next year and the Washington Edition Hotel the year after, things may be looking up for 18th and Columbia Road or what we call today Adams Morgan !

  • Emmaleigh504

    Anything but another bank!

    I would like a Trader Joe’s, but think it might be too noisy (deliveries & extra garbage pickup) for the neighbors (me).

    Maybe a shoe store or clothing store…Just not another bank!

  • Given the wealth of that area and how well established it is, I don’t understand why it has struggled to attract better retail and more upscale restaurants. I get why it’s a slog in Shaw, but why there?

    • I don’t think Adams Morgan’s reputation as a weekend party destination helps. Of course, during the day, nicer restaurants and, presumably, more upscale retail probably would do well. The battle between bar owners (who run the neighborhood through many of the business groups) and retail owners shows that, at this time, the deck is stacked against the retailers. Maybe that’s why do many of the new stores are low-grade chains like Game Stop and cell-phone providers.

  • One of the problems is greedy landlords. Spaces like the Blockbuster go for tens of thousands of dollars per month (I think the lease for the Blockbuster space was somewhere around $20K).

  • I would take a 7-11 with a Citibank ATM.

  • There are actually two 7-11 stores in Adams Morgan…

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