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  • Oof. Honestly? I was really excited to ‘Dragon Tattoo’, especially having seen other shows in the past there – it’s a gorgeous, mostly-well-kept classic space. But the acoustics were pretty off for the movie, and it changed the dynamic. Anyone else feel similarly? I thought the theatre a movie-house when it first opened?

    • I saw it there last night and I also thought the acoustics weren’t the best. The auditorium has a major echo. This, combined with some of the characters’ accents, made parts of the dialogue difficult to understand. The seating isn’t especially comfortable, either.

      Still, the interior is beautiful and it was a treat to see a movie there. I just wish the sound was optimized for the space.

    • The Lincoln opened in 1922 as a primarily live vaudeville stage, but also as a silent movie theater. The acoustics/soundproofing were never upgraded for talkies.

  • It sounds like the most recent renovation of this theater didn’t really take into consideration the possibility that it would be showing movies. I’m guessing they are using some sort of temporary setup.

  • 100% agree with the sound problem. I was straining to understand what they were saying for the first 10 minutes that I fell asleep (the 4:00 show). Maybe subtitled movies would work better?

    • I agree; the sound system needs an upgrade. Even if this is temporary, they need to make some adjustments prior to the next showing. Also, fresh popcorn would be a nice addition, as they only provided canned sodas, wine, and bagged popcorn and some candy.

  • Agree with other posters, but overall, I thought the sound issue was pretty minor, I only noticed it once or twice (and the movie itself uses a lot of background music for mood). They were selling cocktails in the lobby as well, which was a nice touch. If the question is would go again? In a heartbeat.

  • Good, not great. The theater won’t work with any movie that has significant bass, it just muffles every other sound. It took me 15 minutes to adjust to the dialogue, but it got better as the movie went along. It may be a mix problem with the sound setup.

    But the interior of the Lincoln looked great and it’s decor provided a nice backdrop to a movie that already had a particular mood. That part was fun.

    Oh and the concession stand consists of bagged chips, bagged popcorn, and a few candy bars. But the drinks were strong!

  • Minor issues didn’t detract at all from my experience – I think the sound balance needs adjusting. Seeing a movie in a gorgeous theater and then walking a few blocks home! More, please. If you want to have stadium seating and Dolby sound, you can always get on the Metro.

  • Theater is beautiful — sounds was horrible. Couldn’t understand about half of what was said during the movie. 🙁 Sad because a fun place to go see a movie — maybe they’ll fix the sound?

  • Sound definitely was a problem. Especially with all the accents. But GREAT space, nice touch with the bar, and really cool to get a drink at Ulah afterwards, then walk 2 blocks home.

  • Sound was not good, but better than I expected. At one point, the theater got quite cold. Other than that, the theater is beautiful and it was a great experience. We topped it with a late lunch at Uleh and it occured to me that other U Street businesses should join the effort to preserve the theater.

  • Great space, but I agree with the others that sound was an issue. I imagine this is the result of the echo as well as a poor sound system. If an outside company thought they could use the space as a part-time movie house there are many things that can be done to fix the sound issues, including the echo, without drastically altering the interior space. I hope they show more movies there in the future alongside other programming.

  • “Reel Affirmations”, the gay film fest used this space for its screenings for many years. It stopped only because the organization had become over extended. i don’t recall major problems with the acoustics.

    • The collapse of Reel Affirmations had myriad causes, but I am pretty sure one of them was the Lincoln raising rental rates for the theatre to levels that were not affordable for a specialized non-profit like an LGBT film festival.

      That said, I went to several screenings at the Lincoln in the old Real Affirmations days and remember the sound quality being poor. My impression is that without a sound system upgrade the place will not work as a first-run movie theatre.

  • have to say, the minor issues weren’t off-putting. it made for an awesome date night and i would definitely go back. yes, the acoustics weren’t great and the seat was firm, but the staff friendliness and the ambiance of one of u street’s greatest treasures more than made up for it!

  • I agree with the above comments. The sound wasn’t great and I wish I had worn a heavier sweater because it was pretty cold. But I’d go back and see another movie there. It’s beautiful and convenient.

  • I grew up in Columbia Heights in the 1960’s. We used to go the Lincoln and stay all day watching movies, old double-features and all. I’m really angry at how it’s been allowed to sit dark for all these many years. There have got to be so many groups that could use that space on any given night. Glad to see “Dragon Tattoo” being shown at the Lincoln. I hope they continue to show first run flicks there and get that sound system updated.

  • The space is beautiful. Big screen, plenty of leg room. Some issue with the sound but no huge distraction. More movies here.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Just got a press release run has been extended to Jan. 26th

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