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  • Don’t have the link available but I know they are working on this in the context of extending the bike lane to connect to the Calvert bike lane.

  • omg do NOT encourage them to get riled about something else

  • Actaully, I think what is more wrong about this picture is that while there were already bike racks 15 feet away from their front door (see pic above), that wasn’t good enough for WABA, and they had to get the city to give them their own public space on the public street for bike racks in front of their door.

    I guess that means that regardless of having a street parking spot in front of the next door neighbors house 20′ away, I can get the city to set aside a spot for me directly in front of my house then?

    • OMG they gave them an entire parking spot? And all they’re doing with it is parking the commuting vehicles for probably half a dozen employees? God what a tragedy!!

    • Was it originally a parking spot? You can’t really tell from the photo,but it’s pretty close to the corner(it touches the crosswalk). Having bikes there prolly makes it much safer as they don’t block the view like a truck or SUV would.

      • It was never a parking spot. The bike racks occupy a space that was previously just a dead space between the parking strip and the crosswalk.

  • Basically, the Dept. of Transportation says they can’t put in bike lanes unless the street is at least a certain width. I think that sucks, but it probably makes sense…

  • I’m glad they put in another bike rack. More bike spots to park one’s bike the better. The new rack did not take away any parking since that spot was already designated a “no parking zone” prior to the bike rack installation.

    • Un huh…whatever justification you need man for giving over taxpayer property for the private and uncompensated use of someone else. If AAA got the city to mark out a car parking space directly in front of their front door only for them regardless of having tons of space literally within a few feet, all you bike folks would have a stroke.

      There is obviously a surplus of bike parking there, the other racks are completely empty.

      • Adding to that, even if it WAS a parking spot previously, it shouldn’t have been, because a car parked there would limit visibility of vehicles pulling out onto the cross street. On the other hand, one can see through and above these bicycles, making the streets safer for everyone! Yet another anti-bike zealot fails to see the big picture.

        • Bike Zealot Fail! Epic Fail!

        • “Adding to that, even if it WAS a parking spot previously, it shouldn’t have been, because a car parked there would limit visibility of vehicles pulling out onto the cross street.”

          Not sure exactly what scenario you were envisioning, but that intersection has a stoplight and a “No Right Turn on Red” sign, so there shouldn’t be a visibility issue.

          For what it’s worth, I see bicyclists running the red light at this intersection (usually going west or east on Columbia) ALL THE TIME.

          I don’t mind as much when they stop (or at least slow down) and look for oncoming traffic, but when they don’t, it’s really alarming.

      • You do realize that cyclists also pay taxes?

        Those bike spots are not designated parking for WABA only. The analogous situation would be if the city designated the side of the roadway in front of AAA for car parking only. Which they DO!

        All parking spaces are “giving over taxpayer property” for the private use of…the public.

        • andy

          True. I’m sure the bike thieves also use that bike rack as a moneymaking venture.

        • Listen, all merriment aside, WABA asked and got those dedicated street spots specifically for them. They are directly in front of their door. If these were intended for the public at large and not mostly for WABA, they would have put the bike racks at the other end of that same block, where there currently are none. Considering there were existing unused bike racks 15 feet away, they were clearly for WABA.

          Everyone pays taxes, no one is talking about who pays taxes or not. What we are talking about is giving free street space to an organization (ala Zipcar from 2002-2010) for free.

          And no, all parking spaces aren’t giving over for use by the public. Users either pay for those spots via meters, or via yearly zone registration stickers.

          I don’t see any bike parking meter there and unless something has changed recently, bikes don’t pay for zone stickers like DC cars do. Hence, the “giving over taxpayer property for the private and uncompensated use of someone else”.

          Get it now?

          • Good points in the above (though was the “Get it now?” really necessary?).

            Adding bike racks is a good thing, but couldn’t these have been put on the sidewalk?

          • It was never a parking spot. The racks occupy what was dead space between the parking spaces and the crosswalk.

  • WABA are a bunch of self-centered and selfish people. If they dont get their way they throw whine, a LOT. The thing is, they’re even right a lot of the time (and sometimes very wrong!) – but they’re so damned annoying it makes me not care.

  • I don’t understand why there’s so much hate for cyclists on this blog. We are all just trying to get from A to B, whether it be on foot, on two wheels or on four. All this hostility from both sides…

  • PDleftMtP

    Honestly, I’m with Anon X. Cyclists didn’t used to annoy me until I saw the constant knee-jerk justification of all cyclist behavior by…I was going to say the cyclist lobby, but that’s unfair. Call them a dedicated core of blog trolls. DC drivers are pretty bad, and I get annoyed with them too. There are also a lot of people who bike like idiots here. I don’t see anyone arguing that drivers are always right, but I see plenty of people arguing that cyclists are always right, and if they’re wrong in any individual instance it doesn’t matter because in the big picture cars are wrong and we should only focus on them.

    I’ve had to stand on my brakes to avoid hitting three cyclists this week alone: one who blew through the bike trail stop sign (it’s there FOR the bikes) and shot out in front of me at the Pennsylvania exit from RCP as I was getting off at 35 mph, one who tried to pass me on the right at an intersection as I was signaling a right turn from the curb lane, and one who swerved directly in front of me without warning from an inside lane on Washington Circle to turn right on 23d. There will now be a half-dozen comments telling me it’s my fault, it’s perfectly safe for cyclists to ignore traffic laws because they’re in total control, and I shouldn’t be driving a 2000-pound death machine anyway. Yeah, that’s a little offputting.

    I understand cyclists who get frustrated with drivers who treat them like they have no rights. I bike too. But the notion that only cars have any responsibility is silly. Share the road responsibly, everybody. Cyclists, that means you too – you don’t get a pass. Peace out.

  • Bikes are supposed to be operated in the street, so shouldn’t all bike racks be placed, I don’t know … in the street? Pedestrians are the least of a burden on the city infrastructure than anyone, so it hardly seems right that public sidewalks should be sacrificed for bikes to be parked on.
    But where is the all-powerful pedestrian lobby…

    • Actually,in most of DC it’s legal to ride on the sidewalk,so your argument falls apart on that point. And in the case of car spots being turned into bike spots,there’s always vitriol from drivers. So we can’t park on the sidewalk or the street. Where do you suggest we park?

  • Which comments in this post suggest that we should forgive lawbreaking cyclists or that it’s ok for cyclists to ignore the law? I am the commenter above defending the bike racks, and the reason I did so was because someone was suggesting that turning a single parking space into bike parking amounted to an unfair subsidy of cycling at the expense of drivers. (or rather, taxpayers, but he/she seems to equate the two).

    I hate cyclists who run red lights. I hate drivers who fail to use turn signals. In my mind, there is a small minority of pedestrians, cyclists, drivers who always obey the letter of the law, a small minority who just don’t give a damn, and a large majority who will break the law exactly as much as they think they can get away with.

  • PDleftMtP

    Anon 12:50, that was a response to “why there’s so much hate for cyclists on this blog,” not your comment. I agree with you, but if you search for the prior flame wars tagged “bike” you’ll see some of the buttons being pushed.

    For what it’s worth, the rack does look too close to the corner to be a legit parking spot anyway (and I agree with the obstructed view point).

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