Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Shaw

This rental is located at 7th and U St, NW (presumably 7th and Florida Ave):

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The Craigslist ad says:

“This is a very rare one. Great family house located in the heart of the city at the newly renovated Howard Theater area. The house is less than 100 yards from the Shaw/Howard metro and steps away from all of U street city life and shops. House has three nice size bedrooms, one very large. There are 2 full bathrooms in the house. It has a real wood fireplace, huge living room and kitchen area. There is also private parking for 2 cars! House comes with modern stainless steel appliances throughout. Looking for a year lease. You pay electric. Cable/ Internet is split with tenants in lower apartment, so would be split 5 ways. Rent covers gas and water. This is a really a nice/safe spot to live. A very cool house in an awesome up and coming part of town, and I’m not just saying that.”

This 3 bed is going for $3500.

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  • not a corner i would want to live on. loud as hell at all hours, lots of traffic, both cars and on foot for the bus stop right there.

    • ledroittiger

      Agreed. I live on 6th and Florida and the sound from sirens is deafening at all hours. Add to that the huge speakers blaring Go-Go at the cell phone shop on the SW corner of that intersection and you are going to tear your own ear drums out just to make it all stop.

  • from the description/pictures I’m not sure exactly what street it’s on…I’m guessing it’s somewhere in a 1-2 block radius of 7th & Florida, and that is a huge variable! it is a very central location for sure.

  • Very very solid deal. Almost doesn’t matter what exact street in that radius is on; it’ll go in a day or two — especially if all three of the bedrooms are realistically big enough for a 3 roommate share.

  • Too high. Or I’m not asking enough for my properties…

  • I love that area mainly for what it’s going to be when the Howard and Progression Place are finished. For my personal tastes, it’s too close to the action and a good example of why being in spitting distance to a metro is not necessarily a good thing. I prefer a 10 minute walk that serves as a nice buffer zone between my living quarters and traffic and nightlife. However, I’m sure this will go at lightening speed cause a lot of people don’t mind city noises that drive others bonkers.

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