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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

After the jump a couple more Have You Seen My Stolen Bike? submissions.

If you think you may have seen the bike please share your tip in the comments. Ed. Note: I’ll be creating a separate section for these posts soon.

“2 bikes were stolen off of upstairs balcony at Todd PL NE and Lincoln NE. Sad part is there were two people (working on our house) who watched and of course did nothing as 2 guys scaled the back of the house and took both bikes. At least they were able to give a description in the police report.
Fuji Newest 1.0
Fuji Absolute 3.0”

“Someone stole my friend’s bike from a rack near Dupont Circle, early Friday evening, cutting a U-lock to do so. It’s a distinctive bike, one that I could spot a block away, and I’m hoping that someone here might see it. Trek Pilot 1.0, blue-and-white frame, yellow bar tape. When taken, it had a black rear rack.

Phone: (202) 670-0516 / Email: [email protected]

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  • Rave: This. Such a great idea!

    Rant: Getting some fillings today. I’ve never had a cavity before but somehow I got three in the past year. Is this going to hurt?

    • me

      Not if novocaine works on you. I, unfortunately, need about 5-6 shots of novocaine before I will let the dentist start, and then I can still feel it, just not as bad. Just make sure to load up on anti-inflammatories (like Advil) BEFORE you go.

      • No problem there– my arthritis has been really bad today so I’ve already started popping the Advil.

        Based on the past experience of having baby teeth pulled for orthodontics I think novocaine works for me (but of course that was a long time ago).

    • probably not, especially if they are small and in the front teeth. if you are getting 3 at once, they must be pretty small. just make sure they give you lots of lidocaine, or whatever anesthetic they use these days. when i’m at the dentist, if i feel anything i just start to cry – that usually gets their attention. 🙂

      • No, they’re towards the back. 🙁 I should be ok to drive and do things after that, right? Cause I need to run to class afterward.

        • me

          You’ll be totally fine to drive if you’re only getting the local (which is usually novocaine- they use lidocaine in the jaw for root canals, of which I’ve recently had 2). You’ll just look silly when you try to smile. 🙂

        • And bake 2 pumpkin pies after that (busy day).

    • In my experience it only hurts if you have a bad dentist.

    • no this doesn’t hurt at all… keep your dental visits regular so that you don’t get any more cavities

  • Rave: Today is my Friday and I just got a promotion!

  • Rant: I need an intern.
    Mega super ultra rave: 5 day weekend!

  • em

    Rave: Last day of work before taking off for Thanksgiving with the family.

    Rant: The I-95 corridor from DC south, which means we’re leaving at 6 am tomorrow.

    Rave: Chard and sweet potato gratin, our contribution to the feast (http://smittenkitchen.com/2009/11/swiss-chard-and-sweet-potato-gratin/).

  • me

    Rant: Surgery tomorrow. Shouldn’t be a HUGE deal, but will still be a pain in the ass, especially because we have to drive to the in-laws’ house a few hours away on Thursday morning.

    Rave: Kitty cuddles throughout the night.

    • Will be sending you lots of positive vibes tomorrow! I had that kind of surgery a couple of weeks ago – not a huge deal, but still a PITA. At least you can look forward to a day of someone else doing the cooking!

  • Rant: I will miss being away from my family this Thanksgiving. First Thanksgiving away from home…I guess it’s time to be a big kid!

    Rave/Rant: Texas A&M vs. texas university on Thanksgiving for possibly the last time ever. Hopefully the Aggies come out with a win in the 118th match-up against the horns!

  • Rave: Today is my Friday and I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving and seeing my family.

    Rant: I’m taking Amtrak to Jersey after work and I know it’s going to be an absolute crowded mess.

    Rave: Amtrak still beats out taking the bus/ driving.

    • Driving’s not bad if you go along the Eastern Shore. Getting out of the city and onto 50 can be a bitch but after that it’s smooth sailing and pretty scenery.

      • I have to second the 50 to 301 recommendation. The tolls are lower and the worst traffic near the Bay Bridge and Kent Narrows generally beats average traffic on 95 near Baltimore and the Susquehanna Crossing.

        • I would go so far as to say that that route is almost pleasant, even. Rt. 301 reminds me of where I grew up in NJ–and I’m another RU alum, BTW.

          • SouthwestDC

            Agree on all accounts (and I’m another RU alum)! Even if there’s no traffic on 95, the 301 route only adds another half hour onto the trip, and you save a lot of money by avoiding the tolls. I’m doing the drive tomorrow afternoon myself.

          • me

            Big East, represent!

          • Some of us barely even know what Big East means. 🙂 I was at RU way back when the football team was really, really, really bad. Really bad. When they were spending millions on the football stadium (and were playing at the Meadowlands, I think–did that actually happen or was I just really very drunk the one time I went to homecoming?) and no one could figure out why because the team was just to terribly, unbelievably bad. Did I mention they were bad?

          • The route can be pleasant. I told one of my uncles about the route. He loved how calm and peaceful it was. He even made my cousins (Philadelphia residents) get out of the car to look at the stars. The liquor store in Middletown, DE also makes for a nice trip.

            RU football was really bad when I was there (’00-’05). I’ve never been drunk at the Meadowlands but I’ve been drunk at homecoming. They wouldn’t let me get my buy one get one free ticket, so I helped a friend climb the fence and managed to get a student ticket for myself.

  • Rave: Today is my Friday, and my family comes into town tomorrow afternoon!

    Rave: Getting a new coffee table ottoman tomorrow!

    Rant: Being too pregnant to get all the work that needs to be done in order to host Thanksgiving. Tried cleaning yesterday, and ended up confined to the couch while my partner cleaned.

    Rave: Partner that is willing to do backbreaking work so that I can have a good Thanksgiving.

  • Rave: Just picked up my bone-in rib roast for Thanksgiving. That’s right, I have prime rib on Thanksgiving. I can’t stand the traditional foods for the most part.

    Rant: It cost me a pretty penny.

    Rave: Got the last horseradish root in the store to make my horseradish sauce for the meat.

    • Nevermind the holiday. I love prime rib!!

    • One year we had lobster for Thanksgiving – that was a treat.

    • mmmmm horseradish is my favorite! My mother makes this great sauce with horseradish and pineapple/apricot jelly. Oh so so so good. Yes, I know it sounds weird.

      • That sounds pretty tasty actually. I may try that sometime.

        • 1 (10 oz ) jar pineapple or apricot preserves
          1 (10 oz ) jar apple jelly
          1/3 cup prepared horseradish
          1/4 cup dry mustard,
          2 teaspoons finely ground black pepper

          I just googled around and this is almost identical to what my mother makes. It’s called jezebel sauce.

          • Oh, wow. I have NEVER heard of anyone else ever having Jezebel sauce or even knowing what it is. My grandmother always made it for every holiday or family gathering. Love it!

    • We’re having prime rib, too! No one in our family really likes turkey – and it seems such a waste of time and food for something no one really enjoys, just for the sake of tradition.

      Rant: “You are posting comments too quickly…”

    • houseintherear

      ooo YUM!

  • Rave: My first DSLR, a Nikon D5100 is coming in the mail today!!

    Rant: Having to wait for said camera to arrive.

    Rave: Last work day of the week for me.

    Rant: I have a 12 hour day today followed by a 10 hour drive to ATL at 2a.

    Rave: I get to learn and play with above camera during for the next 5 days.

    • That’s what I have. It is AWESOME! You are gonna love it!

      • I read a lot and did a lot of research, by all accounts everyone says it is exactly just that – AWESOME!! Granted I don’t know anything about photography (I have been told I take great pics though) really but I am looking forward to learning and truly becoming good. Who knows where this may lead.

    • I got the d3100. I love the Nikon brand. I have about a 1000 pictures of my cat. You’ll love it.

      • I was going to get that one at first but I saw an overall better deal for the D5100. I really am looking forward to my new hobby.

    • Rant: I just realized that I actually have a 14 hour work day today followed by a 10 hour drive.

      Rave: I get to spend time with the wife’s family.

  • Rave: Everyone at work has mentally checked out so it’s a stress-free short week before the holiday! Yay!

    Rant/Rave: A little nervous about how long it’s going to take us to drive to Norfolk tomorrow afternoon…Very happy that a long weekend with family awaits us when we get there and a fenced yard for the dogs to go crazy in!

  • Rave: Green bean casserole

    Rant: People who make “healthy” green bean casserole

  • I think “Dude, Where’s My Bike?” would be better than “Have You Seen My Stolen Bike?”

  • Raves: I have a great family I am very happy to be seeing tonight, I am going to eat so much food this week, and I LOVE THANKSGIVING.

  • rave: it’s my friday and i’m leaving early!
    rave: my family is arriving tomorrow.
    rant: because of said raves, i have ZERO focus or motivation this morning.

  • I just have one honest question and I know this will ignite an argument but…
    If your bike worth hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars is at home why do you not bring it inside? I have one that might be worth 50 if I’m lucky and I still bring it inside my basement apartment.

    I bet you wouldn’t leave your $400 iPhone sitting on your balcony so why your bicycle that could possibly be your only means of transportation other than metro?

    This is just something I have been curious about. Please do not attack me.

    • You ask a legitimate question and shouldn’t be attacked for doing so.
      I was blown away by (what I recall to be) the first “someone stole my expensive triathlon bike” post, where the person’s $5000 bike was stolen from his or her porch while they were inside for a “quick” 20 minutes getting stuff to wipe the bike down after a ride. I could not, and still can’t, fathom leaving anything that expensive outside of my house for one second. I can’t fathom locking it to a post and walking away from it. I wouldn’t even be comfortable leaving my expensive bike overnight at the start of the bike portion of a triathlon. But that’s just me. If you come from someplace where you never had to think about these things, DC or any urban area can be a rude awakening.

      • TOTAL COSIGN +100

        Some people are just naive and live in a alternate reality. I’m going to stop there before I get accused of “bigoty”. LOL!

        T minus 3, 2, 1, until someone comes in with one of my favorites “It’s not cool to blame the victim”.

    • As an avid rider, I agree completely. I have a $3000 bike and an old junker worth maybe $200, but they both sit in my small apartment. Even if a bike isn’t worth much the elements will damage it and eventually make it unrideable.

      • agreed. my bike is a thousand years old and when I went to get it shined up with new handlebars and such, the guys at the bike shop told me to just buy a new one. i didn’t because it’s the bike i know and i’ve had it forever. it’s probably worth nothing to the average joe, but to me, it’s special, so it never resides outside. EVER.

        • Guys at the bike shops always say that. They tried to get me to buy a new bike when I came in to have the tires replaced.

    • claire

      For the most part, I agree with this, but I have to say, I was still surprised to read about the bikes stolen off an upstairs balcony. It’s one thing to leave your bike sitting in your front yard/on your front porch, but I can see why someone would think a bike would be safe on a second story balcony, not accessible from the ground.

    • Because my old bike weighs as much as I do, and I live in a tiny third floor walk up. It’s not worth that much to risk getting a hernia every day.

  • Rant: Because I’m an idiot, I managed to f-up my alarm last night when I was resetting it, so it went off an hour late this morning. I didn’t even notice I was running an hour late (I just figured the bus was empty because everyone’s already leaving town!) until I got a call from someone at the office while I was buying a coffee, wondering where I was. *facepalm*

    Revel: It’s almost the 4-day weekend

  • Here’s the thing about that $1000 dessert that caused such agita for a number of folks yesterday. It’s really no more [excessive, obscene, consumerist, whatever negative term you want to use] for someone to drop $1000 on a dessert for a kid than it is to drop $3000 on a racing bike, $1000 on golf clubs, $300 on shoes, $100 on jeans, or $550,000 for a rowhouse. I’ll wager that there are very few people who post on this site who can say that they always go with the cheapest option and never splurge on anything.
    There are desserts that cost less than $1000. But there are also cups of coffee drinks that cost less than $5.

    • I was thinking this yesterday. I think the argument could be made that you’ll get a lot more use out of any of those things than an ice cream sundae. However, DC is a town of extreme costliness, and I’ll argue that you really don’t get your money’s worth for the most part. Is a rowhouse really worth half a million dollars? Is a meal really worth $100? Is a Pabst really worth $5 (let alone 6 or 7). And yet people will pay it because that’s the norm. So it’s not much further a leap to a $1000 sundae.

      • What does this even mean? The cost of something is based on supply and demand. If someone is willing to pay 500K for a rowhouse then YES, it is worth that much. If someone is willing to pay $1mill for a rowhouse, then yes, it is worth that much. Is a meal worth $100? Depends on the meal, why wouldn’t it be?

        I really don’t understand this mentality….

        • This mentality arises from the desire to be able to ascertain value based on tangible qualities and information rather than trends, whims, or other intangible factors.

          I would encourage you to review recent economic history if you think it’s a crazy way to look at things.

    • claire

      The thing about a dessert is, you eat it and then it’s gone. It seems a lot more trivial to spend that sum of money on something you’ll spend 10 minutes on versus a bike, golf clubs, clothes, or house, which should all last you at least a number of years. But ultimately people can spend their money however they choose.

      • Agreed.

        Plus the $1,000 sundae is maybe 100 times more expensive than a “nice” sundae, whereas the multiplier is smaller for other kinds of goods (e.g., $30 shoes vs. $300 shoes).

        I love dessert… but if someone told me I had to spend $1,000 on dessert, I would rather use it on, say, 250 cones of gelato, not one single dessert.

    • Do you really think that a $1000 dollar sundae and a $5 coffee drink are the same level of ‘splurge’? And all of those other things you mention last much longer and can be used many more times (and to good benefit) than a sundae. So yeah, I think a $1000 dessert is way more [excessive, obscene, consumerist, whatever negative term you want to use].

      • What I think is that the definition of “splurge” is inherently subjective. And I also think that there are people who are as incredulous about someone’s desire and ability to pay $5 for a cup of coffee as there are people who are incredulous about someone’s desire and ability to pay $1000 for a dessert. I’m not a member of the %1 but I do alright and could afford to drop $1000 on that dessert. But I wouldn’t because: 1) it sounds nasty and 2) there are other things I’d rather spend $1000 on (like a new set of golf clubs, a second flat screen TV, a spa vacation). But I don’t begrudge the person who thinks $1000 is not too much to pay for a dessert anymore than I think I should be criticized for buying another TV, another set of golf clugs, or going on another vacation.

        • YOU ARE THE 1%!!!!!!

          We all hate you now!

        • Ok, ok. Just joking. I have 2 flat screen tv’s too. Would a 3rd one I am thinking of getting put me in the 1% though? I want to be in the 1% so I can be hated. But I STILL wouldn’t buy that nasty ass $1000 sundae. HAHA

        • It’s nothing to do with begrudging; I don’t even think you mentioned that in your first post, nor I in my response. And yes “splurge” is subjective but I think you’re being totally disingenuous if you’re saying you truly see no “splurge” difference between a $5 cup of coffee and a $1000 sundae. People splurge on $5 coffee drinks all the time; people splurge on $1000 sundaes almost never. So rarely in fact that it seems someone put out a press release when it finally happened. Still don’t see any difference?

  • Rant: Spending Thanksgiving alone because my fiance is visiting her parents and all my friends are going out of town. Anyone know of any restaurants that will be open and possibly serving thanksgiving type food on Thursday? Don’t feel much like cooking for one and I would love to get my hands on some turkey and stuffing.

    Rave: Fiance gets to surprise her mom who just had knee surgery for thanksgiving with an unexpected visit.

    • Boston Market Baby! then go rent a movie and you’re all set

    • Question, why aren’t you going with your Fiance? Isn’t this the kinda thing couples / engaged / married do?

      • It was a last minute idea and the flights were super expensive. Plus we have a dog and the added cost of boarding her made it economically impossible. And I am out of vacation days and she has an extra week she wanted to use.

    • $15 dinner at Trio

    • I noticed that Ulah Bistro (or is it Bistro Ulah?) had a Thanksgiving prix-fixe menu on display when I was there the other week.

      A surprising number of restaurants are actually open on Thanksgiving. I went to McCormick and Shmick’s one year, but wasn’t very impressed with the service.

      The Washington Post’s Going Out Guide might have some kind of comprehensive list of which restaurants are open and doing Thanksgiving food on Thanksgiving.

  • claire

    Rave: Lots of yummy food in my fridge (pumpkin kibbe and pumpkin risotto, amongst other things) that I have to eat up before getting loaded down with Thanksgiving leftovers and leaving town Friday.

    Rave: Think I’m going to make an Afghan pumpkin dish (kaddou bourani) tomorrow, then surprise my parents with it on Thanksgiving – it’s one of their favorite dishes, and since I’ll be out of town, I wouldn’t get to enjoy the leftovers anyway.

    Rave: Planning on making a super-easy carnitas recipe (learned from a friend who’s been a large cooking inspiration for me) for my boyfriend’s family while visiting. They’re on a low-carb diet (I’d normally bring some sort of baked good), so I feel excited to have thought of something to cook for them while there – will pair it with some beans and greens, and it’ll be delicious and healthy!

    Rant: All my raves are about food.

    • all the books I just purchased from Amazon are about food. Don’t you just love it?

    • I enjoy your food posts and your blog. I love to cook too, so keep on posting.

      I wish I wasn’t staying in a hotel for Thanksgiving. If I wasn’t I would cook something to bring to my step brother’s dinner.

  • houseintherear

    Rant&Rave: Flying out to Germany tonight. It’s a late flight, so I’ll probably sleep, but I have claustrophobia issues and I hope I don’t have an “episode” during the 8+ hrs in the metal tube. Xanax and vodka will be my besties until tomorrow.

    Rave: I get to see my brother. I miss him lots.

    Rant: I won’t see my dog and cat for a whole week.

  • I’d like to give a turkey to a family in need this week. Can anyone put me in touch with a neighbor who could use a good surprise?

  • Rave: Getting rest and lots of homemade food over the next few days.

    Rave: Dinner tonight with all my best girl friends that live in DC.

    Rant: I still feel like arse. What is this brain fog madness? Hot/cold sweats, listlessness, loss of appetite. Ugh.

    Rant: Dr. appointment scheduled in T-40 minutes at Farragut but the clinic does not accept insurance. They will give me an invoice to give to my insurance company so they can cut me a check. Sigh. $110 just for the visit.

  • Rave: Back with the boyfriend!
    Rave: Thanksgiving on Thursday!
    Rant: Bought a ticket while broken up to go to Boston with the roomie
    Rave: Traveler’s insurance & reimbursements!
    Rant: Claims process is such a hassle
    Rave: I have a legitimate claim/excuse because my father is getting surgery so I cannot travel now so as to save money for travel post-surgey
    Rant: My father is getting surgery. 4th surgery in a matter of 6 months.
    Rant: I HAVE TO WORK ON BLACK FRIDAY! Why, shopping Gods, why?

  • Rant: Stores like Target that open at midnight now on Black Friday requiring their employees to cut short Thanksgiving with their families.

    Rant: Holiday haters that enable this by lining up to shop before midnight.

    • I do feel badly for those who have to work on Thanksgiving, to a certain extent, but my Father worked every holiday there was when I was growing up. There are many professions that don’t get the day off (emergency room Dr., police, public-transit driver/worker, nurse, many restaurant workers, etc.). My family has even celebrated holidays on different days of the year to accomodate this.

      I just wanted to remind people that store-workers are not the only ones who don’t get to celebrate holidays completely!

      • Emergency room Dr., police, nurse, etc are supplying essential services and we are thankful for that. Opening at Midnight instead of 5:00 am is justg purely greed.

    • hey y’all, black friday is also “buy nothing” day. think about it.

      make something
      cook something
      do something
      buy nothing

  • Rave: Immediately passing the blechy green bean casserole to the person on my left every Thanksgiving.

    Rant: Mashed potatoes and Mom’s gravy!

  • Woops! Rant/Rave reversal.

  • saf

    Rant: Mice

    Rant: Cats who spend a lot of time on mouse stakeout without actually catching the mouse.

    Rave: Snap traps that catch mice.

    Rant: Have to finish off the mouse when the snap trap doesn’t actually kill it.

    Rant: Nosy cats getting in the way and still not killing the mouse for me.

    Rave: Mouse is gone!

  • Rave: BF left yesterday to drive 10+ hours to Georgia to surprise his mom and bring her the family dining room table. He’s a good son.

    Rant: He’s going to have to drive that entire distance back here on traffic hell Wednesday.

    Rant: I am still in mouse hell. Rat Zapper has not arrived in the mail yet.

    Rave/Revel: I’m having Bugles with lunch!

    • saf

      Wow, that is good of him.

      I would offer to loan you a cat, but… (see above)


      • Thanks! If the Rat Zapper doesn’t work, I will blame victoria and beg houseintherear to let me borrow her dog.
        Here’s hoping the Rat Zapper does the trick(s).

  • Rant: Sick, sick, sick. Everyone in the house is sick. Even the cat.

    Rave: Going to the inlaws for Thanksgiving festivities. Let the eating games begin!

  • Idea: A reader submitted stolen bicycle map (with location, time of theft and lock used or how it was stolen) would be fascinating to watch grow over the years. you have the readership volume to become a valuable resource for crime fighting / tracking.

  • Rant: Friend injured by careless bicyclist last Sat night is looking at her 2nd surgery this weekend.

    Rave: Holidaze are here!

  • Rant: I hate the holidays. Too much hoopla and it’s expensive. I work in retail, (temporarily thank God) and the pampered customers at this high end store I work in make me want to stab them in their Jimmy Choos. If you are going to purchase Christmas gifts with an attitude, then what’s the point? What happened to Christmas cheer? Nothing but angry people treating me like I’m a male concubine and they are there to screw me in my…
    Rave: Looking forward to being off work Thursday and enjoying my dads amazing cooking.
    Rant: The rain has got to go!

  • for what you pay for Jimmy Choos, trust me, it will hurt! Stab a woman’s pumps and see how much it hurts her, and then see how much you get hurt!

  • rant: when coworkers suck all of the joy out of my day
    rave: said coworker just left for the day, so theoretically I can relax since I don’t have to deal with her craziness anymore today!

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