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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • me

    Rant: I went to the doctor last week, and my cancer is back. I just… I don’t know. I have zero energy to deal with this right now. And he really didn’t have to tell me via voicemail.

    Rant 2: Wanting to cry in the office, but there’s nowhere to go.

    • I am so sorry to hear this. I am sending all the positive energy I have your way.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I am so so sorry to hear this.

    • 🙁 so sorry.

    • Wow, I was going to post something super mundane and stupid for my Rant/Rave, and then I read this…I’m so sorry.

      • Me too. Makes my silly rant seem petty. Sure puts things in perspective.

        • Same; I was going to complain about this nasty cold/flu that’s wreaking havoc on my family but is pretty insignificant overall.

          Me, I am so sorry. I’m sorry for the way your doctor delivered the news. I’m sorry for how frightening this must be for you. Wishing you all the best.

    • I’ll say a prayer for you today. Very sorry.

    • me

      Thanks. I don’t mean to bring everyone down, though. Your rants are just as valid, I’m just having a suckier-than-usual-for-me day. I’m fairly new at my job, so I don’t have anyone here to talk to, and my husband is unreachable until this afternoon. Your words are helping, though, so thank you.

      • I am really sorry to hear this. Sending several SEVERAL hugs and positive thoughts your way. You are stronger than this cancer.

      • What’s the deal with the doctor? Is it common practice to nofity someone of news like that through a voicemail?

      • Yes, so sorry to hear this! Maybe you can take a “sick day” this afternoon and go home so you can have time to process the news? Also, boo for the terrible doctor with no sense of bedside manner!

        Virtual hugs!

      • me, we are all with you. I know not all of us know what it’s like to fight cancer, but most of us know someone who is/has and we believe you have the strength to do what’s right for you. I’m sure dark thoughts about thinking this crap was finally over seem like an abyss, but I know that you can fight this. we are all behind you, thinking about you, sending you love.

      • First of all, I am so sorry you had to hear this news at all, forget about at work via voicemail. Sending you a big virtual hug. Secondly: voicemail?! are you kidding? what is wrong with people! I totally agree with everyone else – you got through it once, you WILL get through it again. A Me happy hour sounds like a great idea!

      • So sorry to hear this news (and the callous way in which it was delivered)! I’ll keep you in my thoughts.

      • Me, so sorry to hear it! Sending virtual hugs and positive thoughts and prayers your way.

    • Sending positive energy your way.

      Can you leave your office and go for a walk? Sometimes it helps me just to get fresh air and see the sky (grey as it is).

      And fie on a doctor who would leave such news on your voice mail.

    • saying a prayer for you today

    • Really sorry to hear this. You’ll be in my thoughts.

    • Rant: Cancer

      Rave: Having small problems put in perspective.

    • My mom has had cancer three times. We recently thought it was for the 4th. Although I obviously don’t know exactly how she or you feels, I can say I do understand the terror and exhuastion that the waiting for the next time, and the wondering of when, why, and how long wrecks on a person.

      I hope that you can find peace and comfort in some things through this next period.

      F*** cancer is all I really have to say.

    • houseintherear

      Sending you good thoughts, Me.

    • So sorry to hear this. I agree with the comments encouraging you to get out of the office. If taking sick time off is not possible, even a walk around the block would be helpful.

      The pop community is pulling for you!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Sending good thoughts your way! I wish I could pop by with a cup of tea and a sympathetic ear.

    • +10000000000 to the PoP community acting like a true community in support of one its members

      Me, may you receive strength from all of us around you, virtually or otherwise.

    • Me, sending up thoughts for you today. Many prayers for strong spirits and peace.

    • Oh hon, so so sorry for your bad news today. Sending lots of squishy hugs and good healing vibes your way. Here’s to kicking its ass again!

    • Like others, I’ve got nothing but positive vibes and kind thoughts for ‘me’. Stay strong, sister.

    • saf

      I’m sorry. Can we here who post on PoP do anything at all, other than provide good distraction, to help?

    • claire

      So sorry, just want to say I’m another person sending good thoughts your way.

    • Me, I hope you find a spot to go sit with your thoughts. Take care of yourself and don’t worry too much about your office mates. I hope you can find a more nurturing doctor. Jeez.


    • cyber hugs and prayers headed your way Me.

  • Take care and be well- sending you positive thoughts!

  • Saying a prayer for you, Me. You will beat this. And second the suggestion to get some fresh air to try to deal with the impact of the news.

  • Perhaps we need to schedule some “me time”. A PoPville happy hour dedicated to me.

    Gosh, it’s like who’s on first.

  • andy

    Dude you beat it once already. It can be beat again!

  • So sorry to hear this! Sending lots of positive thoughts out your way. From knowing people in this situation I think it’s important to remember that it is OK to be scared/angry/sad/frustrated/exhausted/etc. Let the people around you (or on PoP–:)–) pick up the positive slack when you can’t.

  • Me: Sending you positive thoughts and vibes.

  • Rant: Guy talking on cellphone dropped his keys at the coffee place and didn’t even notice. I picked them up and handed them to him, with not even so much as a thank you. Must’ve been a real important call.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: My sister and her family. I’m so happy to live so close to them.

  • Getting a sense of perspective: splashed a lot of puddle water and mud on my leg yesterday walking down 8th St SE. As I was getting upset at the mess, I looked up and saw a young Marine, a wounded warrior, running down the street with one leg (going at a good clip, too!). It shut me up instantly and made me realize how our everyday grievances are so trivial compared to others’ challenges.

  • Seems awfully trivial in light of the post at the top of the page, but thought I’d share:

    Possible rave: I was at MtP and Park this morning around 10:30 when I saw a mini-motorcade come through and go in the direction of Bancroft Elementary. Perhaps there was another visit from the First Lady today?

  • Rave: Cat caught a mouse! I rescued it and put it in a box to show my kid when she gets home from school. She’s big on catch-and-release, so I don’t think we’ll be keeping it long-term.

    • I wanted to keep a mouse but my husband insisted that they had diseases so we let it go outside. I was going to give it a little bowl of warm soapy water, figuring it would give itself a wash, but no dice. Too bad, they are very cute.

    • Big on catch and release? She should grow up and work for Phil Mendelsohn! Zing!

  • Rave: What a gorgeous picture!

  • tonyr

    Rant: Went to to my car at 8:06 and found that I’d got a $50 ticket at 8:04

    Rant: Why does a funeral require a whole block to be placed off-limits from 8:00 – 4:00

    Rave: DC parking staff efficiency. It was my fault; lollygagging over a cup of coffee

    Rave: After tomorrow, only 20 working days left this year. Feels good buring off spare vacation. And before anyone asks, no I’m not a government worker – just a regular corporation drone.

    • out of respect for those coming to pay their respects for a lost loved one. i’m sure you can find another parking spot

      • true, and while a very noble and beautiful business, it’s still a business.
        i live on the same block as a funeral home. one of the most respectful businesses in my hood. and sometimes they put of requests to not park. i oblige. but if they did it very often for a whole day, there would be problems.

      • tonyr

        Isn’t “It was my fault” enough contrition?

    • Because if you were a government worker, you’d be bitching about the 20 more days you still had to work. Haw!

      Captcha: B’ZAM!

  • Rave: PoPville, the beautiful photo above, keeping things in perspective.

  • houseintherear

    Rant: Grad school.
    Rave: Having the finances and opportunity to go to grad school. I know I’m lucky.
    Rant: But still. Grad school effing sucks.

    • really hating grad school this week, especially today. using me’s rant to put this “stress” into perspective!

  • Rant: So sorry to read the first post. Stay strong and you will conquer it! I know easier said than done. There are not many things that I hate, but cancer is one of them. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Rave: Has anyone walked down Swann Street recently? Looks much like the picture above – so gorgeous right now.

  • Rant: Poster no. 1’s rant. Sigh.

    Rave: I got a pound puppy on Tuesday and I love him so much.

    • Congratulations on your pup! My last dog came from the NY Avenue shelter – he was amazing.

      Present dog (Mazie, from yesterday’s animal fix) came via a rescue group – lots of love for these mutts!

  • Rant: Cancer. Cancer and the fact that we are putting untested chemicals in everything: food, the environment, water, cosmetics, furnishings, houses, workplaces, toys, gadgets, medicines, etc.

  • rant: cancer — I’m really sorry to hear about the bad news that “me” got this morning. One of my closest friends is a cancer survivor and my mother is currently undergoing chemotherapy, so my thoughts are with you for a successful (and hopefully speedy) treatment/remission.
    rave: One of my old profs from College Park is going to run for a DC At-Large city council seat. He’s probably a long shot for winning the seat, but the Council would be much improved if he were on it!

  • Rant: Reading through yesterday’s RRR about the three people getting together to chat about international development makes me worry. I’m 24 and after 3 months of unemployment I’m sincerely happy to be working again. I think I have a complex surrounding success, and being someone’s “admin” is disheartening and makes me sad. I’ve read on POP and other places about people in successful careers starting out as assistants, doing mundane tasks, etc.and learning so much from it, so I’m trying to stay positive. I’m just so terrified of being pigeonholed in administrative work forever, and never realizing my dream of working in governance/development like those folks from yesterday’s RRR.

    Rave: Grad school hopefully in my future. I really hope/think this is the missing link for nailing the jobs I’ve been interviewing for and just not getting.

    • Send PoP an email with “working in development” in the subject line and he can put you in touch with the group from yesterday.

      • I thought about it…initially decided against it, but you’re right, I will. Definitely is better to be productive rather than sad/whiny 🙂

    • And really, I can testify that what you fear is not that horrible. I am 50, with a Masters’ degree and plenty of experience. However, the combination of some poor decisions (working for a start-up company that went bust) and then this horrible economy have thrown things out of whack, and I just spent several years doing admin work. Not what I’d wanted, but it paid the bills and I was able to expand my duties to fit my abilities – and people noticed. I finally just got promoted out of admin into an analyst position, with a substantial increase in salary and work duties. The moral of the story is: Admin work is not a jail sentence; you do what you have to do, stay flexible and positive, keep your eyes open for chances to show what you can do, and things can pay off. Good luck.

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