New Updated Mural by Aniekan Udofia Goes Up by Walter Pierce Park Basketball Courts

This great mural in Adams Morgan’s Walter Pierce Park captures 10 years of living in the neighborhood by muralist Aniekan Udofia. As the years pass, the mural continues to get updated.

Local firefighters check out the mural

Local activist Bryan Weaver chats with a firefighter from the neighborhood.

The artist, Aniekan Udofia

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  • mtpgal

    I love this mural. Did he also paint the portion on the retaining wall?

  • that guy has his shit together. looking sharp painting sharp.

  • I have lived across Adams Mill Road from Pierce Park since 1998. Maybe it’s just that the photo of the overall mural is too small to show otherwise, but from the photos, the mural doesn’t seem to reflect the diversity of the neighborhood.

    • is that the purpose of a mural?

      • I read the story as it was capturing his experiences while living in AM for 10 years.

        • Prince Of Petworth

          That was my impression as well.

          • so does ones personal experience mean that they must express express the entirety of a neighborhood’s diversity?

            and i’m asking generally also. i remember when the le droit park mural was painted, that was a huge part of the discussion. and criticism.

            personally i think we need MORE art if we want to represent the diversity of our neighborhoods.

          • I would say it doesn’t. I would agree with you. The “solution” is to have more artists produce more artwork, rather than to expect each artist to capture the entire neighborhood’s diversity. I think art is more “real” when it speaks directly to the artists’ experience.

      • If it’s a mural on public property, perhaps.

        • Only if it were commissioned with that condition in mind.

          I think it looks great, and I’ll bet he’s as annoyed as I am with the over-analyzing by the nauseatingly-PC crowd.

    • There are multiple murals in Walter Pierce Park and as a whole, they all reflect the diversity of the neighborhood. Please, please don’t make this out to be something that it’s not.

    • Get over it. It’s a work of art. Stop trying to tie “diversity” into anything that happens in the nieghborhood. Not everyone’s a sucker for that sensationalist BS. It’s a sick looking mural that further gives those awesome courts the “NBA Jam” feel.

  • Personally, I think inner city murals are a bit tired, even when they’re well done, like this one.

    “Oh look! Another mural with graffiti undertones.”

    How about a fountain?!!?

    • this is dc, we don’t have an inner city.

    • the thing is, we’ve had public artworj influenced by 1970’s graph for only the past 15 years or so. maybe 20.

      other art styles stuck around way longer. graph inspired murals and public art will be with us another 15 years. in dc, probably longer since we’re a bit slow on that stuff. the DCCAH can not get enough graffitti inspired stuff. and virtually every significant art group that caters to the younger people, pinkline, art whino, byt sponsored stuff, every single show in response to the (e)merge art fair, are all about “street art”. so yeah, it’s tired, mainly unoriginal but thats what people like. it’s why “classical ” art stuck around so long. it’s why most of us respond so well to old looking architecture here. it aint going anywhere for a while.

      • Interesting. I don’t find this piece to be particularly graph inspired. That being said, while i think there is definitely room for different types of projects, I don’t think fountains and sculptures touch ppl in the same way that murals do.

        • it has elements of graph styling. look at the pattern work, the lightning. the horror vacui. and the overall loose drawing style. there are elements of 1970’s/80’s t shirt airbrushing in the sky and the highlighting.

          though graph style of the 80’s, 90’s 2000’s and even style is highly influenced by the mexican muralists. but they were so freaking awesome that they should be copied.

          in addition to one of the coolest names ever, aniekan is a very talented artist and definitely an asset to the dc cultural landscape.

  • Since everyone changes subjects: Am I the only one bothered that three (seemingly) on-duty fire fighters are wandering about appreciating art!

    several blocks from Station 21

    • you never take a break at work? how about visit non work related websites?

    • What are they supposed to do while waiting for someone to step in front of a bus or torch his house? Might as well be seen appreciating art in public.

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