Movement at Satellite Pizza Coming to 2047 9th St, NW (Behind 9:30 Club)

“Dear PoPville,

Thought you might be interested – Satellite Pizza (next to 9:30 club) has torn up all the concrete on their patio that I am assuming will be the summer garden. They have a construction permit up, which I believe is new, and which states that the place will be 2 floors.”

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  • A $7,000 permit fee? Is that really what does things cost?

    • Err… mental lapse, I meant “those things”

      • It all depends on the size (sq footage) and scope of the work being permitted.

        You can print off a postcard permit online for $75 bucks to make minor plumbing mods or to build a porch.

        Building out health dept approved kitchens and installing fire suppression systems, making structureal changes etc costs more.

        Having pulled permits in most NOVA and Southern MD jurisdictions, including some in PA, the Districts permit costs on actually on the low end.

        However, their inspectors are straight out useless and only show up ~30% of the time when they are scheduled.

    • Saw that too. Amazing how much DCRA earns just for telling you that your floor plan needs changes and then putting a stamp on it. I wonder who approved the plans for the building they’re in now…

    • Permit fees are based on the cost of the improvements, I think. I think the fee is 2% of the construction costs.

      So, that would mean they are doing $350,000 of work to the place. Maybe? I don’t really know.

      Can someone more knowledgeable confirm?

  • There has been a lot of movement there lately. Now that the Brixton is having such progress it looks like the Marvin folks are diverting their attention across the street.

  • People in this town sho do love their pizza. Lots of pizza places opening up.

    • I think it’s more about restauranteurs believing that pizza (and burger) places are easy to open and simple to run. Same thing happened with bakers and cupcake shops a few years ago. I love pizza but I’ve ordered far more takeout pizza from Pizza Mart than I have sit down pizza in a pizza restaurant.

  • I wonder if any environmental abatement has been necessary for the various outdoor “summer garden” spaces in this area, considering their former industrial uses. You can never be too careful.

    Then again, when these spaces will now be used primarily for drinking smoking, and eating fatty, processed foods, I have to wonder if being exposed to hazardous materials is all that much worse 😀

  • Just what we need – another pizza place! Bleh.

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