Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Mt. Pleasant (reader request)

This rental is located at Park Road NW at 18th:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Live in one of the most recognized residences in Historic Mount Pleasant (1841 Park Road NW). One bedroom/one bath, daylight/walkout basement apartment with private entrance, central air/heat, microwave, dishwasher, hardwood floors, laundry facilities, storage, eastern sun exposure with windows out to beautiful garden area. On bus line or 5 blocks to Columbia Heights Metro and less than one mile to Cleveland Park Metro. Approximately 600 SF, available immediately. $1,850 per month.”

Thanks to a reader for sending in. I love this house. $1850 sound right for this basement apartment?

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  • It looks like one of the more attractive basement apartments around, but I think that’s several hundred too much.

  • $1850 for a 600 square foot basement apartment is too much regardless of how nice the unit itself is. That could get you a lovely apartment of approximately the same size, on a higher floor, in other desirable areas. Pretty place, but not for the price.

    • I know a few people closer to the CH Metro paying 1800 for their one bedroom basement apts and they aren’t nearly this nice.

      However, I will agree. There are cheaper options out there and this place is just a shy to far from the metro to be paying that much money.

      • That sounds like a lot…can’t you get a 1 bedroom apt on top of the metro or on top of thai tanic 2 for $1800?

      • I’m in a 1BR ground level english ‘basement’ 3 blocks from the CH metro and I pay $1250/mo for about 900 sq ft. My kitchen is huge and everyone loves my place so much, I’ve got a waitlist for my landlord (who is amazing) in case I ever move out. $1850 is ridiculous!

  • yeah that’s about as good as a basement apt gets. but the reason you live in a basement is that you’re not paying $1850 for a 1br.

    I don’t know why anyone would take this instead of going over a few blocks and living on top of the ch metro for the same money, I guess maybe if they really loved the house?

  • I rent an entire house in Petworth, comparable distance to the metro, for more than $200/month less.

    Agree with jm above – the reason you get a basement apartment is the cheaper rent, not to pay $1,850.

    Former Admo Basement Dweller

  • Maybe at that price, they’re suggesting you have free reign of the rest of the house too!

  • I paid about $800 less per month for a crappier but much larger basement apartment about a block from there just five years ago. Now I’m sure rents have gone up, but not THAT much.

    • If you signed a lease last month in the same/comparable neighborhood then your rent is relevant.

      What you paid for rent five years ago is totally irrelevant to this conversation.

  • I like the goth dungeon vibe – especially if they let you paint the walls black!

  • When we looked for an apartment in MtP a few months ago EVERYTHING was $1850. Crappy, nice, walk-out, no windows, hardwood, stained carpet, utilities, parking… Nothing changed that price – $1850.

    Unbelievable how much rent has gone up in MtP. I’ve lived in MtP 5 years… About a year and a half ago (when I switched apartments) everything we looked at was $1500 a month… And all of a sudden it’s completely unaffordable.

    • Agreed about rents. I’m actually moving back into an apartment building in Woodley Park I moved out of a little over a year ago and I’ll be paying $125 more per month, plus electric (it was included when I lived there before). The increase amounts to about a 10% increase if you factor in electric.

  • I live down the street in a basement apartment and while I know the house above is not as large I think my basement apt is nicer and I pay $1350 with all utilities, cable, internet included.

  • FWIW, I think Linda Low, the uber Mt P real estate agent, owns and lives in that house.

  • that apartment floods

  • How hillarious, I used to live in that very apartment. And I knew owner of this house, Jim Barnett, prior to his death. I love this house and the apartment – so much personality. That said, when I moved in my rent was $1100. I moved in 2006 when it was supposed to jump to $1350. $1850 is totally out of line for this apartment given the distance to Metro etc.

  • I’m in a very nice corner english basement just around the corner and I pay 1300 p/m. There is no way 1850 is justified.

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