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  • Went there two weeks ago. Surprisingly good food, really unpleasant and unresponsive wait staff.

  • Ate there before a few months back. Overall it was quite tasty. Started with a crisp mixed greens salad and had a juicy lamb shank as the main course. Dessert was a creme brulee. All ingredients were very fresh and the dishes were executed nicely. Tried one of their special cocktails that was decent but forgettable.

    Service was good. Got a nice seat on the upper level close to the open kitchen so we could watch the action. My dining companion did not like her dish and they had no issue taking it back and letting her pick something else.

    Price is a bit high. I know they are going for the upper end-ish casual type of experience but it will be easily $50 per diner without drinks. I also have a terrible habit of comparing these types of restuarants to Palena (Cafe section) and they usually fall a bit short.

  • austindc

    Come back Zinc!

  • Not always perfect, but damn good food and nice service. I’d like a richer wine list, but it seems a valuable addition to my neighborhood. Feels like Paris, but friendlier and the bathroom was cleaner.

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