H Street Bakes This Sun. at H St Country Club

Photo courtesy of H Street Bakes

From an email:

“Just wanted to let you know that H Street Bakes is happening this Sunday, November 20th from 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM at H Street Country Club (1335 H ST NE). H Street Bakes is a monthly pop-up bake sale featuring bakers from H Street NE and the neighborhoods surrounding it. This month, our bakers will include Kim Moffatt (Oatmeal awesome pie, Bourbon pecan pie tart, spiced pumpkin cheesecake, sweet potato tart), Crunkcakes (boozy cupcakes), biscuit (artisan breads, croissants, and other savory options), and others.”

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  • This is a really fun way to fritter away a Sunday, and the goods are always amazing. Kim Moffatt has been the dessert chef for several H street restaurants (as well as The Reef back when they had a great menu and I actually enjoyed setting foot in there, before it turned into douchbag HQ). Her Oatmeal Awesome Pie is ridiculous, and her cheesecakes are the best I’ve ever tasted. Buy her a beer and eat some cheesecake. Fantastic Sunday recipe.

  • Two thumbs WAY up for Biscuit!

  • Biscuit!!!! Delish. Can’t wait to stop in for another H street bakes.

  • Cannot wait, I love some Biscuit and Crunk Cakes! H St Bakes is about the only thing that could get me in to the H St Country Club…

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