Dear PoPville – Christmas Dinner at a good restaurant?

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“Dear PoPville,

My parents are coming into town and I’m looking for a good restaurant that will be open on Christmas Day that is both a) price “reasonable” (in the >$75 range, but willing to go up for a special experience/meal), b) vegetarian friendly and c) good. Any suggestions?

Thanks a million!”

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  • Not sure they are open on Christmas but check Rasika or Bombay Club. That is unless you wanted some sort of traditional Christmas dinner.

  • Proof restaurant in Penn Quarter is also a great option. You can have an amazing meal for right around $75/person including a drink and/or dessert. Enjoy!

  • I take my family to Kinkead’s every Christmas Eve. It’s not as sexy as it was during the Clinton era, but we still love the tradition.

  • you can make any place “>$75” as long as you order enough food.

  • Blue Duck Tavern – 24th and M Streets NW


    • +1 re: Blue Duck Tavern but if OP is looking for the total bill to be around $75 then Blue Duck might be a little steep. It is one of my favorite restaurants in the city; it is incredible and well worth the money! And you can say you’re taking your parents to the same place the Obamas ate for their anniversary dinner a couple years ago. 🙂 I hear 14th and K has a good spread on holidays but I’m not sure if Xmas is one of them. Happy holidays!

  • I went to Restaurant Nora for New Years once. It cost $100/person, but it was among my Top 5 lifetime dining experiences.

  • My partner and I took her mother to Ethiopic, on H Street, for Christmas Eve dinner last year. It’s affordable, vegetarian friendly, yummy, and cozy. Plus, the Honey Wine will put a hem in your skirt. The mother loved it, and we may well do it again this year.

    • austindc

      Please tell me what “put a hem in your skirt” means! I think this is a phrase that I want to start using right away. And yes, I tried googling it before asking.

      • Hem in your skirt, eh? Although the OED has yet to weigh in, the closest equivalent may be “put hair on your chest.” As in, “Hey man, watch out, for that stuff is potent and will therefore put hair on your chest/a hem in your skirt.” Which is really not applicable in this case since the honey wine at Ethiopic is tasty but hardly powerful. For that misuse, I apologize.

        In any event, feel free to use it. Although I do want a cut of the action if it becomes a catchphrase.

  • Take a look on

    Very cool new restaurant site with a 360 degree view of the restaurants you choose. They have listed a selection of restaurants for other holidays, perhaps they will do the same for Christmas. You can make your reservation there too.

  • Not sure if it’s open (but probably will be since it’s in a hotel) but the J&G Steakhouse at the W Hotel downtown is delicious.

  • Love it or hate it, Lauriol Plaza is open on Christmas Day.

  • any swank hotel restaurant is what you want, and they’ll have festive decorations. xmas at the ritz boston was my favorite meal of 2010, and I think around $50-75/person + complimentary champagne and raw bar!

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