Apparently Funxion Phase Two must overcome a Complete Liquidation of Current Space

Last week we learned that Funxion would be under new management and reopen for Phase Two at 1309 F St, NW. An alert reader sends word of how significant the change will be – from a Craigslist listing:

“Multi Million Dollar Restaurant Closing – Selling Everything this week – $1 (Metro Center Washington DC)

We are unfortunately closing our restaurant and everything in is now for sale this week…

Automatic Toilet Paper Dispensers
and on and on
State of the Art Sound System”

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  • I don’t understand what’s up with the “$1” in the Craigslist ad’s headline, as surely they are not selling everything for $1.

    • claire

      People typically put that in the craigslist subject line when they’re selling multiple items for various prices because lots of people will limit their search by price, and that way, the post is pretty much guaranteed to show up.

  • Oh crap! I need to get over there and buy some stuff!

  • Automatic Toilet Paper Dispensers? Damn, and all these years I’ve been unrolling my toilet paper manually like a sucker.

  • I always thought this place was a front for some activity other than being an actual restaurant. Nobody ever was inside and the one time I went in there to try to order a salad to go, the menu was so confusing I just wandered out the door without even talking to anyone.

    On the other hand, I’ve always loved that building and the art deco metal work. It’s a real masterpiece and will look better when the tacky signs are taken down.

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