Adam Express Temporarily Closed in Mt. Pleasant

“Dear PoPville,

I walked by this sign at Adam Express earlier tonight. Really sad news. They’re probably the nicest people ever. I know a lot of people love this place (myself included), so I hope she gets well and rested soon!”

Adam Express, located at 3211 Mt Pleasant St, NW, is much loved in Mt. Pleasant. Back in Oct. ’08 we got a snapshot of Adam Express from Tina.

My thoughts and prayers are with the family.

Photo by PoPville flickr user Sanjay Suchak

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  • I’m not being flip here – are the doctors better in Korea than here? If someone is sick I would think they would want to be in the US or France for the best healthcare (setting aside cost).

    • I see what you’re saying. Perhaps they wanted to be near family? Or maybe there’s some holistic method they’re looking to try.

      Either way, I hope she gets better.

      • South Korea has a pretty good healthcare system, and it’s much less expensive than here — particularly if you are “local”. And with family ties, I imagine that would be a test they could pass.

        Plus, family ties.

        So, unless it was some sort of emergency, it doesn’t seem that crazy.

        Hope she gets better soon!!

    • Definitely agree with the family aspect. It’s also very possible that the family doesn’t have health insurance here in the States, which would make it nearly impossible to get adequate care (and make it even harder to pay for it.) I wish her a speedy recovery!

      • This is what I was thinking/worrying might be the case (no U.S. health insurance).

        I’ve never been to Adam Express, but am sad to read the note and learn of this situation. I hope she gets better soon.

      • this country sucks. you have this awesome family making their neighborhood a great place and they can’t even afford to take care of their health here. we freaking suck.

    • It’s not about the quality of the doctors (Korea is a first world country with doctors as good as anywhere else) but it probably has to do with a) cost, and b) being around family -or simply the familiar- when sick.

  • That is sad news. Two of the nicest people I’ve met. I hope she gets better soon. Oh, and the seafood pajun is out of this world amazing!

  • The most awesomest couple ever! I hope that she gets better soon!

  • That its so sad. I hope she is all right. They are a sweet couple and it is nice to have Bi bim bap in the neighborhood. Speedy recovery!

  • Maybe they don’t expect her to make it and want to be with family…

  • I have a feeling that the well-wishes on here are going to be pretty numerous. Any way of getting them to the lovely Adam Express owners? Perhaps a long shot, but since PoP readers seem to know the owner of every lost set of keys, dog, etc., maybe someone also knows the owners personally.

    • I love this idea! In the meantime, I’ll add my well wishes to the chorus – I hope she gets well soon!

    • They definitely read their mail as numerous postcards inside demonstrate. I’m sure a get well card would be appreciated.

      Adam Express
      3211 Mt. Pleasant St NW
      Washington, DC 20010

    • Hey everyone, we’ve hung a little notepad on the restaurant’s door (in a ziplock bag). You can share your well-wishes and words of support/appreciation on the notepad or leave your own cards in the bag. I’m sure it’d mean a lot to the Bae family to hear from all of you/us.

  • what a horribly sad note. : (

  • oh no!!! this is so sad!! I just moved from Mt. P and the thing I knew I would miss most is Adam Express. they are truly the nicest people, I hope everything is okay!

  • They are two of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I hope she’s OK, and I hope the well-wished get to them.

  • Very sad news. They both made my 4 years in Mt. P so much more enjoyable – especially being new to DC.

  • How wonderful to see that her neighbors care so much for her! Hope she gets better very soon!

  • I’ll add my best wishes for a speedy recovery. The owners are truly some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. A few years ago, some friends and I went caroling in Mt. Pleasant and we stopped in at Adam Express. The owners were so appreciative and gracious (they even tried to pay us for the songs!). That memory brings a smile to my face every time I think about it.

  • Well, I guess I’ve found a new place I need to try!

    I can’t imagine why they would leave the US for health care unless it was for a reason stated above.

  • They are a terrific couple. I hope she recovers soon.

  • aww that place is really great, and the owners are amazing.

    best wishes to them

  • I’m going to wager to say that her ailment could have been assessed by American doctors, but I wish her the best.

  • My wife and I also hope for her speedy recover. This place is all the good a ‘mom and pop shop’ should be.

  • Good food and really nice people. Hope they are back open and in good health come mid-December.

  • Best Korean food in the city. You’ve got to go Virginia to find anything better. And probably a lot farther to find a nicer couple to serve it up for you and have a chat. I wish them well.

  • I hope she gets better. I’m embarrassed that I never have been there, but will have to change that next month when they reopen.

  • I so hope she gets better. I remember this one time, I took my son in when he was only 4 or 5. While we waited, he bought a gum ball from the machine. The wife came out and had him spit it out and gave him a chocolate bar instead since that was better for his teeth. She then gave him dried seaweed, etc., etc. She really is a dear.

  • Oh no! I completely agree with everyone above about how truly kind the husband and wife are and how terrific their food is. I’d been planning to stop in on Saturday. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  • Sad to hear she is sick. Truly a great place and great people. Definately
    sending get well cards is a nice idea. Perhaps when they reopen loyal customers (including me) can contribute some donation to help them.

  • So sad to hear the news. POP, please keep us posted!

  • They are a lovely couple, and their store is a tiny oasis of calm in the city. Also, they made me realize how good Korean food is. My best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  • I’ve been to Adam Express many times and it’s true that she and her husband are the nicest people. I hope she gets well soon!

  • Does anyone know their contact info in Korea? We could send them our get-well wishes there

  • They’re back!

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