Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Logan Circle

This rental is located at 1444 Rhode Island Ave NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Available November, Large Studio, No Deposit. Bright, large units in the finest location for convenient apartment living, downtown in the historic Dupont Circle – Logan Park area. Our 10-story high-rise building features a large rooftop swimming pool, indoor parking, laundry on each floor, key-control access, package receiving, up to 20 mbs high-speed Internet access, and INCLUDES ALL UTILITIES. Windsor House is located just a block from Washington’s largest Whole Foods Market, a CVS Drugstore, Caribou coffee shop. Studio Theatre, and restaurants. It’s within walking distance of local bus lines, the Metro and a block from a taxi stand. We are just blocks from everywhere you want to be — Logan Circle, Connecticut Avenue, Dupont Circle, Convention Center, Verizon Center and more.”

This studio is going for $1605. I’m an admitted sucker for roof deck pools…

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  • hmm, no photos.

  • I think it’s a great location but I’ve never been in the building to see an actual apartment there. Personally, I’d happily pay that rent (if they allowed dogs). But based on the comments on past rental posts, I have a skewed concept of what reasonable rents are…and I pay a lot more that $1605 for a one bedroom (770 square feet) a couple of blocks away.

  • For the location I would say okay. I pay 1,300 for a 15 story high-rise in Silver Spring w/ a rooftop pool/deck/bbq area – utilities not included.

  • I thought this sounded like a great deal until I saw that it was a studio, not a one-bedroom.

    Given that it’s Logan Circle, maybe that’s what the going rate is.

  • This is the Windsor House. Yes the location and the roof top pool are awesome!!!!

    The management team is terrible. So if you LIKE getting your packages go missing; being charged for late rent when you paid on time; not having anything fixed in a reasonable time period; getting stuck in an elevator; seeing the trash chute backed up to at least the 7th floor; not having reliable laundry machines; and management being rude and dismissive to you — then by all means go ahead and rent here!!!

    otherwise – DO NOT RENT HERE.

    (Note -if the manager is NO longer WANDA JOHNSON, then perhaps it has improved.)

  • Another nice wealthy person’s pied-à-terre/shagging hut.

  • This is also the building that sustained a major fire last November. The top floors are still sealed off, though construction is now underway. It’s a nice enough building though and the rooftop pool is really killer, although there’s been a recent crackdown on bringing more than one guest.

    I think Wanda is, in fact, gone, but I still hear complaints about the management. The way the fire was handled was widely criticized.

    That said, the location is ideal and the place is nice enough.

  • SO… this building caught on fire last fall. The whole top floor was condemned! My friend lived one floor from the top and inhaled ash for weeks. The landlord wouldn’t put older tenants up in hotels the day of the fire, and didn’t care where they ended up (this was 10pm, and people are like 80+).

    As for the pool, you cant bring guests, they charge you.

    Sucks, don’t do it.

  • ledroittiger

    I’ve been to a friend’s place at this complex and the building is a dump.

  • I live in [insert neighborhood that isn’t comparable here] and pay [some about of money that sounds way too low here] and would never pay that much for this! [3+ years ago here] I lived in Logan Circle in a [2-25 bedroom house inserted here] and paid only [about the price of seven beers at Churchkey inserted here] What has happened to DC and why are people paying these [stupid adjective inserted here] prices?!?!? No deal!

  • What exactly is the appeal of this area that makes it so much more expensive than areas just a few blocks to the north or the east? Some might say proximity to downtown, but I’m not sure I want to live three blocks away from my office.

    • it’s close to many peoples jobs. some actually prefer that. it’s close to bars, restaurants, shops, groceries, cultural activities, and clubs. plus it’s close to a lot of people, which, if you like people, is a great thing. there are parks, it’s human scale, walkable, bikable, generally friendly and relatively safe. there are gorgeous gardens and architecture which adds nicely to ones day, and quality of life.

    • I live four blocks from my office and it’s awesome. No traffic, no metro hassles, less than 10 minute commute to work, and I can go home for lunch or to walk my dog.

      I really enjoy everything about living in Logan Circle. See Anonymous @ 4:17 above for more detail. Also, I love being close to a dog park.

  • The Shaw dog park at 11th & Q. Also the Dupont Park at 17th & S.

  • Logan Circle Whole Foods in NOT the largest in DC area.

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