Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Glover Park

This rental is located at 4021 Benton St NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Apartment Description:
– gas range
– range hood
– dishwasher (full size)
– stainless steel sink with garbage disposal
– built- ins

– ENERGY efficient windows
– refinished hardwood floors
– built-ins
– window AC
– living room- coat closet
– linen closet”

$1,375 all utilities included sound right for this 1 bed?

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  • Question,

    If all the utilities are included in the rent, then why would anyone care that it has “ENERGY efficient windows”?

    This whole “green” thing has gotten out of control. Every business and retailer out there just jumped on some bandwagon of including green terminology in their ads and marketing because everyone eats it with a spoon.

    Drycleaners, car repair garages, grocery stores, development companies, chinese food takeout places, all just add something like “green” or “sustainable” to their ad and the people flock in drone like.

    • maybe people don’t like drafty windows?

    • It certainly wouldn’t be my primary factor in choosing an apartment, but I would appreciate the feature even if it wasn’t saving me money. There’s more to it than that.

    • SEE Solindra.
      yeah,way out of control.

      • See “intelligent reading comprehension”…There you will find that it’s Solyndra and that you know not as much as you think.

        (I do not know if this violates PoP’s civility policy. I don’t think it’s any more snarky than anon above)

        • Consider how it might improve your own life to have your initial responses to the world be more considered, compassionate, expansive and generous. Snark is tiresome and dull.

  • Good deal

  • Ehhh…I think you can get cheaper in Glover Park.

  • I doubt energy efficient windows save much energy when they are permanently kept open to accommodate a window a/c unit.

    Not a bad price for the apartment though.

    • The ad says that there’s a “summer months air conditioning fee.”

      • That fee is to compensate the landlord for the extra electricity cost of the tenant running the a/c unit during the summer, since the landlord is paying the electric bill, irrespective of whether the windows are energy efficient or not.

  • PoP, do you know what the SQ Footage is?

  • I think I’ve seen this building before, when looking for an apartment in GP.

    The apartments in this building are fairly small (off-hand guess, maybe 500-ish sq ft?), probably best for a single person. I got my apartment (different bldg 2 blocks away, almost identical size & layout) for $1100, but I don’t have a dishwasher.

    Love the neighborhood, and love the fact that you can get an above-ground one bedroom apartment for less than $1400 in a great neighborhood. GP isn’t a lot of people’s cup of tea, but after a year here, I’ll be staying until I either buy a place of my own or leave DC for good.

    • +1 I don’t mind Glover Park. 10 minutes to dupont/downtown/chinatown/the mall/goergetown. Great community and safe. I pay $1100 a few blocks away, plus utilities, for a similar unit. I too will be staying in GP until I buy or leave DC.

  • Underneath all of the pictures it says (similiar apartment). I don’t want to see the photos of a similiar apt, I want to see photos of the actual apt. “Similiar” in this case probably means “a better kept, updated, brighter, cleaner apartment than the one actually for rent”

    • I agree that I’d rather see pictures of the actual unit, but “similar” doesn’t always mean the one photographed is nicer. It could mean that the tenant in the one available for rent had not moved out at the time of photographing, that the available unit was undergoing repainting/cleaning/repairs at the time of photographing, or other circumstances. My last apartment was part of a listing that showed “similar” units, and I was pleased to discover the unit itself was actually just as – if not more – updated, bright, and clean.

  • Seems reasonable to me – I paid $1630 last year for a place nearby that was bigger, had a new kitchen, a pool and parking. For basically the same location with fewer amenities, $1375 seems about right

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