Singapore Bistro Space to Become a Thai Restaurant in Dupont

Back in Aug. ’10 we had learned that Singapore Bistro closed at 1134 19th St, NW (next to Science Club.) It’s been vacant ever since but earlier this week I noticed renovations going on. The workers on the scene say that a new Thai restaurant will be opening in the space. It looks like a major renovation is going on so we are probably a few months away from any opening. Of course, we’ll revisit when they do.

Think a Thai restaurant will do well here?

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  • A block away from Mai Thai. Well, I guess you can’t have too many.
    I still miss the green curry from Singapore Bistro.

  • That’s funny because Science Club used to be a Thai restaurant back in the day (check out the doors, they’re the orginal from Star of Siam).

  • I miss Cafe Asia.

  • Is the Science Club still open? I went there a couple times right after they opened, and thought it was a pretty lame scene. A disco for the nerdy people who probably can’t get past the doorman at other clubs in town. Maybe it’s improved since then, because it was pretty dull.

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