“Pumpkin Celebrated At LINCOLN Restaurant This Month”

From a press release:

“With Autumn descending upon DC, the annual pumpkin harvest has inspired a set of pumpkin dishes and cocktails on LINCOLN’s menu for the month of October. In keeping with the change of the seasons and the availability of fresh and local ingredients, LINCOLN’s Corporate Executive Chef, Demetrio Zavala, showcases pumpkin prepared in three creative forms: two savory and one dessert:

• Bacon Wrapped Pumpkin Lollipops topped with Spiced Bourbon Honey
• Pumpkin Scallops with Lobster Mushrooms, Swiss Chard and Truffle Mustard
• Pumpkin Bread Pudding served with Eggnog Ice Cream and Candied Sage

LINCOLN’s mixology team has also added pumpkin to its bar program with Pumpkin infusions featuring Pumpkin Bourbon and Pumpkin Spiced Bourbon. For the beer lover’s, LINCOLN has added Schlafly Pumpkin Ale to their beer menu for the month. Playing off the restaurant’s popular Emancipation Punch Bowls, LINCOLN will be introducing Harvest Punch Bowls consisting of:

• 18oz Bengal Spice Tea
• 60z Clove Syrup
• 6oz Lemon Juice
• 6oz Chairmans Reserve Spiced Rum
• 6oz Corsair Pumpkin Spice Moonshine
• 1oz Regans Orange Bitters
• 5 Slices of Orange

The Pumpkin menu items will be available at LINCOLN starting Oct. 5 and will be featured throughout the entire month of October.

LINCOLN Restaurant is located at 1110 Vermont Avenue, NW”

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  • I think I just gained 5 pounds just from reading this post…

  • POP readers DON’T go here! I do not hate many places but I can honestly say that I hate Lincoln. I had a horrible experience here in August. All of my friends who went before warned me but I did not listen. These pumpkin treats may sound yummy written down but when you get there they will arrive to your table, cold, small and overpriced.

    Also FYI if you order tater tots here you get 3 on a long plate with odd salmon roe on top. Bleh.

    • Wow, that sucks you had such a terrible experience. I’ve been to Lincoln several times and really love it. Just went this past weekend and my friends and I thought the food, drinks and service were fantastic!

    • They don’t really hide the fact that they serve small plates…so I have to wonder what you were expecting, a bucket a la Sticky Rice?

  • That boozy punch looks delicious, although it appears to be 75% ice. At least they provided the recipe in case I want to go out and buy $300 worth booze.

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