PoPville Photographs Last Night’s High Heels Race

Photo by PoPville flickr user Takka-San

For those that went to the annual High Heels Race (17th St, NW in Dupont) how was it this year? One reader shares their experience:

“I loved attending last night’s drag heel race near Dupont until about 20 minutes after the race when the police decided that the street needed to be cleared, and did such with a lot of force and rudeness, using motorcycles with loud sirens to push people onto the sidewalks so that we literally could not leave, causing more of a crowd problem than they had before. It seems doubtful to me that many cars would be inconvenienced by another half hour of road closure at 10 PM on a Tuesday, and I’m wondering if anyone else felt these actions were unnecessary, unproductive, and possibly disrespectful. I was shocked that they felt this was the best way to handle the situation. Am I naive to think that common sense and patience should be the norm, especially at an event about tolerance and celebrating all walks of life?”

Photo by PoPville flickr user pablo.raw

Photo by PoPville flickr user Takka-San

Photo by PoPville flickr user pablo.raw

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  • The government, whose approval ratings are at 9%, are growing concerned about the 99% turning the Arab Spring into an American Fall and Winter.

    See Atlanta and Oakland PD’s actions from yesterday.

    As they say in Game of Thrones…”Winter is Coming.”

      • 500 police officers used flashbangs, long range acoustical devices, and tear gas to clear out 75 people, mostly asleep, from a park in Oakland last night. They even announced that if the occupiers do not wake up and leave they would use “chemical weapons” on them (in violation of international law). They gassed an elderly woman in a wheelchair and there is video of a police officer targeting and throwing a flashbang (which can be deadly) directly at 2 people trying to help a person that had been shot by rubber bullets that could not move. Hence, his comment. This is happening in many cities.

        • Or, you know, it could just be they wanted to clear the streets, not a massive conspiracy to subdue the people (events in Oakland and Atlanta not withstanding). Then again, we all know that drag queens having some fun are known to spark huge riots against the government.

        • Yeah thanks, I got that. I’m trying to figure out what that has to do with last night’s high heels race.

          • It doesn’t have anything to do with the High Heel Race, as far as I can tell.

            Seems like the post would’ve been more appropriate for the Rant/Rave thread.

        • Awesome! Is there footage of that online?

  • I didn’t know rudeness was considered force. It’s the cops job to clear the street and open traffic back up by a certain time. Asking a big crowd to politely move doesn’t typically get the job done.

  • The weather was great last night; good times and great vibes…

  • It was more fun back in the day when the race was unauthorized and the cops would chase and try to arrest the drag queens.

    Good times!

    • I remember that well. The cops would use their motorcycles to push the crowds back onto the sidewalks. I actually nearly fell down when a cop pushed his front wheel into my legs. That was 1991 before it was a mostly straight crowd.

  • This was the case last year as well, police clearing the street immediately after the race, which is the best time to be there because immediately before and during the race it’s far too crowded for most people to actually see queens. I don’t think the police did anything wrong, I’m sure they were just enforcing the times negotiated on the permit, but I wish the organizers could find a way to extend the time until 10 or 11pm.

  • Asking nicely first would probably help. Treating people with dignity goes a long way.

    • So does clearing the street when told to do so by the police.

      • Sure, but if you’re trying, and there’s no where to go, then using force is not warranted.

        • The Arab Spring is turning into a dark,7th century winter.
          A bunch of trust fund googly eyed salon revolutionaries funded by rich charlatans and inspired and supported by the unvetted Resident of 1600 Pen Ave, ARE NOT a vehicle for change.not here,not anywhere.
          ther are just pawns and useful idiots for much bigger,sinister powers.
          However….the Drag race was great,like every year.

    • Is this “police can be polite” thing a new thing? I’ve never seen this. I thought it was supposed to be generally regarded that police were, by and large, jerks who yell a lot but get the job done (hopefully).

  • perhaps next year you can clear the street since you think you can do a better job?

    What???? ……..didn’t think so.

  • Having attended last night the Police probably had a duty to clear the street of all the drunks and those drinking in the street. As people were headed out you could see the empty beer cans and solo cups in the street.

  • I thought the clearing of the streets was needed. It allowed the street cleaners to come in right away, which is obviously very important. It did not stop the fun in any way. It was a great night that showed the event at the top of its game thanks to the wonderful weather and enthusiastic participants and crowds.

  • Yep- they did that last year as well. It’s a pain for getting home via the sidewalks… but I would think that’s something you should be prepared for going in…

  • It was a Tuesday night, on a heavily residential street.

    A rowdy, heavily intoxicated crowd…

    When it’s time to get off the street, it’s time to get off the street.

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