Judging Restaurants – The Codmother

The Codmother opened up in June ’11 at 1334 U St, NW underneath Touchdown sports bar. Their Facebook page says:

“The Codmother will be a true Washingtonian Chippie and will bring this awesome traditional British food to our City with a few modern touches with a wide selection of beers and whiskeys. Therefore we proudly (also ironically) call our chippie an artisanal junk food heaven.”

Any fans?

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  • Absolutely Love it. Highly recommend it – Beer/Shot combo’s can’t be beat, music is always awesome, fish/chips are some of the best i’ve had on this side of the atlantic.

  • And the chalk outline artwork really makes you want to go inside!

  • Can only speak to Codmother’s bar, but have every intention of going for the fish & chips soon. The drink prices are more than reasonable, the owner and bartenders are friendly, and the overall vibe ranges from laid back drinks to late night dance party. My friends and I love this place; highly recommend it.

    Only complaint would be to spruce up the music options. Three Green Day songs in one evening is three too many.

  • Drink selection seemed good, but the bar was way way way too loud the night I went. So loud, in fact, that you couldn’t hear the person you were talking to or order easily from the bar. Looked like everyone was doing a fair amount of pointing to get the order across. It wasn’t the acoustics, it was the volume at which the music was played. Vibe seemed otherwise pretty good.

  • One of my new favorite bars in DC. The fish and chips are awesome, and the drink prices can’t be beat. $2 for a PBR on Fridays and Saturdays? Yes, please. The owner and staff are super-friendly, and the atmosphere is great. Highly recommended!

  • Funny, I went there more than a month ago and had the same issue with the loud music. I pointed out in my Yelp review, and the owner contacted me and apologized and said they would take care of it.

    Clearly, he did not. I wasn’t going to even post about this, until I saw the other reviewers. My bad experience could be isolated. Two more equals a trend.

  • I am a Codmother super fan! As stated above, the fish and chips are tasty, the drinks are cheap, and enough can’t be said about the friendly staff. DC could use more places like this.

  • Love the ‘Mother. Clean dark little bar with enough room to move around and still feel cozy. Decent punk rock on the regular, and cheap drinks can’t be beat. Late-night vibes and basement location tend to ward off the obnoxious U st. late-night drunks, and welcome the awesome U st. late-night drunks.

  • I’m a big fan of the Codmother. The prices are great, the food is great, and the people (employees and patrons) are FANTASTIC.
    The music can be a little loud sometimes (and yes, if you hang out there for more than a couple hours, you’re bound to hear the same song a couple of times – drunk people love requesting Journey, for some reason), but the bartenders are pretty good about turning it down if you ask.
    The Codmother is the next up-and-coming destination bar in DC. I highly recommend it!

  • I happened upon the Codmother by chance a few months ago and now consider it my go-to bar. As everyone else has mentioned, the food is tasty and the beer is cheap but what I like most about ‘Mother is that the staff (bartenders, buser, and owners alike) treat you like family. If you’re looking for a quiet drink during the week, or a spontaneous dance-party on a Saturday, then I suppose I’ll see you at Codmother.

  • I’m a big fan of the place (and, according to the owner, the first regular). Laid back in the early afternoon and a good place for a late lunch of fish and chips with a few beers to wash it down, and every time I come in at night I end up meeting new people and making new friends (and a few questionable decisions).

  • Haha. “Joe” (3:56pm) could easily be Joey (“JC” 3:47pm), but I assure you that they’re different people.

  • I’m still too bummed out about Cafe Nema closing down to check out Codmother, but the reviews are making me think I should check it out.

  • Great food and reasonably-priced beer. The cod comes in chunky nuggets and you get mushy peas and tartar sauce to dip it in, and the fries are stellar, too. Music is solid (70s, 80s, and 90s Punk/New Wave with a tendency towards British groups, nothing wrong with that); I’ve been three times and never thought it was too loud. It’s got this eclectic Britpunk aesthetic that fits well with the location.

  • Fun atmosphere with good music and friendly, attentive staff. Came in for the first time last Saturday night. There was a good amount of people there, but it was not overcrowded. The good-times music was flowing with everything from Rancid and the Ramones to some Charlie Daniels with the Devil Went Down to Georgia. I plan on going back.

  • My boyfriend and I take shots and have beers here when the night is still young. I like it.

  • awesome bar with really friendly staff , super crowded on weekends tho.

  • My buddy brought me to this joint for my B-day and I gotta say… It was a lot better than the first place we went to that night. They had a great atmosphere that was more personable than other places I have been. The staff was so awesome, it was almost as if they were part of the group I was hanging with and would never have to wait for a round. I will definitely be going back soon…

  • I attended the Codmother with a group of friends. I don’t have the complaints that others who posted replies had about the music volume. My friends and I were able to communicate/hear each other just fine and were even able to converse with patrons at the next table. The staff was great, providing quick and friendly service, and I really enjoyed the ‘cozy’ atmosphere. I would definitely make a return visit.

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