I’m Very Late to This One – Ansonia Wines Store Closed at 1828 18th Street, NW

Apparently the store closed July 30th at 1828 18th St, NW. But for fans – it looks like you can still order on line. Ansonia Wines opened up back in Nov. ’09. It’s a pretty tough location since the entrance is not very obvious downstairs in the basement.

I’m not sure how I missed the closing of the store but in other news – apparently the Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl.

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  • orderedchaos

    “…apparently the Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl.”

    ARRRGH! I DVRed that game but haven’t watched it yet and didn’t know who won. Please warn us when you’re going to reveal a spoiler like that!


  • msmaryedith

    Their blog says they closed the store because the landlord went bankrupt, and that you can still order wines adn pick them up from Biagio Chocolate, and Smucker Farms.

    Sad, it was a great little shop!

  • +1 to Packer fan. Unfortunately, we won’t be watching it at the Hawk. At least we closed it yesterday with an &$@-whipping of Denver.

  • Very expensive wines. A boutiqueish business.

  • I liked the place but the location was not optimal and their focus on burgundy wine was a bit out of the mainstream and unlikely to get a lot of traction. However, they favored small producers that they knew from their trips to France. They knew their stuff but I do think that the were too much of a niche for a retail operation. Still get their e-mails an anyone who likes burgundy should get them also. Good luck to them.

  • The fact that this place only sold French wines put them in the extreme niche.

  • Definitely a niche that would make it hard to pay the rent, but I’m glad Mr. Ansonia is keeping the online store alive.

  • That’s too bad, but like PoP said, the downstairs location always seemed a major negative to me. I walk along that part of 18th quite often and I usually wouldn’t even notice the place.

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