Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – Mt. Pleasant

This rental is located at 1837 Newton St NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“This is a fully furnished, 1 bath, 1 bedroom 750 sq. ft. basement apartment with a living room, and a full sized kitchen. Comforts include washer/ dryer, and microwave, and optional cable access and rear parking. All utilities included. The basement unit is located in a well tended early 20th century red brick row house, in the middle of historic Mt Pleasant. The feel of the area is like a small quiet village nestled in the middle of a city. It is within walking distance to just about every available service, including the Columbia Heights and Cleveland Park metro stations, myriad frequent cross-town bus lines, including the “S” lines on 16th St. and the Uptown H4 and H2 lines, a discount retailer, and numerous grocery stores.”

This 1 bed is going for $1600.

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  • Those are some depressing furnishings!

  • I want to say it’s overpriced (and I agree with the previous comment–the whole apartment looks depressing!), but I’m sure they’ll find some idiot who will pay that.
    (Also, I’m curious what they’re referring to when they say “discount retailer”? Are they talking about the Target in CH?)

  • cellar windows and what looks like stairs going up. Does it have its own entrance/exit?

  • Whoa, I rented a 1,000 sq. ft. English basement a block away five years ago, albeit unfurnished, for $500 less than this. Has rent really gone up that much in the neighborhood? From what I hear from friends who still live there, not much has changed in regard to the general lack of quality retail and dining, and there is still just as much nuisance, petty crime going on.

    • The 1BR + den basement apartment in the house I used to live in (18th & Kilbourne) went for $1600+ a couple of years ago, I’m not sure what it rents for today. Depends a bit on the size and quality of the basement I suppose.

  • seems reasonable. nice area.

    The area has definitely changed in the past five years. Less crime and a lot more retail and dining in the area, especially if you count Columbia Heights just a few blocks away.

  • Keeping in mind that all utilities are included, it seems reasonable to me. Very nice for someone who likes to be right next to the park.

  • No way! It would be like living in your granparents basement with their hand me down furniture but paying rent, too much rent.
    The stairs are a little suspect. I’m guessing this is not a legal rental.

  • It may be a legal rental, if there is no locking door going down to the basement apartment from the main part of the house. You would be like…roomies!

  • It is gloomy – I had to look hard in the photos to even see a window. I wouldn’t want the furnishings either, so that would be a bargaining point. However, considering utilties are included and there’s parking, it might not be too bad. If it’s high, it’s only by a little.

  • Rents fluctuate quite a bit in this area, especially with basement apartments, so it’s hard to say whether this is a good deal, although he’ll probably get what he’s asking. It’s a very nice and desirable area.

  • Furnished = I’m too cheap to haul this s**t to the dump and Goodwill won’t take it.

    And what does “optional cable access and rear parking” mean?
    Like – another $100 for parking and $100 for cable?

  • This seems a bit on the expensive side. I live in a bigger (albeit unfurnished) 1 bedroom basement near 19th and Park, with all utilities included except electricity for $1150.

    Also, saying it’s walking distance to Cleveland Park metro is a bit of a stretch. There are no sidewalks on Klingle going through Rock Creek.

    And, yeah, those furnishings are straight 70s time warp.

  • I used to live a few doors down from this place! Its a decent size, but almost no light and worse, its damp. It used to be $1200 about 4 years ago, I think. And is up for rent just about every eyar.

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