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“Dear PoPville,

While rummaging through some old boxes at our family home, I came across my great-uncle’s effects. Among them, his wristwatch, which I would like to give to my brother for his birthday. The crystal needs to be replaced, and obviously it will need a new battery. Does anyone know of a good watch repair shop? Thanks!”

I’ve always thought the Brookland Watch Clock & Jewelry Clinic located at 3924 12th St NE would be a good spot. Anyone else have good recs?

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  • There is watch repairman next to the post office on 14th between K and L that I take my watches to whenever needing repair. I would recommend him but I forget the name of his store.

    • i’m blanking on the name of this place, too, but the guy there was fantastic

    • It’s called Hahn Time, I think. I wouldn’t recommend them for anything other than a battery replacement or something like that. They replaced the battery in a waterproof watch of mine, then the watch leaked. It was clear they mangled the o-ring gasket because some of it was sticking out of the back of the watch when they returned it to me. They at first said it was like that before (it wasn’t), then “fixed” it by glopping clear silicone around the back of the watch. I ended up sending the watch back to the manufacturer, which doubled the cost. They were pleasant enough to deal with, but I wouldn’t give them anything remotely complex.

      • In fairness, I should mention that this was a number of years ago; they may have changed hands or personnel since then.

  • For watch battery replacements, I always go to Lee Brothers, on the corner of Columbia Road and Champlain in Adams Morgan (near City Bikes and Churreria Madrid).

    The store (especially the exterior) is dingy and depressing, and I’m not sure how it stays in business, but I’ve been content with the watch-related work I’ve had done there.

  • PDleftMtP

    If it needs actual fixing, try Compton Jewelers across the street from Swings down by the OEOB. They’re real watch guys and can handle cleaning and repairing mechanical movements, replacing quartz movements, etc.

    • I second Compton’s. They have restored two antique watches for me and did a great job. It’s a family-run business – Alan Compton is a very experienced watchmaker, and his son Craig and an associate handle most of the complex repairs. Also try Sam at Afram Jewelers at NY Ave NW & 15th. He’s a watchmaker as well.

  • Watch repair at 18th and Swann is great

  • i second the place on 14th between k & l. (name unknown). he replaced the glass on my husband’s watch when it was all scratched up and has done battery replacements for us as well.

  • There’s a good little watch shop in the small mall at 20th and Pennsylvania in Foggy Bottom/Farragut — the mall with the Bertuccis and Johnny Rockets. If you work downtown, it’s convenient.

  • Wow! The Brookland Watch Clock & Jewelry Clinic looks like a great place. I have some pieces I can definitely take there.

    Thanks for that info PoP!

    • I second the nomination from Brookland Watch and Jewelry Clinic. I live around the corner and have been here a couple times. Just keep in mind: Hours are limited. I believe they are only open Thursday through Saturday, or Wednesday through Saturday. The owner has been there for a very long time

  • There’s a great place on rhode island, across the street from the metro/home depot.

  • I second Compton’s. I’ve had a number of watches repaired and cleaned there over the years. They do great work and are very reasonable.

  • Ecker’s Clock and Watch up in Bethesda is absolutely the best. Kind of a hike up there, but this is the guy that the Smithsonian uses to repair watches in its collection, so it will get fixed right.

  • clevelanddave

    One of the few places I know of in the area that can do complex repairs to mechanical watches and clocks- not just crystal and battery repairs and such is the Clock Shop in Vienna, Virginia. So if you have a grandfather clock, or a case clock that is 100 years old or more, try them…

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