Dear PoPville – Surge in Burglaries in Mt Pleasant, Meeting Tonight

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“Dear PoPville,

Have you heard about the epidemic of burglaries going on in MtP? It looks like today’s police community meeting will be interesting. Maybe you could help share info about the meeting? see below.


An extraordinary surge of neighborhood burglaries that began in the summer has continued in recent weeks despite the implementation by MPD of a burglary action plan. 14 burglaries have occurred in the last month — 3 coming over the weekend.

I would strongly encourage others to raise this issue at the PSA 301 police meeting tonight, details at bottom. (I will try to attend, though I may be prevented by a work deadline.) At the last meeting, there were representatives of the mayor, Councilmember Graham, and several MPD officers, but just two residents, counting Jack. More than one person attending remarked about the absence of neighbors, and I detected a feeling that the lack of attendance correlated to a lack of concerns.

So, first, I think it would be useful for many residents to attend the meeting and to express to city and MPD representatives that security in the neighborhood is our paramount concern. Progress is far more likely if they all recognize our strong view that the current level of burglary and other crime is flat-out unacceptable.

Second, I think it’s appropriate to ask what exactly the MPD is doing to address this problem. The data show that this is an extraordinary wave of burglaries, and that calls for an extraordinary response. We were informed a couple of weeks ago that a burglary action plan of some sort has been put into effect. What does that plan consist of? Given the continuing surge of burglaries, it seems reasonable to conclude that additional steps are required. What are those steps?

Third, I think it would be useful to share with residents more information about how these burglaries are being committed. When I have asked the police for details, they have simply responded that there is no pattern. That may be the case, but I think we could benefit by knowing exactly how the crimes are being committed, as well as any identifying information about the suspects. That could help us anticipate and identify criminal activity. This information should be shared with everyone in the neighborhood — few of whom visit this website. How is that to be done?

Details for tonight’s meeting:
Metropolitan Police Department PSA 301 Community Meeting
Wednesday October 26, 2011
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
La Casa Community Center
3166 Mt. Pleasant Street, NW

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  • There were two more burglaries yesterday:

    PSA: 301
    CCN: 11156902
    RPT DATE: 10/25/2011
    OFFENSE: Burglary
    BLOCK: 3600 B/O 16TH ST NW
    LOCATION: Residence/Home
    START DT: 10/23/2011
    START TM: 04:00:00
    END DT: 10/23/2011
    END TM: 07:00:00
    PSA: 301
    CCN: 11156738
    RPT DATE: 10/25/2011
    OFFENSE: Burglary
    BLOCK: 3400 B/O 17TH ST NW
    LOCATION: Residence/Home
    START DT: 10/25/2011
    START TM: 01:00:00
    END DT: 10/25/2011
    END TM: 08:15:00

  • If all those planning to attend tonight’s meeting could please list their name and address below it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hilarious.

  • To fill out the picture a bit:

    In the past week there have been two burglaries on the 2000 block of Park Road, a burglary on the 2000 block of Pierce Mill Road, and a mugging on Newton between 16th and Brown.

  • Fingers crossed they try coming into my place on Irving. The back window is unlocked. I have something waiting for them. It will end this.

    • mtpgal

      I’m picturing an alligator. Although one cannot, legally, set a deadly force trap to protect property, if the alligator just happens to be there . . .

      • I’m picturing a bunch of sharp Christmas ornaments that will impale the burglar’s feet, which will be bare after they’ve encountered several other booby traps.

  • Are these meetings held monthly? How are they normally advertised? I’ve lived in Mt P for several years and I can only remember seeing a bulletin about a community meeting on crime posted once or twice. Thanks for any info!!

    • PDleftMtP

      Agree. There’s the Mt. Pleasant forum, but it’s very sporadically attended by a few people who make the DCist commenters look polite and considerate. The ANC doesn’t seem that interested in communicating outside its echo chamber – it’s apparently our job to go to them. There was an e-mail newsletter years ago (I’ve been in the area about 15 years), but now there isn’t much by way of systematic communication in the neighborhood.

    • PSA 301 meets the 4th Thursday of every month.

    • The PSA 301 meetings are held monthly, as another poster has noted. Announcements are posted in the MountPleasantDC Yahoo group: as well as on the Mount Pleasant Forum: I also put up posters on Mount Pleasant Street before each PSA meeting.

      I really don’t know how much more I can do to publicize these meetings.

      Resident turnout was fairly good this evening, and Lt Pate led a useful discussion of the burglary problem in Mount Pleasant.

      • Jack,

        I was the one that alerted PoPville about the meeting. The two burglaries while sleeping (one on my own block) did it for me, not to mention the other 13 “regular” burglaries. Unfortunately, with two sick children I could not make it last night. I am sure police are trying their best but this is now an issue for the entire community. It just freaks me out they can do this kind of stuff.

        I would encourage you to send use PoP to make meeting announcements, etc.

  • I’d like to think I keep pretty informed on local events/news by reading PoP, DCist, WeLoveDC, Borderstan and others, but this is the first time I’ve heard of these burglaries in my neighborhood.

  • When I lived in MtP a few years ago, it seems like there was always a surge of burglaries in the neighborhood.

  • anyone know if the start and end time are am or pm?

    • The start and end times are a.m. (Police reports are written using military time – i.e., in the 24 hour format instead of the 12 hour format.)

  • A friend was recently burglarized in Mt Pleasant – one of the middle of the night while the family was alseep deals. A very bad situation that could have been much worse. Sounds like these burglaries are getting bolder, and hate to say, but it’s only a matter of time before there’s a run in between the residents and burglars. Hope MPD is able to get them before that happens.

  • I actually think that Jack does a great job communicating. But you have to read his newsletter. I receive it at my house, but generally end up pulling it from the forum. Although the forums aren’t constantly used, it seems that people always get answers to their questions relatively quickly.

    The burglaries I find quite scary. The previous residents of my house installed a security system that is attached to every opening in the home I think. But it still doesn’t make me happy to think of someone coming in here.

  • It’s clear that Jack does a great job reaching out. I’ve lived in Mount Pleasant since 2006, though, and have NEVER heard from my ANC representative, Pastora/Stormy Scott (even when we needed her help and contacted her).

    It would be great if the ANC reached out to the whole district in a coordinated fashion so that our useless commissioners’ constituents receive the same information as everyone else.

    • I can’t do anything about the other commissioners; they do what they feel is sufficient, and that’s their call. But I’m always accessible via the Forum, as are my newsletters. As for the Forum, I think it’s a reasonably civil place, and it’s getting better. The occasional nasty posts are just part of life on the Internet.

      To take an example, the discussions on the Forum concerning the killing of a resident by a falling tree branch were considerate and sympathetic. Compare the discussions of that incident on DCist, which were appalling, as was noted here.

      The MountPleasantDC Yahoo group is best for routine announcements. The Forum is best for on-line dialog. All ANC resolutions and meeting minutes are posted there as well.

  • I attended the meeting last night. Lt. Micah Pate is planning to distribute a flyer to every house in Mt. Pleasant that will advise residents (1) about the recent wave of burglaries; (2) how to make houses secure; (3) about suspicious signs to look out for; (4) what should be reported to the police; (5) specifically, instructions for joining a new PSA 301 listserv that will serve the dual purpose of enabling better communication to police and among neighbors.

  • We were one of the park road burglary victims. He/she/they entered our house between midnight and 5:30 AM last Wednesday morning via the back door. We slept through it. They wiped out all our technology, stole a high end bicycle, my entire purse w/ all contents and then BOLDLY took my husband’s keys and drove off w/ his vehicle and all the stuff — how convenient. With the help of social networking, WE (not the police) located the vehicle!!!!! It was parked in Columiba Heights. These people are bold.

    • My heart goes out to you and your family Lisa. I can’t believe they can do this kind of stuff. I would have assumed our old creaky homes are difficult targets for this kind of stuff.

  • It isn’t just Mt. P. My house in Columbia Heights got hit a couple weeks ago. It was in broad daylight and they took our stuff out the front door.

    Did anyone attend the meeting? What happened?

  • The MO of these robbers sounds VERY familiar to me. About 8 years ago there was a rash of home entry incidents going on around !7th& Newton area( 5 in one week). Just like these incidents, they watched the houses , got to know your routine and broke in at the best time that they could get in and out undetected. They hit 1657 Newton 3 times in one month terrorizing what was then a group house. Each time they took the same things: winter coats, purse, cell phone and car keys, then went and got the car.
    I was 8 months pregnant, living in a basement apartment and working night shift at Children’s Hospital. No more than 3 weeks after I bought a car to have for the baby someone broke in when I was sleeping off the night shift ( 5pm was when he started using my cell phone). He took my purse, my winter coat, and my car keys. He then went two blocks down the street to get my car where I had parked it that morning in front of Bangcroft ( no parking in front of my house that day)

    When the cops got my car back three weeks later and arrested someone I found out that he lived in 1300 block of Newton St, NW ( 3 blocks east) and was a career criminal. Just like these cases, he and his buddies were using my Jeep to rob other houses. I came home every morning from Children’s at 8AM, so the only way some one would have known that THAT was my car and that I would be asleep inside with the keys( that IS why they broke into the apartment) would have been if they were up early every day, sitting across the street watching from a window or porch.

    My guess, one of grandma’s boys just got let out of jail and is back in the neighborhood. Perhaps the cops have a pretty good idea who it is and it is just a matter of time. Words of advice: check every dead bolt, every bar and every window. Upload the “find my iphone app” and leave your iPhone out prominantly.

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