Dear PoPville – Persian food in DC?

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“Dear PoPville,

Here’s a question I’ve had for a while and would love if you could crowdsource: Ever since the awesome Caravan Grill on 18th Street closed down in 2007, I have been looking for another good Persian restaurant in the area. Can anyone tell me where I could find a great fesenjoon, especially within the District?”

There are a few Afghan choices but does anyone know of good Persian in the area?

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  • unfortunately its not in the district, but shamshiry in tysons corner has excellent persian food and an amusingly written menu.

  • I think Moby Dick is delicious. Not high end, but it’s reasonable and consistently good.

  • Seconding Moby Dick! There’s not much else in the area anyways but the ‘burbs probably have a lot more options. Shamshiri near Tyson’s Corner was very good, packed with Persian families and had incredible saffron ice cream….

  • All my persian friends love to go to Shimshiry out in Tysons.

    I am not sure about within DC borders.

  • Don’t think Moby’s is Persian. More on the Lebanese side. No fesenjan and other stews. But I like Moby’s a lot.

    • Moby Dick is Persian style kabob. Kabob Palace in Crystal City has Afghan style kabob, as well as delicious stews.

    • Moby is 100% Persian. They do have stews, but they are usually one of the specials during the week.

  • Moby Dick is Persian the way my Persian grandmother makes it. It’s totally authentic. The chain is named for the most famous restaurant in Shiraz.

    They do the rice (polo) and stew dishes as specials, one a day. They often sell out, though, so plan on getting there for lunch. Can’t say which day they do fessenjoon, but I had an awesome ghormeh sabzi there not too long ago.

    • Shamed for not knowing that Moby’s is Persian and not Lebanese, she slinks back to her little corner of the blog…

  • jim_ed

    what everyone else said. Moby Dick Combo #2 = kabob bliss.

  • Yekta Kabob House in Rockville.
    Went fancy with the decor a few months ago,but the food is authentic and the beef kababs are yummy !

    • greenroofgoddess

      +1 My Persian hubby approves of Yekta when we run out at home, and the attached grocery store is a great ingredient resource. Frankly, though, no one’s fessenjoon is as yummy as my mother in law’s, so we just bring back a suitcase of it frozen when we visit LA!

  • Just to further clarify, Moby Dick is absolutely a Persian restaurant, it mainly focuses on kabob dishes but also has daily specials: Lubya Polo (MONDAY), Baghaala Polo (TUESDAY), Khoresht Gheymeh Bademjan (WEDNESDAY), Zereshk Polo (THURSDAY) and Ghormeh Sabzi (FRIDAY). Locations in the district are in Georgetown & Dupont Circle.
    There is another Persian kabob restaurant called Friends Kabob, located at 1195 20th St NW, they also mostly focus on kabob but also have similar daily specials to Moby Dick.
    Outside of the city there is, as mentioned earlier Shamshiry in Tysons Corner and Yekta in Rockville, there is also Kabob Bazaar in Bethesda and Caspian out in Gaithersburg.

  • pablo .raw

    I was a big fan of Caravan Grill loved all their food (except the rose ice cream), I’ll have to check Moby Dick soon.

  • Kabob Bazaar is by far the best authentic Persian cuisine in the DMV. Excellent service and atmosphere! Bazaar delicious kabobs keep coming back for more. Check it out.

  • I second Kabob Bazaar in Clarendon, I believe they have fesenjoon on Saturdays. Also good is Johnny’s Kabob out in Germantown…

  • Plenty of Persian kabob places in the district but the best one is Kabob Bazaar in Clarendon. they also recently opened a second location in Bethesda.

    But overall in DMV, you can’t go wrong with Shamshiry at Tysons. It’s that authentic kabob…My man JC knows what I am talking about!!!

  • I second Moby Dicks- back when I was working in Maryland it was the go-to place with my Persian co-workers!

    Not Persian, but at least not too far north of the old Caravan Grill location: Old City Cafe in AdMo serves some very tasty Palestinian fare.

  • i might go for some mobies tomorrow. sooo good! best kabob ever.

  • Here’s a recent review of Kabob Bazaar in Bethesda:

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