Dear PoPville – Any New Gyms on the Horizon?

“Dear PoPville,

Have you heard any buzz about plans for a new gym in Petworth/Mount P/Columbia Heights? Washington Sports Club in the Target building is a mess…. mismanaged, overpriced, oversold– but with a prime location and no competition north of U Street. It would be fantastic to have an independent gym in the area, but even another chain option would be an improvement.”

Unfortunately the sign above is the closest I’ve seen to a new gym coming to Petworth. It makes me weep to think we almost had one at 3910 Georgia Ave, NW. Back in Oct. ’10 there was some scuttlebutt that a small gym was looking into the space above Meridian Pint at 11th and Park Rd, NW but nothing ever came of that. To be honest it seems like a real business opportunity. I know we also pine for a movie theater and a book store but I realize those would probably have a tough time being profitable. But I honestly think a new gym in the Petworth/Columbia Heights/Mt. Pleasant area would make a killing. I’m hopeful one day an investor with an ounce of vision will realize this…

In the meantime we spoke about some reasonably priced gyms around town here.

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  • Ditto for Bloomingdale, we need a good gym near by

  • Just save your money, get P90X, and actually do it.

    • Agree! Save your money, get P90X on Craig’s list for half the price, and actually do it. Worked for me!

  • The abandoned new construction of Bacon Funeral Home would make an awesome gym. Results? Golds? Anything?

    Guaranteed investment for any size gym anywhere North of 14 and Irving.

  • Any word on what’s going on with Vida at City Vista?

    • shipsa01

      Originally told January of ’12, but if you look in the windows they’ll be lucky if they get Summer of ’12. Word on the street is that now that their other two locations are up and running, they’re going to devote their time and efforts to this location full-time. We’ll see…

      • I don’t understand what’s taking so long. The gym was already in reasonably good shape and was fully stocked with equipment. Sure, maybe Vida wants to put in one of those infinity pools or something similar, but what could they possibly need to do in there that would take almost two years?

  • I miss the original Results at 16th & U. We need a gym in Shaw.

  • @Bloomingdale Rez: I’m looking into a membership with Vida now — planning on putting up with the inconvenience of Chinatown or the Renaissance location until CityVista opens up. The membership person I emailed with said they plan to open in Feb. or March, with no firm date yet.

    • I’ve got nothing against Vida except that it’s crazy expensive. I don’t want a “lifestyle gym,” I just want a nearby place that has treadmills and bikes.

  • some friends of mine just started up DC Combat Labs, which is a mix of fitness (yoga, monkey ball gym, etc) and martial arts classes. so, not really a gym, per se, but another option. van ness might be a bit out of the way for the listed locations, though.

  • Crunch gym has two new facilities, one in Chevy Chase, one at metro center. They have really fun classes (which is why I joined), and a ton of new equipment. Get in now while it’s still only $30/month (access to both locations). There’s a joining fee of $200, but I got it for $100 with very little arm twisting.

  • I go to Trinity Center in Brookland. On-site parking, metro shuttle, indoor pool, cardio and strength equipment and classes. They are really reasonably priced.

    • SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! No way, that is a sweet deal, less than 50 bucks a month with an indoor pool? Walking distance from all of Bloomingdale? Woot Woot gotta try that out. Thanks mate!

  • We need a real, full-size gym to compete with WSC in or near Columbia Heights. That place is ridiculously crowded. Come on, Gold’s, Fitness First, Bally’s, Equinox, Results, anybody!

  • Even though it’s not a gym, I’ve been doing personal training workouts with District Fitness. Mike is a great trainer and we utilize a lot of the public spaces in DC. He’s based out of Mt. Pleasant, so that’s convenient for the Mt. Pleasant, Columbia Heights, Petworth, Adams Morgan crowds. Much better than a gym in my opinion.

  • IMHO Most DC Gyms are wayyy too overpriced ($120/month is WAYYYY too much VIDA). Fitness First is the only notable exception (Pay $27/month membership).

    I’ve heard rumors that a gym might be coming to the new Rhode Island Row development. Anybody have any insight?

  • I’ve been quite happy with WSC in Columbia Heights, actually. But that may be because I usually go in the AM (around 7:30/8) – on the later side, but still early enough to get into the office for normal work hours. I often get my own lane in the pool, even.

  • Any new information on the big hole in the ground at 14th and W? Are they still planning to put in a YMCA?

  • Weight benches are usually full (and by full, I mean people are camping out on them while they do circuits) by 6:30 a.m. Weight racks are mostly empty even right when they open. I don’t understand how they can be this oversold, charge as much as they do, and not even have enough staff to put the weights back where they belong at night.

    Beyond that, having a Groupon special right before the New Years pop in addition to constantly peddling memberships at a table outside just adds insult to injury.

    I’ve tried coming at night also and I swear the place is over fire capacity. The greatest heart rate increase you’re going to get at WSC after 5 pm is from being PO’d while you’re standing in line for a treadmill or scavenger hunting for weights.

    • Strange … I don’t do free weights, but I’ve rarely had to wait for a machine, and have always found at least one free tread mill. WSC is fine for my purposes, and I go at various times of day and on weekends.

  • Petworthy—Good thought—I’ve considered switching to machines for strength training since they don’t seem to be in demand as much as free weights/benches at WSC (and can’t disappear from the floor quite as easily), but I’ve heard a lot of them can cause excessive strain or injury, so free weights are a safer bet for lifting regularly.

    Going at other times of day would also be great but I work an 8-to-5 so I’m stuck with peak times (early morning or early evening)… just my opinion, but I think given the price, they should have enough space/equipment to handle the number of memberships they have sold, even during rush hours.

  • Does anyone know of any gyms on the Hill near Eastern market, besides the WSC and Results? It seems like that area is a deadzone for gyms.

  • Please please someone open up some sort of gym in Bloomingdale/Shaw/LeDroit…it doesn’t have to be fancy…just the basics would be great.

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