Dear PoPville – Heavy Duty Cleaning Recommendation?

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“Dear PoPville,

We recently had our kitchen sink overflow in our apartment. What’s worse is that with the backup and subsequent repairs a large amount of sediment from the pipes, including our neighbor’s multiple fish tanks gunk which he dumps down the drain, has ended up all over our floors, underneath our fridge, etc. We have cleaned as much as we can but it’s still not clean. It’s really disgusting. We now need to bring in cleaners who can bring our kitchen counters and floors back to a healthful standard. We have a house cleaner who is excellent but we think this job needs someone trained in handling this mess. Does anyone have a company they can recommend? I would rather find my own services rather than leave it to our landlords “friends” to come in and do a shoddy job.”

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  • Try ServPro. I don’t have experience with them, but it sounds like what you are asking for. h


  • We had a good experience with a professional cleaner when our basement bedrooms flooded recently. He’s based out of Thomas Circle, I’ll find his bill and post tomorrow.

  • ServPro unfortunately has a wait list for several weeks. I look forward to the other recommendation!

    Thanks to you both!

  • Just a side note: you may want to check with your rental insurance company to see if you are covered in any way.

  • Try Begal Enterprises. I am a contractor and have them help out whenever I have a water event.

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